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Enlightened Leadership Is the Key for America’s Victory


David Christopher Lewis (Inspired by El Morya)
September 3, 2011  11:30 am–12:30 pm EDT
America's Rebirth in Freedom—The Truth Shall Make You Free! 
2011 Labor Day Quarterly Conference
Washington, D.C.

Defending the Divine Plan of America Is Your Responsibility

Enlightened Leadership Is the Key for America’s Victory

David: El Morya’s darshan is titled “Defending the Divine Plan of America Is Your Responsibility: Enlightened Leadership is the Key for America’s Victory.” So this particular darshan, he is asking questions of us and then you can respond. We have a mike on a cord that will travel, so you can raise your hand if you’d like to respond.


            The title of this event is “America’s Rebirth and Freedom: The Truth Shall Make You Free.” El Morya’s question is: How are you defending the divine plan of America in your life? How do you see yourself doing this, how have you done it, what is your commitment to America?


            Now, we are in America’s capitol. And some of you live here or nearby in Virginia or in Maryland and many of you work in the area. So, for those who either live here physically or have travelled here: On behalf of El Morya, the chohan of the first ray, advocate of God’s will, how do you see your life and what is your responsibility in defending America’s divine plan? If you have something to share, just raise your hand.

Participant #1: Well, for several years I’ve felt compelled to keep in touch with the media and what’s happening in Washington. I keep journals with names of government leaders and issues that are important to our freedom almost on a daily basis and then I wrap that in my calls. And it’s just a compelling force in me to do that, so I know the names of a lot of people that are in the government and what they’re doing, in order to ask the masters to overshadow them and move us toward Saint Germain’s plan. Sometimes that has to do with state issues, too, or local, but usually it’s the federal government. It’s a daily meditation.

David: Thank you.

Participant #2: I take a more physical action and get involved directly with helping select legislators to pick candidates in our community through actively participating with, hopefully, electing the right people that share the visions of what we’re all talking about, with communicating with our government and the governmental officials, by writing letters and otherwise expressing issues at hand. I try to embrace, really, the concepts of freedom and anything that is inhibiting that. We really need to actively participate to make sure that we can control it and direct our legislators. They do respond to us when we act on it properly.


            The other thing that I do that I think is even more dynamic is that I communicate to numbers of different people all around me about the issues to try and make them aware. Not everybody has the time to understand really the details of what government is doing and what they’re trying to do. I think they’re all well-intended. I think they’re in many cases just misguided, but that’s my personal opinion. I take an active role in communicating to the people around me and I think that is equally as effective. But in this world—we are in a physical plane—we have to take physical action in addition to the spiritual side that we’re committed to.


David: Thank you.


Participant #3: Just recently I learned how to do broadcasting. So we did our first broadcast last weekend or the weekend before last and it was a minor miracle, so that’s my plan to help defend the divine plan of America, to broadcast.

David: Great.

Participant #4: I’m one of those gadfly people that pesters their legislators with phone calls and emails and stuff. I follow legislation, similar to __________, but I send emails around to a bunch of different people just to try to keep them updated, too. But I try to interact on a regular basis with the people that are supposed to be representing my area and let them know my opinions and what I feel is in our best interest. They know my email by heart, I imagine, by now.

David: I have a comment on __________’s and __________’s, and that is El Morya’s sharing that if we complain to the air and to one another about government and what we see as corruption without actually communicating with our leaders, our representatives, then we are not acting as initiates or adepts. Now, it is okay to pray first—and that is what adepts do. They go to God and they implore the Universe to inspire our leaders with divine radiance and light, and yet that’s the Alpha thrust. The Omega thrust is to actually communicate at a very physical level with our legislators, to know the issues, to see how they are planning to vote on particular legislation, et cetera.


            As spiritual adepts, or if we desire to develop our adeptship, it is one thing to simply watch the news and complain about leaders. It is another to be a leader and to actually experience what it’s like to have to deal with the issues, to deal with constituents, to deal with legislation and to vote righteously. And so, if you really desire to know what it’s like to be a leader and to have to balance everything in the equation of how you vote, then become a leader, run for office and you’ll see what it’s like.


