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Saint Germain: O America, Awaken from the Sleep of the Ages!


Beloved Saint Germain
David Christopher Lewis
September 28, 2013   7:25–7:49 pm PDT
Autumn Equinox Lecture and Book Tour
Mount Shasta, California

O America, Awaken from the Sleep of the Ages!
Throw Away That Which Distracts You from Your Spiritual Journey to the Sun
Bring Yourself Back to the Center and Live in the Point of God-Realization

            America, awake! America, awake! America, awake! I, Saint Germain, send a ray unto the heart of every citizen of this nation and to those residing here to awaken you to a new life in light! I quicken you to awaken you to a new life in God! I quicken you to awaken you to a new life in love.

            Virtuous ones of Mount Shasta and those who serve the Great White Brotherhood in this hour, I plead with you to save this nation through prayer, through the call, through fasting and through the offering of self on the altar of the heart for this greater awakening that America requires now! It is a pivotal time, dearest ones; for the forces of darkness have been on the move. And yet we of the Great White Brotherhood have our strategies, have our long-term plans, and we have set in motion, through many who understand the dynamics of planetary transformation, the alchemy of light through the use of the violet fire and all manner of those divine scientific formulas that you know, and some that you do not yet fully know.

            What is essential for this awakening to increase? First of all, what awakens you every morning? The sun. If you accept the sun within yourself and see it blazing within your heart and you model the sun in all of your service, your work and in your daily life, then, dearest ones, the awakening will increase, the strengthening of the sons and daughters of God to perform new levels of cosmic alchemy will truly begin and you will see a new America—a new America, I say.

            This is the land founded by many conscious ones. Would you let it go into decay and into decline and have our plan be unsuccessful? [Audience responds: “No!”] Then experiment with me, move with me, change with me, dance with me—believe in the totality of your Godhood and in your sonship with the Divine. And through this, there will be a new alchemicalization of light, first within you and then within the greater world, dearest ones. And through this very scientific, spiritually scientific, and mindful application of the laws of divine light, we together will perform what even yesterday you considered miraculous.

            Do you believe in the miraculous? [Audience responds: “Yes!”] Why haven’t you, then, performed miracles yet within your life? Some have. Some are still expecting them. Well, I say that if you accept my Presence right within your auric field and the dynamism of the power and liveliness of God resident right within your heart, then miracles will manifest!

            Of a truth, dearest ones, every miracle is an archangelic intercessory occurrence brought about by complete faith, acceptance and understanding that God is the doer, that you are worthy to receive the response from heaven that comes when the call is made, when the command is uttered, when the fiat is given! Many of you utter namby-pamby prayers—blah-blah blah-blah blah-blah blah-blah blah-blah blah-blah blah—and expect somehow that heaven will respond. Well, dearest ones, put aside the dynamic of the unfruitful call and prayer and decree. Expect that what you request is already manifest, what you require is instantaneously precipitated right within your world!

            I have given you this teaching over and over and over again! Some of you have read all of the I AM books and yet somehow there is something that eludes you that you have not yet incorporated into the system of your spiritual life, and thereby unbelief manifests. And when that seeming miracle does manifest once or twice in a lifetime, you are amazed. Well, I say, be amazed every day! Expect that the maser-like light of God and the laser frequencies of the Divine will impress deep within you and within anything that you touch the vibration of the seventh-ray alchemists of Spirit.

            You see, dearest ones, I teach in my retreat that the fire of feeling, of love is the essential key for every alchemy to be complete and fully manifest. If somehow you do not apply the energy of your soul, your soulfulness, into the equation, the formula becomes unseen, unrealized for you. Make that formula real by empowering your word with your spirit, with the energy of the sun within you! Become a true martial artist, a Venusian artist, I say, by moving with the flow of the sun, the energy of the One and having the resonant field of your auras charged with light, brimming with illumination and cosmic frequencies.

            Do you see now the expansion that I create within this planet as my auric field touches all forms of life by the conscious application of the divine sciences that I have studied for thousands of years? Yes, dearest ones, I impress deep within the Earth to the sun of even pressure and out into the cosmic atmosphere of our beloved Mother Earth the pure frequencies of love. And through these, all of life is ennobled, all of beingness comes into harmony. And every evolution, every conscious being is received, from within this love, into the embrace of the Divine Mother and into the perfected grace and aura of the all-Father in Spirit.

