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The Sacred Symbology of the Chalice of Your Heart

The Sacred Symbology of the Chalice of Your Heart

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Beloved El Morya
David Christopher Lewis
March 4, 2009   8:08–8:24 am MDT
Wellspring Retreat
Paradise Valley, Montana


The Sacred Symbology of the Chalice of Your Heart

Blessed Servitors of the Spirit,


            I would speak of the chalice of sacred fire within you. This chalice is composed of your soul essence, wherein the divine energies of your Presence may be utilized in all your alchemical experiments, the work of your soul through the ages.

            Whenever you engage in a sacred activity of the Spirit by attuning with your Presence and drawing forth light and the energies of God within your heart, this chalice glows and vibrates upon the sacred altar that your soul has prepared for this work. And you, as a servitor of light, engage in the divine artistry of fashioning something most beautiful of that Spirit right within the flow field of your own inner self, your sacred sanctum of heart-light.

            Within this chalice, all co-creativity with God occurs, for it is the repository of all that is good, sublime and radiant. It is the nexus through which all divine acts and blessings flow. Although these originate within your personal individualization of the Source known as your I AM God Presence, they are activated and precipitated within the chalice of your own being, for here is where this God-essence lives, moves and has its beingness within your life and consciousness.

            Dear ones, we direct and reengage you always in focalizing your attention upon the light within, for all sacred activity begins at the sacred point of your core, which is God. Anything that originates outside of this light and life cannot have nor take on permanency in the cosmos. But all that originates from the purity of light of this God-ideal may be empowered within your chalice by the fires of the Holy Spirit and receive the grace and blessing of the Divine One. When God said, “This is my beloved Son, in whom I AM well pleased,”1 it was an affirmation of beingness, a validation of Jesus’ authenticity as the Christ, the only begotten, or the true light that lightieth every man, woman and child2 who was born of the divine DNA, created in the image and likeness of the Father-Mother God.3


            Not all who walk upon all planetary orbs were created of this God-light, for there has been a tinkering with the energies of creation itself in the laboratories of carnality, whereby scientists who are devoid of the Spirit have attempted to be creators and have fashioned mechanization man in their own image rather than becoming co-creators in light with the Almighty. Your alchemies each day may either be fired with permanency through the drawing forth of the God-light from your Source, or they may eventually be relegated to the heaps of refuse of the unconscious ones who know not their Self and continue to imagine a vain thing4 and then wax cold5 in their offering to the Lord of Life.


            The chalice of your heart is the most holy space wherein you may experience God, blessed ones. The more you are able to fully sense and feel, see and know the fullness of this holy environs through holy meditation on light and your higher beingness, the more your heart will be activated, energized, and vibrate in synchronicity with the glorious chalice that is God’s heart.


            Recently the messenger gave you a visualization on my behalf, inspired by Fortuna, to place within a physical chalice, both on your personal altar and within the altar of the central Hearts Center as well as your local Hearts Center, thirty-three of your dollar coins.6 This is specific alchemy that may activate abundance for you and this activity of light, and yet few have taken this suggestion to heart to date.


            An understanding of the sacred symbology of the chalice as a representation of your heart chakra and as the nexus of life itself within you may give you pause to consider why this alchemy was offered unto you, blessed ones. Those who seek greater personal abundance in this time of financial trouble must discern how the all-abundance of God as light is always available as a sacred bestowal within your chalice if you have mastered the alchemical keys provided by Saint Germain, Fortuna and the God of Gold. These keys always originate in and are enfired by love, for without love all work, all life is vain.


            Therefore this day, consider the alchemy of the heart in which you would engage through a greater givingness of the spirit from the inside out. Realize your full potential through first emptying the chalice through the same level of self-sacrifice engaged in by the Son of man, for thereby God may fill it again and again as you continue by his grace to do those greater works that he prophesied that those who love him fully would do.7


            Every gift of selfhood in givingness initiates an immediate response from the Divine, because the law of attraction is engaged. For where the offering occurs, where love and charity are expressly manifest through your own heart fires within this chalice of being, light-energy coalesces as a self-blessing through God’s co-creativity with you. For you see, as you co-create with your Source, so the Source co-creates with you in a cosmic interplay of light and joy, truly the childlike joy of the Spirit, which moves through you as you enter into it.


            "I AM," as the holy name of God in the English language, are the words that you may use to activate and energize every created work. This you know. Yet when you truly know this "I AM," the Word will co-create within your chalice the most perfect work of the ages whereby you will become that Word fully, blessed ones.


            I AM that Word. May you also know and be that Word with me. I AM El Morya Khan, scanning the Earth for those whose chalices are raised on high this day, gleaming in the light of their Presence, those who would know greater love of God and of all. I thank you.

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2. See John 1:9.
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6. See David Christopher Lewis (Inspired by Fortuna, Goddess of Supply), November 27, 2009, “An Alchemy from Fortuna for the Wellspring Retreat.”
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