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Archangel Gabriel Trumps His Horn, Calling More to Experience Their Divine Nature

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Beloved Archangel Gabriel
David Christopher Lewis
September 27, 2013   9:00-9:22 am MDT 
Autumn Equinox Lecture and Book-Signing Tour
Fairfield, California

Gabriel Trumps His Horn, Calling More to Experience Their Divine Nature, 

And He Chants, Blessing the Entire Earth with Crystalline Light Essence 

Gabriel Shares the Importance of the Upcoming Meru University Course with the Archeiai

Radiant ones who would understand the nature of God and the blessedness of being,
             I, Gabriel, come to invest a greater portion of divine light within your heart, flowing outward through the environment in which you live and move and have your being, in order that God’s grace, God’s hope, God’s crystalline light may be yours to employ consciously each hour of the day, each moment of your life, to bring the Spirit into play within your world.
            I AM that which is and which was and which is to come within the Almighty as an angel, yea, an archangel of purity, fielding the ascension currents on behalf of mankind, and with my beloved, offering hope and new opportunity for self-transcendence. 
             I appear to the inner sight of every woman who is preparing in consciousness to give birth. And this day I appear to the inner vision of those, both men and women, who would give birth within self of a new solar radiance powered by Spirit, energized by the Divine One and sanctified by that which already exists within of eternality, which has great spiritual significance and authenticity, and yet, which often remains unmanifest, to be rediscovered and utilized within your life.
            Precious ones, when you understand the dynamism of God’s being within you, your own crystal nature, your own Selfhood in light, then nothing will stand in the way of this birthing process of your new divinity manifest day by day in your life experience.
            How is it that each one may ascend in consciousness a little bit more each day in order to access all of the virtues of God and the blessings of the Spirit? Truly it is through love and through acceptance of God’s love within your heart whereby you feel appreciated, validated, and when you know yourself as light that this dynamic takes hold of you and that you enter a new realm of pure beingness and radiance of the Spirit.
              Over and over we come on inner dimensions and planes of being to the souls of mankind to engender this sense of Selfhood within presence as already vouchsafed to you from God in the beginning of your manifestation as a spirit-spark of the One. When you can feel deeply that which God has bestowed within you as the life current, as the energy of the cosmos miniaturized within your heart, you, blessed ones, through this sense of inner worthiness, can make greater progress on your path, dissolve all of the past misgivings that you may have held about yourself or others or life. And through the radiant field that comes when you live in this eternal truth, miracles and divine manifestations of grace do occur synchronistically within your life.
            This is my promise to you, each one—that when you feel hope for a future within the Eternal Now of the present time flowing through your conscious awareness, your Solar Presence, then the Divine enters the scene, the glorious manifests in your world, and all that is beautiful and transcendent simply abides within your fruitful awareness, one with the Eternal Source of Being.
             Yes, we repeat our messages often, daily for the elect and for those whom we are electing to contact to raise up a little bit more in order that they may begin to fulfill their greater purpose upon Earth. This is part of the reason for this Advanced Studies of the Human Aura Book-Signing and Lecture Tour, wherein all of you have been invited to heartstream within your own Solar Presence with greater understanding of the dynamics of the Master El Morya’s teaching. 
            You see, dearest ones, you are a player in this greater God-scheme of planetary self-transformation. And when you see yourself as an active participant in the process of enlightenment and the etherealization of the matter planes with divine light, then the archangels and many of those who come into the purview of our awareness, as well as that of your Higher Self, may be employed by your word, by your invitation, by your acceptance of our light currents in your midst.
              O, dearest ones, the archangels are always so near at hand. And yet, at times, you relegate us to other realms or dimensions far from the presence of your current state of awareness, thinking that somehow you are not worthy to know us, to investigate that which we desire to manifest and bring forth within your world.
            I am here to tell you that through a simple redialing of your conscious awareness, there may alight within your world the blessings that we are most hospitably able to offer unto you, each one, in order that God’s grace, God’s hope and God’s eternal light may flow unto you whenever you require it on your sacred journey. 
            O, the presence of Hope is here. The knowledge of the Spirit and its workings is coming to the fore through many conscious ones—teachers, writers, aspirants who are truly making contact with our world and drawing forth divine inspiration and messages of truth and hope in so many domains, languages and cultural expressions. For you see, we are not limited by time and space. And therefore, our work extends in multidimensions of being throughout vast regions of consciousness that are impressed throughout your world unto each lifestream who simply looks up and looks within to know God in a deeper and more intimate way.
            Radiant ones, let your hearts expand today to receive the crystal fire of Gabriel and Hope, the seven archangels and their archeiai and of the five who serve with the crystal rays, to blend the resources of their diamond beings to enlighten, raise, heal, bless and seal mankind. Yes, we are so close, only a breath away if you accept our presence within your midst. Breathe in the crystal fire and the diamond light essences of all of the seven rainbow rays and of those transformative and powerful crystalline essences of the crystal five, hidden, and yet now being revealed in this time. 
            May I put in a plug for my beloved and her other six sisters of light, who are coming very soon into your midst during your Meru University course on the raising of the Mother Light? Precious ones, if you could see as I see it, what they have prepared within the chalice of their beings for each one of you, you would be amazed, and you would jump and leap at the opportunity to be in their midst as they sponsor this upcoming course. Truly, you will be ensconced in a great diamond-crystal radiance in multifaceted dimensions of being through the seven rainbow rays that will shine forth from Spirit into matter and directly into your auric field, your chakra centers. The energy streams that will be available unto you through the worded releases pouring forth through our amanuensis here, will be greater than all of you can yet and now imagine.
              Dearest ones, we have been preparing this course now in your Earth time, if you can actually believe it, for a number of decades. For we saw long ago, the opportunity within the year 2013 because of the spiritual work of many upon Earth to provide for our own this alchemy of light, this blessing of the Spirit, this charging forth of the Mother essence and of the feminine aspects of the Divine into the Earth for the raising of all life, for the salvation of the feminine principle within every soul.
            Yes, this teaching will move on far beyond this time in dimensionless realms of cosmic time and space. And many of you will feel within that future, objectified within the Immortal Now, the blessings of Omega and of all Mothers of heaven extended unto you so that you truly may merge with your greater Solar Presence and be enfired in this Divine Light as a co-creator with us. 
              I AM Gabriel. Harken to the words of the Lord God that we bring. Hear the trump that I now blow across the Earth, calling more of those who have in the past at times ignored the words of truth and beauty, whom we are awakening through this toning and cosmic sounding of light. [Gabriel chants vowel tones for 41seconds.] The vowels of the word that carry the frequencies of the five crystal essences and joys from the Mother’s heart now circumscribe the Earth within a new lexicon of light, a new alphabet of amour, a new verbiage of virya. 
            Come to the fount of your own inner light. Know God within and therein know the All. I thank you.

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