            It’s not easy. You have deal with the forces, the influences and all of your constituents who are crying out about this and that and asking you to vote one way or another. And you have to know the facts, you have to learn them, you have to understand what the effects of your vote will be over the short term and the long term.


            El Morya is sharing with us that it is easy to complain. It is another thing to be in that situation, to feel the energy of the responsibility of that office and to act decisively and righteously in every situation.


            So the first thing to do is to learn the way the system operates, to learn how laws are enacted and brought to bear on the citizenry, and then to get involved. Unless we are involved, our comments about leadership have no weight, El Morya says. They have no energy of authority if we complain, complain, complain without actually getting involved. Do we understand this? Do all of us understand this?


            He is asking us never to complain again about leadership unless we are somehow involved in the process and are active, because our complaints will actually turn against us as our own words and act on us as karma. That’s an interesting dynamic. I’d never really thought of it exactly this way till El Morya just flashed this to me.


            He’s showing me a vision of what it was like in early America, when people knew their representatives, they knew how important it was to get involved. And because we’ve grown to the point where we’re now two hundred million more people in this nation, it seems as if our words, our actions and our voice are not really as effective as when we were in the early colonies and things were different. Yet, if everyone has that attitude, then we won’t be as effective. If we take the personal responsibility and act decisively as a citizen, a voter within this republic, then the weight of that energy has the authority of decisiveness. You see?


            Now, as Godfre shared last night, those who come to America and go through the process of becoming a citizen often have a greater respect for our ways, our laws and the system than many of us who were born here do. This is because they’ve had to learn, through hard knocks sometimes, what freedom is; and they’ve come here for their freedom. So this is something that El Morya is impressing upon me, because I myself have not always done what he’s asking us to do, which is to stop complaining and to visualize perfection and to get involved more. So if we desire to be involved and to see a better government, we have to know what’s happening and get involved in some way.

Participant #5: My name is __________. I am a graphic designer, as David and a few people know, and sometimes a writer, and I’ve been here in the Washington, D.C. area for about thirty years. I’ve been running my own business for, surprisingly, the past nineteen or twenty years. I’ve done a lot of work with political organizations and this has kind of been my dharma, my divine plan.


            I worked with Congressman Cox back in the late nineties, Representative Cox from Southern California, to produce the Turner Report, the Cox Report. This was a 750-page, three-volume document that detailed the technology transfers during the Clinton era from the U.S. that were condoned and to a certain degree facilitated by the Clinton administration to the PRC, the Peoples Republic of China. Corporate technology transfers. It was an amazing document of work. What I did was handle all the graphic design, the production of the books as well as the production of the website. And it was at that point that I got to know Congressman Cox pretty well.


            Subsequent to that we produced what was called the Rush Report, which was not quite as well known; it was moderately well-received. It explained problems—not Clinton so much, but Al Gore, Larry Summers and a third person had tried to implement American-style union politics in the Soviet Union and it really didn’t work; it caused a lot of problems, not to go into all the whys and wherefores. So that’s kind of been my offering in a secular way—working on various projects to promote freedom here in Washington, D.C., and throughout the country.


            Not to sound like a marketing ploy for myself, but I just put together a new business called Great Journey Publishing. The whole idea is to promote America—American freedom as well as American history, world history and world religions. And what I intend to do is develop calendars. The first calendar is the Republican Civil Rights Calendar. If you have questions about why it’s called the Republican Civil Rights Calendar as opposed to the Civil Rights Calendar, ask me at an intermission; I don’t want to take the time here.


            This was a project that I did all the design for and about half of the image research for. I worked with Congressman Cox’s staff on this; they did the writing. However, it’s a document in the public domain and I have all the files. I’m selling it on Amazon. I’ll be selling it at brick-and-mortar stores around the country. If this takes off, and God willing, I hope that it will, I will be producing more calendars.