            Read that book by El Morya: Advanced Studies of the Human Aura. This is my directive. For when you read it, taking those words as directly from the master of the first ray, and when you apply his wisdom daily by uttering that call, “I AM One, I AM One, I AM One with the Sun; I AM One, I AM One, I AM One with the Great Central Sun”—and you believe these words, you accept them into your heart, you feel them with cosmic intention and receptivity; then, dearest ones, your auras shall shine, your auras shall expand and we, with Morya, will conquer all that is less than God-perfection.

            Even a child with a high degree of imagination can soar to the stars! Well, become childlike again, believing in yourself, accepting the reality of the cosmic impressions that are yours to know, to behold and to realize.

            O America, awaken this night from the sleep of the ages, from the nihilism of the acceptance of a not-self life devoid of virtue, of work and of the challenges that come to incite a new revelation of Spirit and of soul within you. O America, do not give up on yourself! Those of you who give your power to a government entity, think again what you are doing to your own co-creativity and that which God has invested within you as your spiritual essence. Do you think that living on food stamps is what a true initiate must do? [Audience responds: “No.”] Well, wake up! Wake up! Wake up, those of you who have accepted a life that is nothing more than living off of the light essences of those who are virtuous and self-giving.

            Get off your couch, America! Throw away your video games and that which distracts you from your spiritual journey to the sun! Think of the sacrifices of those who created the matrix of light of this nation and of their inspired advocates in the heaven world. Think of those peoples living upon this soil who had the attunement with nature and who gave up their lives, their tribes, their nations in the wake of the violent ones who could not live in harmony, people by people, nation by nation, community by community.

            I create in your mind’s eye now a new vision of America that I have held inviolate within my mind and heart for hundreds of years and more. And I sustain it as a matrix of perfection that many of you may access for assistance in whatever you are called to perform on behalf of the Great White Brotherhood in this age. Tap into this vision. Access it clearly within your meditation, and then daily act—put one foot forward! Accomplish your goals! Do not give up in fulfilling your purpose for coming into this incarnation!

            How many times do we the ascended masters have to remind you that you already have what it takes to be victorious? And yet somehow there is compromise. Somehow you lose the sense of your divinity. Somehow you live outside of the perfect circle of God’s identity in moments of unconsciousness. Bring yourself back to the center. Live in that point of God-realization, of God-identification. Enjoy God within your heart; employ God within your heart.

            Blessed ones, those of you who were here from 10 a.m. to noon this day experienced a taste of my love. I have prepared in the heaven world a banquet—much more than a taste—for all of you. It is your choice whether to come dressed in light, ready for the nourishment that we provide, or whether, because of other offerings of psychics and those who claim to speak for me, you go here or there and forget the inner invitation from my heart and the heart of Portia.

            If necessary, write yourself a reminder: “I am going to Transylvania (or the Grand Tetons) tonight. I am accepting Saint Germain’s invitation to be with him to learn the science of alchemy and expand my love, my light with my master.” If you make the call before you retire, asking the angels to escort you and the muses of heaven to remind you in the morning what you experienced, then you may bring back to this Earth with clarity of consciousness that which we will provide of inspiration, of holy knowledge and wisdom, of truth and of what you require day by day to accelerate on your path.

            My love is yours; my heart is always accessible. My essence permeates the sacred space of your soul and wraps you in love-light and the fires of freedom within the alchemy of love that I bear. Yes, dearest ones, I AM your Saint Germain, loving you free, loving you daily, hourly, moment by moment. And all I ask is that you return the favor by loving God with all your heart, soul, strength and acceptance.

            Will you, O chosen ones, increase your love and thereby increase your light each day? [Audience responds: “Yes!”] Then watch out, world, for the miraculous ones are here! And we, victorious in love, shall win! I thank you. [applause]

1. See The Hearts Center—Prayers, Decrees and Mantras, number 20.023, “El Morya’s Great Central Sun Meditation.”

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