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Beloved Akshobhya: Hum and Sing the OM throughout Your Day Maintain Your Seat of Authority within Your Buddha Nature

Beloved Akshobhya: Hum and Sing the OM throughout Your Day  Maintain Your Seat of Authority within Your Buddha Nature

Listen 20 min

Beloved Akshobhya

David Christopher Lewis
September 14, 2013   9:04–9:20 am MDT 
Boulder, Colorado

Hum and Sing the OM throughout Your Day

Maintain Your Seat of Authority within Your Buddha Nature 

by the Unshakability of Presence Where You Are 

Gracious Ones Who Would Emanate Greater Buddhic Presence, the Essence of Your Own Godhood, Your Divinity within Your Buddha Nature,

             I, Akshobhya, come, emanating throughout the mountain fastnesses cosmic crystalline rays of pure light-energy to quicken and awaken many who are asleep to their Higher Selves; for they have accommodated the sleep of the ages within their selfhood. Therefore it is imperative that this light manifest now to charge the atmosphere of the Earth and every vibratory field with the frequencies of mindfulness and heart-centeredness, with the essences of Buddhic sincerity and earnestness so that those who would be invested in a greater work upon Earth may receive the impetus required for them to begin their cosmic journey in light.
            Hopefulness is the requirement of this hour within these environs. For many have seen the almost instantaneous destructive power of nature unleashed through water and the rushing fire that sends those energies of spirit into play to extract all that is unnecessary and to leave the soul, though in shock, with a new option to reach for the stars within Self, within the Buddhic essence.¹
            Dearest ones, the law is exacting. And though many may not understand what they see as the fury and the force and the onrush of cosmic and planetary change, yet all is being outplayed for a higher purpose. All is coming to resolution. You are exactly in that space that you have decided to be in order to learn your lessons in life, in order to evolve within a greater sphere of opportunity to reach your goal of desirelessness in God.
            Even though I am the immovable and unshakable one, it was through an understanding of flexibility and of Buddhic principles of kindness and adaptability that I came to this point of exemplifying the seed of permanency and cosmic constancy required to maintain picture-perfect presence in the one Light.2 That adaptability allows me, dearest ones, to move into any plane of being, to coalesce with divine substance and causal essences within my auric field that which is essential to bring hope and all that is divine and virtuous into play for the benefit of sentient beings.
            You see, you are both a goad for others to accelerate on their path, if you choose to enter the Buddhic stream of being, and also—through your kindness, your example of oneness, your love and the chastening fires of the Spirit that move through you—a catalyst to draw out the highest essences from every individual that you seek to lovingly guide and support.
            If you study your lives, blessed ones, you will see the outplaying of all manner of cosmic possibilities and of the harmonics and dynamics of transmutative change. And if you are firm in your resolve through your own diamond nature, being unmoved by the lesser self and inflexible toward unreality in your stand for truth, you too will adapt cosmically to those higher impulses flowing from the Source, arising from deep within your heart and manifesting the totality and the beautiful nature of your godliness.
            Therefore hum and sing the OM throughout your day. Maintain your seat of authority within your Buddha nature by the unshakability of presence where you are. Holy ones, you can do it if you choose the higher walk with the Buddhas.
            I encourage you to secure your seat during our New Year’s Conference, which you now call your Winter Solstice Retreat, with the Buddhas. For, dearest ones, though we, the five,³ may not individually be on that program, we will manifest our Presence in the midst of those who come. And the inculcation within your causal nature of the Buddhic frequencies, of Solar awareness will manifest by your proximity to us and many Buddhas who will appear throughout the world on many mountaintops to shine forth their essences of compassion and divine mindfulness to you all.
            [Akshobhya chants the OM three times.]
            Throughout the West and throughout the East, wave patterns of peace—indestructible peace, unshakable peace, immovable peace—manifest. It is the way of light; it is the Tao of being. It is the perfected crystal of Self flowing, expanding and quickening within all the heart, the mind in Buddhic balance and synchronistic presence.
            I am Akshobhya, and I am crystal fire where you are.

Messenger’s comments:
            Thank you, everyone. I would like to speak just briefly about earnestness and sincerity because these were mentioned by Akshobhya. I believe that within his immovable and unshakable nature, where there is the overcoming of anger and hatred through renunciation and wisdom, that the highest and deepest levels of true earnestness and sincerity emerge. When we are motivated by compassion and peace, we seek to bring that peace into play in our communications. And therefore every communication becomes earnest, kind and compassionate.
            I was speaking to a treasured heartfriend yesterday, and I was reflecting back to her how I valued the sincerity, the kindness and the love that she communicated in her emails, always appreciating people for what they are doing, glorifying God within them and seeking to bring out the highest. I asked her if she could speak on this at some future time, because at times in emails and communiqués from others I notice that there is a little bit of harshness. And though it may, in a certain sense, be born of someone’s sincerity in trying to communicate, I think that if we can reach deeply into the core of our being and find ourselves within others and others within ourselves, seeing that we are of the same cosmic mind stuff, that there will always be that ease and comfort flame, without edginess or an attempt to be coercively right.
            We can win people by that earnest spirit that we embody. Sometimes our eagerness to share our truth may temporarily get in the way of a harmonious type of communiqué that brings divine resolution, honor and a higher form of integrity into play. This is our goal, to be sincere, to be a model of loving-kindness and to allow earnestness to flow through our hearts.
            If we find that we are burdened in any way in the temporary excitement of our senses through our work or in our earnestness to complete projects and our desire to see them through to completion, come what may, we can choose to be just a little bit more careful, conscientious. We can choose to have a certain Buddhic refinement in the way that we share so that the vibrations of peace, the emanations of equipoise and the picture-perfect presence flow through us and, at the higher level of being, are causative of planetary change and transformation.
            We may all be dealing with the lessons of Syria right now. As these energies play upon our beings, if we are immovable and unshakable in the crystalline fire of our own Buddha nature, with Akshobhya, we can weather these storms; we can transmute anger and hatred. And through our renunciation of maya, discord and unreality, we can embrace the wisdom of the Buddhic teachings, of the Christic blessings and then be a full blessing ourselves.
            So thank you, Alice Tucker and Anthony and all of our Austin heartfriends, seen and unseen, who hosted today’s service. I will allow you to return to the giving of the prayers to Archangel Michael, El Morya and anything else you desire. Thank you for playing the rosary today. Boyd and I were speaking recently of the import of the Golden Buddha Rosary, which we gave daily for a number of years in the beginning of The Hearts Center. It set the foundation for all that was and is to come. These Buddhic essences are so important for us to embrace again and again and to lovingly model in our lives. God bless you. Thank you so much. Bye-bye.

1. Beginning in the second week of September 2013, portions of Colorado experienced torrential rains that caused catastrophic flooding affecting seventeen counties. Thousands were evacuated from their homes. Widespread destruction included loss of lives, homes and businesses and severe damage to farmland, roads and other vital infrastructure. Prior to the floods, in the summer of 2013, several major wildfires ravaged various areas of the state.
2. In Sanskrit, Akshobhya’s name means “immovable” or “unshakable.”
3. Akshobhya is referring to the Five Dhyani Buddhas, of which he is one. The other four are Vairochana, Ratnasambhava, Amitabha and Amoghasiddhi.

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