            Some of the calendars that I hope to do for 2013 are a Boston Tea Party calendar, a Midnight Ride of Paul Revere/Longfellow’s poem calendar, a Constitution calendar, a Legends of George Washington calendar that would include the Legend of the Wissahikon as well as George Washington’s Vision, and one or two more so that these legends would cover all twelve months. Those are planned for 2013. And if things do well after that, then I would branch off into other aspects of American history as well as world history, various religions from esoteric Christianity, the early centuries of Christianity, Eastern religions, Zoroastrianism, Nicholas Roerich, and so forth.


            So, all this is designed, in a greater way, to promote freedom—freedom of thought, freedom of political views, freedom of religion. But currently my vision is to see it in a non-political way. Even though I have to parlay it off of this Republican Civil Rights Calendar, I am not so much interested in promoting Republicans per se but in promoting the whole idea of the secret destiny of America, all of the Manley Palmer Hall books, and various teachings in ascended master organizations. So that’s the overarching concept of Great Journey Publishing. You can go to the website, it’s just a one-page website that currently simply promotes this calendar. I will be expanding it in the future. The website is greatjourneypublishing.com.


            So that’s my offering. And again, I apologize that it sounds like a marketing ploy. I wouldn’t do this other than... [David: You’re answering El Morya’s question.] I am answering El Morya’s question.

David: I recently read a book about Abe Lincoln by Dale Carnegie, and I had never known that Dale Carnegie wrote a book about Abe Lincoln. He did a huge amount of research. Did you know that Abe Lincoln was a connoisseur of Shakespeare? Shakespeare was his favorite author, and Abe Lincoln was very, very well read. Once he could get his hands on books, as a young man, he was always reading. Sometimes they thought he was lazy, because he would be splitting rails and doing work for people, but then they’d find him off for hours reading books. He was an amazing student of the classics, all the classics of the Greeks and Romans, et cetera.


            Besides George Washington, Abe Lincoln is considered one of the greatest presidents. How did he become great? He knew the principles and values of freedom from having studied these great classics and becoming very, very well read. He was honest, Honest Abe. If you read his life’s story, it’s amazing to see how even as an attorney he would not charge people that every other attorney would charge. He just saw their situation and knew that they couldn’t afford it or that he didn’t require the money as much as they required their own money; and so he wouldn’t charge them or would charge them very little in comparison with what other attorneys charged.


            So, what El Morya is raying through me is that to become a true leader in this nation, you have to know history. You have to know the classics. You have to study and continue to study and learn and grow. If you’re only studying modern history without knowing the influences of the past and past civilizations, the rise and the downfall of past civilizations, you’re missing part of what is essential to know in order to make right decisions on behalf of the American people and the people of the world.


            And for us as Americans, El Morya’s saying we have to be invested and involved in knowing what is right for the world and not just for America. And what is right for the world is often what America stands for in its founding documents and not necessarily always what our leaders are promoting today. We have to go back to the foundational principles and values of freedom and focus on them and bring that into the arena and domain of the entire world. Because America is the most powerful nation on the Earth currently, although things are shifting and China is rising and Europe as a whole, if you look at Europe almost as one nation, is also very powerful.


            Yet, for a true American leader to stand, knowing the facts based on history is essential. And we have to demand that our leaders, our world leaders at the highest level of our government, understand these dynamics; otherwise they do not have the wherewithal to make the proper decisions for America and for the world. And simply knowing only American history is not enough, El Morya is sharing. We have to know world history.


            So if you desire to be an advocate for the laws of God, the will of God for the entire world on the scale that the chohans such as El Morya and Saint Germain are, you have to know world history. And this involves knowing Greek and Roman history, reading some of the great writers of those eras, knowing a little bit about Aristotle and Socrates and Plato, reading their works and reading beyond their works to others.


