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The Yellowstone Caldera and the Nature of Transmutation and Transformation

The Yellowstone Caldera and the Nature of Transmutation and Transformation

David Christopher Lewis (Inspired by El Morya)
February 6, 2009   8:08–8:30 am MDT
Wellspring Retreat
Emigrant, Montana


Learning the Secrets of Mother Nature by Understanding the Oneness of All Life

The Yellowstone Caldera and the Nature of Transmutation and Transformation

            Today El Morya would like to answer one more darshan question: “During winter when water in cold climates is most often in the form of ice and snow, which elementals are associated with ice and snow—undines or gnomes?”


            The master says that of course undines are associated with ice and snow, because these are water in a solid state or form, and that all the elementals work together. Just as you have four lower bodies that work together, and when they are in consonance and harmonized and are in a state of equilibrium, you have wholeness, so there is a natural wholeness within the nature kingdom, and the elementals work together. It is only in our own consciousness that we separate things in our minds and that we attempt to parse or to dissect or vivisect all these things to try to understand them. If we maintain a perspective of the oneness of all life, we will see that all works harmoniously. Nature is perfect in its understanding of this union and out pictures this union in a most beautiful and glorious way.

            Water has numerous forms or states. The solid form is ice. The liquid form is water as we know it. The gaseous form is steam or what we see within the atmosphere. So, then, what would be the higher form of water when it transcends the plane of being vapor? It would merge into the fire element at a higher vibration and state.

            We can meditate and discern how water is actually transmuted into air by a speed-up in the vibration of the atoms and then is transmuted into higher elements as the vibrational rate of the atoms speeds up even beyond the gaseous state—yet there is still a oneness within elemental life. And we can understand through this analogy the requirement for us to increase our vibration, to go within and to discern all these diversities, not through human analysis but through a gentle penetration of the core of nature through meditation, through introspection.

            The master says that instead of dissection, vivisection and trying to destroy or take apart things, if we have introspection we will enter the very beingness of nature to understand the divine principles at work, the sacred geometry inherent with the form. And if we learn to communicate within nature, with nature and the elemental beings, they will reveal many secrets to us. Those who have done this have discerned great truths and brought forth great revelations, certain mysteries revealed by the elementals to mankind such that we could understand which plants are good for what. How did this knowledge come about of herbology and of the uses of plants and all of the wonderful things that God has placed within nature? It may have happened partly by trial and error, yet oftentimes it was the intercommunication between the various kingdoms of mankind and the elements, the nature kingdom, in this fabric of life in which, when you are sensitive and you live in harmony with nature, these things are revealed to you gently and beautifully.

            Mankind is always attempting to create new things in a laboratory using chemicals and understanding the sciences of chemistry. Unfortunately, without the flame and without the connection with the elementals and what God has inherently placed within substance as light-energy and prana, mankind cannot re-create, at the level that God has created, what is in nature. There will always be substances devoid of the unguent of the Holy Spirit that flows through the light-essence that interpenetrates and impregnates nature and nature’s substance. But where in the laboratory there is the dissection and this attempt to create something that will just cover up symptoms seen in the medical profession, et cetera, mankind is really not working in consonance with the divine laboratory within nature but is working, really, against it.

            We must get back to nature in the sense that we must understand the oneness of life. Permaculture is a key in this, because instead of having huge farms growing one crop and depleting the soil and messing with Mother Nature in the way that we have done, with permaculture we understand the delicate fabric and the balance of life. We understand that if we do one thing we can affect many things; if we introduce one substance to try to counteract a pest, oftentimes it has dire consequences to the delicate balance in nature and many other areas.

            Instead of messing with Mother Nature, we must become one with her and learn her secrets by observation, by a gentle communion and watching and waiting over the seasons to see how nature unfolds and how we can be good stewards and work with nature and gently guide and direct and work with the trees, the plants, the flora in ways that will bring about beautiful harvests. Instead of attempting to do this only for short-term profit, we must look at the totality of what the Natives called the Seven Generations, where we look at the effects of what we do in seven generations ahead.

            We can take our lead from the Natives of all cultures. Because oftentimes, although many think that they were ignorant or not understanding of higher truth, in effect many of them lived naturally and simply because they were in touch with the highest truths of the universe as outpictured in nature. This doesn’t mean we should go back to living naked on the land and have no implements or tools of the culture that we built. It means that we are sensitive, we use feng shui, we use the divine sciences to live in harmony with all. We give back to the Earth. We recycle. We use only what we require. We are sensitive to the ley lines and the energies within the Earth. We honor Mother Nature and her mysteries in many areas.

            That brings us to the second half of the question: “The Yellowstone Caldera is one of the potentially most dangerous volcanic hot spots on Earth and has had increased activity recently. Why was the previous organization drawn here and should the central Hearts Center remain here?”

            El Morya answered a question quite a while back when some asked, “Will the caldera blow?” He said, “Not in your lifetime; don’t be concerned.”

            We have, many of us, decided to live in this area partly because we are connected with the Earth and we can draw from the great activity beneath the Earth the fire element. We can draw great spiritual fire into our beings because we are fiery beings. If you commune with the fiery salamanders and understand the nature of transmutation and what is occurring within the Earth, what seems to be a volatile action but in reality is a transformation, you can penetrate to the understanding of what is required as an analogy within you for your own self-elevation, the transmutation of the base elements within yourself in order to rise in spiritual understanding and harmony to completely merge with your reality and to have it unfold naturally from within.

