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Jesus Calls You to Be that Joy to the World Today

Jesus Calls You to Be that Joy to the World Today

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Beloved Angel of Joy

David Christopher Lewis
December 14, 2007   6:32-6:48 am MST
Wellspring Retreat
Paradise Valley, Montana

Love One Another as Joy Has Loved You and as Jesus Has Proclaimed It

Jesus Calls You to Be that Joy to the World Today

I AM the Angel of Joy, and I alight here to lighten you up a little. For during this time of year, the Lord comes both on Christmas and day by day, speaking to your heart of his great joy, that in self transcendence, you also may follow him past Golgotha’s hill to Bethany’s blessed place, where he left a great trace of grace for you, dear hearts.

By his example you should never be bereft of joy. For as he rose on that day, composed fully of Spirit’s light to take flight in great delight, his hands extended down to bless all those who saw him rise, and were there for each and every one to know holy uplift, gracious joy. Choirs of angels also sang then as on his natal day. And they sing this day for you, bidding you to ascend in consciousness day by day with him—the Christos, Emmanuel, the Savior, the One Sent, the Lord of Lords, the Good Shepherd, the King of Kings, the holy one, the brother of us all, the divine example, Jesus, the joyous one. The Lord was and is the very example of joy. And he calls you also to be that joy to a world today.

Singing praises to the one God, many angel choirs' voices are also heard with yours. And you, as an angel of light, may employ that great joy everyday in some way, O soul. As joy arises within you when you contemplate the very face of Jesus, of angels of light, of the flaming, fiery essence of the Holy Spirit as well as the beautiful corona of fire and love glowing around the Divine Mother, you may know surcease from all that has been anti-joy within you—past, future and present. Take opportunity through Hope to know Joy’s coming within. With presence of mind and a faithful spirit of true belief in Joy, loving the Lord thy God with all thy heart, mind, soul and spirit, you rise to greet Grace in the air, in the water, in the fire and then bring the etheric matrix and blueprint of being to the Earth.

Gathering great momentums of joy, my angels have come to sing to you, to worship with you, to praise God through you. And in the giving of the Psalms daily in this cycle thousands of angels have come, witnessing the Word who you are and the word that you invoke, through the words of the Word, himself, who came, with harp in hand and voice upturned, to declare and aver the victory over the dweller within and the dweller without.

With God all things are possible.¹ Without the Presence of God, nothingness is probable. O joyful ones who would know greater joy, through Joy’s presence within, sing with Mary and the archaeai. And through a continuous stream of devotion the cyclic nature of your loving devotion will wrap its essence of joy around many a soul here and there, bringing them closer to your hearts, and to this Hearts Center movement. Yes, move them with joy. Love them in joy. And then enjoy yourselves in the presence of all ascended hosts, gracing your activities, your mission, your sacred work.

Yes, worship is work. It is the working out of your salvation, the self-elevation of the light of God within, daily. Worship occurs within the work-ship of your relationship with your comrades, your friends of light, truly light friends of the ages, with whom you serve and strive, and with whom, locked hand in hand, you ascend a little more each day.

Love one another as Joy has loved you,² and as Jesus also has proclaimed it through the Gospel of Peace, through the new law of love, through the light that he bore and that still may bear you to greater depths of being, until you are all light, light, light. Joy is light, and light is joy, therefore be that light and that joy today. And in reverence, in holy deference to the Divine One, prepare for the coming again of the Lord Jesus, as the holy babe. And as you look once more upon the infant face, the tender one, you will be reborn in joy once more.

            I am the Angel of Joy. Do you feel lighter, O holy ones? I hope so.

1.  Matthew 19:26
2:  John 13:34; 15:12

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