            If you study the lives of the early Founding Fathers, many of them were very well read in these classics and they were awesome students of the history of the world and of Europe and of ancient cultures. And because they understood these values and principles based on these studies, they could make right decisions, they could come up with these sacred documents that are foundational for all of us to experience our freedom today.


            So El Morya is challenging us to put into place within our educational systems again, from an early age, the study of these classics. Because our educational systems have become so eroded and we do not have in our public education currently the foundational publications and readings that are essential for our youth to truly become world citizens. And that has to change if we are to have a golden-crystal age.


            Some of you may have grown up in and studied in school systems that were more private that advocated the study of these classics. Most of us were not. I recently read a very wonderful email from an advocate of this type of education; and I am considering how I can have my children learn more than what is being offered today, because I think it’s essential. We just don’t get the education that our early Founding Fathers had. They were amazing in their understanding.

Participant #6: As I was sitting there it came to me, exactly that. You see, all of us see leaders as getting involved, participating, getting elected. I see it as grooming our children now. I tell my grandchildren, “Your daddy cannot be president of the United States but you can; and it’s your responsibility to come with me. Let’s go to Congress, let’s go look in the gallery, let’s go visit. Let’s go to the White House, let’s see how these people work, what they do, and get involved.” When they campaign, we distribute pamphlets. We listen to them when they tell us, “I didn’t like the way he sounded, Abuela. He didn’t sound like he was truthful.” And we don’t support those people.


            We need to have our little ones involved; it doesn’t matter what age. They have a lot more knowledge than we give them credit for. Their hearts resonate with those people and they reject those that they don’t feel in their heart are truthful. We need to empower them. These are the children we need to groom to be the leaders of tomorrow. We have the privilege here, because we have the closeness. We in the local areas can go to our communities, to our community centers to assist, to give, to perform that which we have been told: “I am my brother’s keeper.” America is not just for Americans; it is for those countries in the world like my own and those of all of us that have come forth. We need to be involved in theirs as well, in their politics as well, not their politics actively but to be aware of what’s happening with them.

David: Okay, now, El Morya’s question to us was, “How are you personally going to be involved in defending the divine plan of America? How have you done it and how are you doing it?”

Participant #6: That is the way I feel.

David: You served in the White House! Tell everybody about your experience in the White House.

Participant #6: I was. Okay, thank you. I came across the border in 1969 with my husband and my child, legally. In 1974 we became citizens of the United States and in 1982 I was given a job at the White House. I came to serve for Ronald Reagan and Elizabeth Dole as a simple special assistant. It was the experience of a lifetime. My son was eleven years old and he was able to see and experience that these people, just like you and me, were walking around making decisions that were going to be making world changes and had to live with the responsibility of their decisions. That son now is serving this country at one of our State Department offices. He’s briefing the president. He is the eyes and ears of this country. That is the way we groom our children. That is the way we show them what it is that they can do. I am now feeling that I need to do that with my grandchildren and we need to pass on that privilege—because it is a privilege. With every privilege comes responsibility, so let us be responsible citizens. Thank you.


David: Thank you. Anybody else? [Pause.]


            El Morya’s next question is: How do we develop enlightened leadership? How do we develop enlightened leadership? If we’re not happy with the leadership in our government now, how can we, as spiritual beings and advocates for the will of God, help to develop enlightened leadership? Anybody?

Participant #7: The main thing I do there is a spiritual technique, which is to feel in my heart, in my meditation, my oneness with others and especially with influential people in the world, the leadership; and to feel and see actively the I AM Presence of each one, God’s will acting through them, shining through them in their actions, speech, and so forth.


And obviously they have free will within their domain, so I can’t force anybody to do anything like that. But I believe that spiritual initiates who hold this vision and see the light of the I AM Presence shining through people, and then loving them as well—the love we express through them and as them helps them be their best. That’s my answer. It’s not active, like working with these people, but it’s the main modus operandi I have right now.

David: Thank you.