            The dynamic of various peoples living in certain areas where there has been a lot of activity in the Earth and around the Earth and on top of the Earth itself in past ages is one that we cannot deny. People are magnetically attracted to certain areas, partly because of the beauty, partly because of the virginity of the land, its being not so tampered with by mankind, and because of the great forests, open spaces, pure air and pure water that are in certain areas. We are drawn to these areas because we get charged with the pranic light within them that emanates because they are not polluted either physically—the air, the water, the earth—or by the mass consciousness of thousands and millions of souls living in concentrated areas of the large cities with the current-day pollution that occurs with that.

            In the ancient golden-age civilizations it was not a problem for many people to live close together, because they understood the divine sciences, they employed solar energies, and they lived in balance. When you live in balance, there is no problem having many people in close proximity.

            So, yes, we have gathered in this area partly to draw on the great pranic light within the nature kingdom, the Yellowstone River itself and what it represents as golden liquid light (yellow stone being gold), and the current of the Mother flowing through this region, through the water, through all the elements, allowing us to have the magnification of our prayers by a certain power because of the great storehouse of light and energy that is within the nature kingdom in this area as a divine habitat. And as one area that the government has set aside for the enjoyment and recreation of mankind, we can have a re-creation of our beings by being within nature and what that does for our souls, our spirits and the elevation of our consciousness.

            It is more a dynamic that nature is here and that if we are one with nature we will learn nature’s secrets and we can abide upon the Earth in balance and harmony. And by the internal harmony of ourselves we help Mother Earth harmonize within herself, because we are really one and she is a living being. If mankind is in a state of internal turmoil and war and inner conflict, then the Mother Earth picks up on that, because we are one.

            There are hot spots in the Earth—what can we do about them?

            Mother Earth is so much more powerful than the collective of the people living in this area. From what I’ve read, if the caldera were to blow it could potentially destroy two-thirds or more of the entire United States. Of course, this is not something that we foresee happening. So we pray, we work with the elementals, we call for the violet fire, as you have just done in this session, and we don’t have any fear whatsoever about it. Someone recently put out a whole crazy email campaign telling people that they should leave the area; and it was truly a hoax. There was no divine science behind it and it was understood to be the work of someone who was unbalanced and probably desired attention.

            We have the dynamic of various volcanoes in various areas of the globe that are either erupting or ready to erupt. Naturally, we do not desire to live right by a potentially hazardous area right under a volcano. And yet, we are virtually on top of a volcano that is active within the Earth but not manifesting outwardly on top of the Earth. El Morya said that within our lifetime we do not have to worry about it. You know, if we worried about things, we could worry about an asteroid coming and hitting the Earth; we could worry about all kinds of things. But worry does not move us into higher consciousness. It’s anxiety, it’s frustration, it’s the block on the eight o’clock line that we are required to move through and out of by gaining the mastery of the Mother energies.

            So, for those who live in areas that are and have had a history of hurricanes, storms, fires, et cetera, the key is to first of all consider what is a safe place where you may live where there aren’t great tendencies for these upheavals that could dislodge you from your homes, your work. You can discern with your Higher Self what these safe havens and places are and what location works for you based on the comfortability of your physical body. Some people are more amenable to living in cooler climates, some in warmer. Part of that is based on genetic predispositions and patterning from your parents and generations before you plus your past incarnations. Yet you may also opt to be of service to humanity by living in areas that are a little bit more challenging, in order to serve, in order to be present and to really hold a certain balance. Some of you remain in larger cities in order to do this, either by divine design or sometimes even unconsciously.

            Many of the adepts live in areas where they are not affected by the mass consciousness, and this is their choice in order to meditate and radiate great light and cosmic presence to the Earth, in order to send divine emanations from their God Presence for the blessing of life and for the holding of the balance. Other adepts are in a deep mode of direct service in the physical, and their karma and/or dharma dictate that they do this work even in some of the darkest areas. Whether it’s due to karma or dharma, it doesn’t matter; it’s simply what is.

            In communion with your Higher Self, you can ask where your perfect place is. You can, if you desire, seek the advice of people that know geomancy, which is the study of force fields within the Earth and energetic patterns within the Earth. There are those who understand how to dowse and can feel through a sensitivity the currents beneath the Earth, and those who understand feng shui and the sciences of placement and of the architecture of the Spirit as it is outpictured in nature and how that also relates to our personal astrology and personal inner geometry. The science is there for us to study and to penetrate and to understand.

            To sum up: Instead of being in a mode of always analyzing and parsing and taking apart, if we can move more into the oneness of objective observation and of reflection and of higher perception, then we will not be sullied by a certain sense of duality and the dichotomy of the mental mind that attempts to understand things at a somewhat banal level and almost an inane level of human knowledge. Rather, we will discern with divine wisdom and understand with the Great Silent Watchers how life is one and how we may enter into that oneness and glorify God in the process.

            This is the master’s answer today. God bless you. Have a wonderful day in presence, in love, and be one with all life.

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