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Portia and Saint Germain Come for the Freeing of Souls

Portia and Saint Germain Come for the Freeing of Souls

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Beloved Portia
David Christopher Lewis
September 17, 2012  
12:16–12:27 pm MST
Autumn Equinox Tour 2012
Detroit, Michigan
Every Day Is an Opportunity to Love

Portia and Saint Germain Come for the Freeing of Souls

through the Light-Energies of Divine Joy, Freedom and Opportunity

            I am the voice of freedom and opportunity, as well as justice. I knock upon the door of your soul. And if you choose to answer and open the door of your being to me, I will invest the light of eternal freedom right there within you so that you may soar to the Sun, so that you may know who you are as a God-realized being of pure light and so that you may participate with my beloved Saint Germain and me in our alchemy of accepting, inviting and nurturing the Golden Age of Aquarius into manifestation.


            Dearest hearts, every day is an opportunity to love. Use each day wisely so that you may bring greater love to this Earth, so that you may ennoble all with the God-love that is borne within you—that which was vouchsafed to you in the beginning of your individualization as a star-fire being and which, as you choose to accept that divine light, will become permanent in the heavens as you accept your divine and eternal nature as that star-fire being who you are.

            Light, come forth. Light, shine here and there and everywhere across this world. Light, clear the darkness. Light, blaze forth throughout the solar plexus of America. Raise up souls. Free them, O Lord, by the power of heaven’s glory.

            Ten thousand angels now fan out from this place in multidimensions, in all directions to free a soul from that which has encumbered her on her Solar journey. Because you have come to support this mission this day, you have been an advocate for me of this opportunity for these souls to bend the knee and accept their divine reality.

            These angels knock upon the doors of the hearts and the souls of these precious ones. Pray for them. Ask that they receive my angels with acceptance of the love that each of the angels holds for them. For then miracles may ensue; bright new days may emerge for them; and hope, which springs eternal through opportunity, will give birth to a new sphere of awareness, love and holy presence.

            Saint Germain and I now alchemize within the atmosphere, in a circumference of 333 miles around this city, light-energies of divine joy, freedom and opportunity for souls to witness to the truth and to move into a higher awareness of presence and beingness. As you do your spiritual work daily, you are supportive of this alchemy, dearest ones. Therefore we thank you for commending yourselves to the Divine and for radiating forth through your heart greater love to wrap these souls in light and to support them in their mission.

            You have affirmed the reality of your messengership, and we affirm it with you, support you in your productive and vibrant lives. Thank you, precious ones, for who you are. God bless you. Be at peace and know the reality of great God-joy.

            The Master Saint Germain would now stand before you, each one, and bless you individually with the focus of a crystal violet heart pressed upon your heart chakra. This blessing is from the Elohim of the seventh ray through my beloved twin flame and is meant for the ultimate freedom of your soul and your ascension in the light. A current of pure violet-flame joy will be invested within your being. God bless you, O holy ones. Thank you for being here.

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