Participant #8: I believe, and I have for a long time, that parents hold a tremendous responsibility in this area, and leaders in churches and leaders in school. I’ve seen firsthand what a big impression the example is of people we look up to. You know, even my mom did something when I was already thirty, almost forty years old, that was in total opposition to what I thought I believed before, and then all of a sudden it became okay. So I became conscious of that fact of how strong an example is. And in order for us to do that, then we have to support our schools, our churches. Somehow we have got to make it possible for parents to know what the example is and to know what the truth is. And it’s sort of hard to know where to go from there when you look at where we are now.

David: If you choose to make it hard. [Yeah, okay.] Do you choose to make it easier?

[Yes.] Okay. Good.

Participant #9: Something that just came to my mind while I was thinking about this is that we need to share possible solutions for the problems that we have. And while __________ and __________ and I were driving up here, one of the things that __________ mentioned is that we might have to suggest in regard to all these entitlements that our Federal Government is paying, we might just have to say, “Well, why don’t we just do a ten percent cut off the top.” So maybe if we think about our problems and meditate on them, we can come up with some ideas to volunteer and share with our leadership, we can find the solutions to our economy.


David: El Morya is saying that we’ve become much more socialistic in recent decades than what the Founding Fathers envisioned, and that entitlements and handouts and dole outs have come to the point where we are bankrupting our nation. And that part of being an initiate and an adept is taking personal responsibility and taking initiative and not asking the other people—which is the government, because government is all of us—not asking other people to pay for you, to give you things that you haven’t earned.


            And if America continues to operate in this mode of having socialism become the norm, we are corrupting the very essence of the path of initiation for all of us. We are corrupting ourselves and we are creating the world that we desire by the fact that we continue to give, give, give to the have-nots when they haven’t earned it, and we’re promoting this attitude that people can “have” without working. And this is antithetical to the spiritual path.


            Now, does this mean that we don’t ever give to people who have less? No. We have the means through private industry and through charitable organizations to help those who have burdens and who have situations where they’ve come into hard luck. And yet, we don’t promote that this is the way forever. We teach them, we help them, we coach them, we nurture them to be self-sufficient.


            But America has unfortunately degraded to the point where we are losing the path of initiation for vast numbers of our citizens by the way we operate in a socialistic attitude. And El Morya says this has to stop and it has to stop through our speaking to our representatives and being forthright and demanding that there be change. And that we understand that we have to give and serve our government rather than the government serving us. What did John Kennedy say? He was right on: “Ask not what your country can do for you—ask what you can do for your country.” Ask what you can do for all life, not by expecting and expecting and demanding more and more handouts. This absolutely has to change, and we as citizens have to demand that change.

Participant #10: I think that leadership comes with cultivating the minds of the youth, the young children. I work with young kids. And like you said early on, we need more books that are more productive to train children how to become a leader. This way, when they grow up they can know what it is to be a leader. Because a lot of the time people who are in government have never been trained; they are just handed a position, so they just do what they want to do. But if somebody is cultivated to have leadership, then I think we can prosper.

David: El Morya is raying to me since you just spoke: The first leader of Ghana—which some of us will learn more about when we go to Ghana—the first president of the independent nation of Ghana was trained in America, right? And he had the proper training in order to lead that nation into its independence and to set up the right rules and the laws. And this is what’s required. What was his name? [Nkrumah.] Nkrumah.


            And __________ has asked me whether Nkrumah is an ascended master, and he is not yet—and yet he is a great soul. We’re going to learn more about that. This is what it takes to become a national leader and a world leader: You have to study; you have to know and learn. And you can’t just become a lawyer, because that’s not enough.

Participant #11: Back to the question of developing leadership in our youth. I believe—if I can suggest—the answer to that lies within our educational system. Getting God back into our society, breeding responsibility, is paramount in the opportunities that we have to develop our youth. When we take God from our society, we eliminate that whole path of spiritual righteousness which is missing today.

David: So how would you do it?

Participant #11: Personal involvement in our own communities. We have to be involved in our communities, in what they are teaching our children. We need to know what they are teaching, what books they are reading. Right now most people do not know what their children are learning. They send them to school in the mornings. Both parents are working, and as they come home they are lucky enough to put dinner on the table and get them to do a little bit of homework and get them to bed before they have the chance to really find out what’s happening in their schools.


            And our school system has run rampant directing our children in what they see, what they hear—breeding this socialistic movement. We do not have any idea what’s really going on in our school system or even in our own community. __________ is a teacher. She’s seen some things there that I didn’t know, and I put my kids through that school. I am as guilty of not paying attention as anybody, but I recognize that failure today.

Participant #12: I want to follow up on what ­­­­­­­__________ is saying and these are going to be my comments as well.


            It’s essential that we as parents cultivate the ability of our children to think for themselves. I have a twenty-year-old daughter. She’s at UCLA, three years, political science major. I am very proud of her. From the time that she was very young, we would watch the news together. She went to both private and public schools and she encountered exactly the same problems that you’ve outlined, __________. I was aghast.


            She went to __________schools. You would think that they would be good. In some respects they are, but the level of socialism that is promulgated in the schools is beyond belief. Fortunately we talked about it on a regular basis and I constantly stressed the importance—and this is the key, the follow-up to __________—the importance of teaching them to think for themselves.


            Because what’s going to happen is similar to selecting Supreme Court Justices: You can’t simply look at a situation the way that it is today and then assume, well, I taught them how they should think. In the future other situations are going to come along, so they have to be able to use critical thinking skills that we have taught them so that they can look at any new situation and then compare it to a baseline of foundational elements that they can look to, to make correct decisions. And again, our public school system and even the private schools aren’t doing this.


            The private schools in __________ aren’t much better than the public schools, unfortunately. So although our educational system has to do a better job, it is essential that we as parents do the primary job. The primary job of education is up to us as parents. It has to come from the home. It has to come from the home, it has to come from us.

David: Great. Thank you.

Participant #12: The second thing that I wanted to say is this, and here I’m speaking more generally, not just about our children. This has to do with our children and how we raise them, but it also has to do with the overall political discourse. You might have guessed, I tend to be conservative, actually more libertarian than conservative, but I can speak with liberals. Don’t have too much problem. I can speak with neo-conservatives. I can speak with far-right conservatives. What I always try to do is look for the middle ground, not be judgmental of anybody because their politics may be a little bit different than my own. I look at the media discourse between the right and the left, and what I see happening is that the powers that be—I’ll leave it at that—the powers that be are purposely pitting the right against the left, and the left against the right.


            And if you look at the trend in federalization—the turning over of greater power to the federal government and in particular the administrative branch—over the past twenty years as well as the past forty to fifty years, it’s been increasing. And what we’ve seen is increasing federalization and, really, increasing totalitarianism, where we don’t have the same freedoms. The states don’t have the same level of rights. More and more power is being turned over to the federal government. How this has happened is because both conservatives and liberals are being pushed towards greater and greater federal regulation, some of it stemming from the left, some of it stemming from the right.


            The only way to get away from that is to start thinking laterally, thinking for ourselves as one group of people, not this separated group of people on the left fighting against the right, the right fighting against the left and the independents, and so forth. We have to see ourselves as one—one consciousness, one whole, one country—and see the need for civil liberties, where we don’t turn over all of our power, we don’t expect all these social programs, but we take it upon ourselves to do what we need to do for ourselves. And again that gets back to… Thank you.

David: I’m going to have to cut you off here because there are a couple people who haven’t shared yet. El Morya validates what you said. El Morya validates what he just shared.

Participant #13: We all know that there are many, many problems in the school system, in our government. However, they are very great, and we have to bring it down to what we can do at the moment. And this may be a very naive comment, but I suggest in our Hearts Center group that we find the people who want to be the leaders of the government and pray for them and back them and the people.


            I just left the school system and, heaven knows, I know that they’ve taken writing out of the school system, they’ve taken things that you wouldn’t even believe. And so it’s a big problem, yes. But I suggest that we find the people in our group who are on fire to be the leaders, who know, and we get together the people who are interested in all of these different problems and find those leaders in our own group and pray for them every day and visualize and bring it to bear to happen now. Because there are so many problems, we’ve got to start small, like a seed, and let it grow.


            Yes, __________, I believe we have to teach the children when they are very small. But the parents today, they don’t know what’s going on, so we have to do it ourselves and start visualizing and making it happen—because we know we can do that. All of us can do that.

David: Thank you. [Audience applause.] Okay, anybody who hasn’t spoken yet who would like to share?

Participant #14: Just one little comment on what __________ said and what __________ said. I know that in some states they are doing away with the history requirement for graduation from high school. And this is just anathema to me. How can we learn from the past and put those lessons to good use to go forward if we don’t know at all. Anyway, my son __________ left for university just four weeks ago and his chosen goal is to teach history. Hey, we’ve got to start somewhere, so teach history.

Participant #15: I’ve already spoken, but I’d like to suggest that maybe we put together people of interest in our community who can start researching and find who are the patriots that are presently teaching people throughout our country. Because this is the battle of Armageddon right here. I mean, my principle last year announced that we are socialist. My union boss announced that we are socialist. So they’re winning the battle between Light and Dark, because they are changing minds and directing us toward losing our individual responsibility, karma, and the moving forward with that—I don’t want to say it. The powers that be, that are influencing our country right now, want to deny karma and want to teach our children to deny karma and want us to “If I don’t have and you have, then you owe me.” Okay, that’s the kind of mentality that’s going on.


            This is literally the battle of Armageddon and the false hierarchy is in control right now. You can see it everywhere. And the media is such a powerful influence and parents are so busy trying to survive, they’re letting that creep in and influence them and they’re zoning out on ridiculous television. And Mark Lloyd of the FCC has taken all barriers off of television. You can see nudity and sexuality and perversion before eight o’clock at night. It’s intense everywhere; it’s very intense everywhere. So I’m saying, let’s make some committees to research how we can do some inserts, to research who we can promote that already has the message that can’t get it out, kind of piggyback off some of that, or to develop people in our own community who can do these things too. I’ll join a committee.

David: Or maybe you should start the committee. [Okay.]

Participant #16: I believe it is the lack, also, of spirituality. Children should learn something about the Bible, because nowadays people don’t know the history of Jesus. So I guess spirituality is number one. When kids are in the first, second, third, fourth and fifth grades, they should learn that. And also, if it is possible, if we can get all these dictations into book form, if it could be done some way, maybe by our praying or doing decrees as much as we can, so we could somehow put it out as something for the children to learn. That’s the only way things can change. Also, spirituality has to come higher so people can change.

Participant #17: I really do have to piggy-back off of everything everyone has said. I think the media has become the surrogate parent because parents, for the most part, are very busy and a lot of them just don’t want to be bothered. So it’s easier to just put your child to sit in front of the television set to get instruction from something that is totally outside of ourselves. Children are overly stimulated.


            Also I feel that people need to stop being so party-specific and really study the bios carefully of every single candidate that steps before you—really study it. And truly, once they took religion and God out of the school system, we saw a spiraling, a downward spiraling of morals and ethics. So that needs to be revisited.

David: This will be the last, __________ and __________.

Participant #18: I don’t know how to say this. I don’t care if someone is socialist, I don’t care if they’re American, I don’t care if they’re Russian, I don’t care if they’re a teacher, I don’t care about division. I care about what’s in each person’s heart, I care about what’s in my heart, and I can only see the world in a loving way where there’s no division. And the more that we talk about people that are from a particular area or in a particular group, the more division there is.


            I was a teacher for many, many years. And how do we know that by correcting our government it is going to improve things? I think we require to spend more time in our heart, with more love, and approach it from that point of view. Because education has to fall the way it is; it’s not going to work. The government might have to fall and fail and be totally new. We can’t picture totally what it’s going to be in the Golden Age right now, because we don’t have that in our consciousness.


            And I really believe, after being a teacher, that in the future teaching is going to look totally different. A teacher is not going to be a teacher where we have the knowledge to impart to the child; the child already knows. They’re going to be facilitators and allow the children to open up. And the teacher will be a new type of teacher; they’ll be an alchemist.


            They’ll know how to bring out music in children, they’ll know what music to play for that child, because they’ll know exactly—through understanding the child, through understanding the mother, through helping and counseling when the mother is pregnant and choosing to bring that soul into life—they’ll know that being before it’s even here. And they’ll be able to provide the sounds, provide the music, provide the environment through working in tandem, together.


            It’s not going to be separation at all in the future. And the more that we just concentrate on our hearts right now, the faster it’s going to happen.

Participant #19: I do see the importance of us being well-informed on what is occurring in our world. And I’ve been becoming way more informed lately because of expanding my consciousness and taking that responsibility to be informed so that I can act in better ways.


            One of the things that I have noticed is that, yes, we can all see the many problems that are out there. And I started to notice that as well; there are many of them. And I choose to stay in the present moment and act proactively instead of reacting.


            And for me as a lightbearer, I see that it is very important for me to really allow my light momentum not necessarily to be fanned but to bring up the freedom in my being. And then that would obviously expand to everybody else. And it is a very thin line whenever we notice all these things that are nonsense, if you want to call it that, to react. And for us, if we really stay in our presence and act and choose our actions from our origin, from our heart, we are going to manifest great leadership and bring forth those children and communicate all those things that will make things better. Things are really good right now. It’s the time to make them better.

David: Thank you. Well, we’re at the end of our time. And I love these last two comments, because I was feeling in my being, almost in my solar plexus, this agitation. As we sometimes do look reactively at what is happening in the world—desiring it to be better, desiring perfection, desiring a golden age—we do have to be careful that we don’t get into the mode of reacting to the point where we enter into duality. And I think that’s what __________ was sharing, that’s what __________ was recapitulating.


            So, what is leadership? Leadership sees all. True leadership is at the top of the summit, sees all the realms below and sees all the various opinions, and yet points to God, points to the Source, holds that perfection in view, and recognizes and understands every vantage point, every view point while yet maintaining that balance and harmony.


            Look at the life of George Washington and what he was able to do as a true leader, or Abraham Lincoln. Emulate what they would do. Lincoln wouldn’t make decisions off the cuff. He would sometimes have to go into a meditation-like state for hours and sometimes days, before he would make a decision, to really know that it was according to God’s will and it was the highest choice. We have to do the same thing sometimes.


            Whatever we do in action, El Morya is sharing, first let that action be within us so that the integrity of our truth and freedom and true liberty and the values that we hold dear are employed in our decision making.


            Also, the final thing is that with our children, what we do as example to our children speaks more highly and more effectively than just what we teach them or what we tell them. How we are, who we are, and our example of our lives lived with integrity based on principles and holy values—that is what emanates through our core and that influences our children. Yes, we desire the best education for them, we desire the highest opportunities for their learning experience. And at the same time, who we are speaks highly. And we all know that.


            In the name of the Mighty I AM Presence, beloved El Morya, beloved Mother Mary, we thank you for your presence, your inspiration , your overshining light, your blessing and all that you have spoken through your disciples of truth this hour. Thank you so much for this opportunity to be together, to share and to contribute to our oneness. Amen.

Copyright © 2014 The Hearts Center®. All rights reserved. We encourage you to share these messages with heartfriends throughout the world. With the approval of the messenger and/or the master, some of the spoken words may have been changed, or new words added, to provide greater clarity in the written word. Short excerpts may be quoted, giving credit to the author. Contact us at www.theheartscenter.org. Send correspondence and contributions to PO Box 277, Livingston, Montana 59047 USA.




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