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Reflections on the Spiritual Aspects of Breastfeeding

Reflections on the Spiritual Aspects of Breastfeeding

Although the saying ‘breast is best’ is still true, all methods of feeding can be made holy when performed with love. While breastfeeding hasn’t all been a ‘bed of roses,’ at least for me, it does carry blessings for both mother and child.

From a spiritual perspective, you can really transfer something of yourself and your vibration to your child when you feed her the living substance from your body. And, scientifically, it is considered a living substance. Literally![i] According to spiritual teacher Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov, something of a mother’s character, as well as her love, is conveyed to her child as she feeds him.[ii] Omraam therefore encourages mothers to be aware of their state of mind when breastfeeding. He understandably discourages angry or negative states of mind, in place of love and tenderness.[iii]

It doesn’t take a spiritual master for us to realize that such attitudes are undesirable, and yet, why? I was pondering this and started thinking about the work of Japanese researcher, Dr. Masaru Emoto. Dr. Emoto found that molecules of water could be ‘imprinted’ with words, music and images and that those choices would affect the shape of the resulting frozen water crystals. Now, remember that the first ingredient in breastmilk is water[iv] and see what the implications of this could be, for imprinting that living liquid that you feed your child. Now, I don’t know if Dr. Emoto experimented with thoughts, yet you could consider the words you speak, perhaps the music you surround yourself with, and images too, to influence your milk. It’s a far out thought, yet, then again, the spiritual pioneers have always been ‘far out’, far out ahead of all the rest!

So, back to Omraam. He believed that breastmilk counteracted and balanced the nourishment the child received via the blood in the womb (across the placenta).[v] Interestingly, it has been proposed that a mother’s breast acts in the same way as the placenta did and that the milk nourishes like the blood, which would thus offer evidence to confirm Omraam’s beliefs.[vi]

When you think about it, a mother does so much to set the pattern for her child, both in the womb and out. As an unborn child, a mother’s hormones cross the placenta and shape the child’s psychological responses as well as growth. It seems that as a newborn, the mother continues this, through the hormones in her milk. Did you even know that milk contains hormones? It certainly didn’t register with me till just recently. These hormones include endorphins, melatonin, oxytocin, brain, thyroid, and insulin hormones![vii] If hormones can shape and mold the brain and character of your unborn child (and they can!), then what can they also do for your newborn, as you feed that one with love? [viii]

If you think about the location of this feeding process, it’s surely a sign that love is also being fed to the child, as you hold that one close to your heart and heart chakra. Next time you pick up your baby to feed him, remember that it’s about more than nutrition: it’s the divine nourishment of love itself. It can be anything you make it!


Your turn! Is breastfeeding a spiritual act for you? Share your joys and challenges so that others can learn!


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[vii] Angier, Natalie,“Mother's Milk Found to Be Potent Cocktail Of Hormones”, The New York Times, 5/24/94,

[viii] This is a fascinating subject. The mother’s hormones cross the placenta and recreate in the unborn child the same emotions at the biological/molecular level so that the child really does experience the same emotion. For every emotion there is a corresponding biological aspect. I imagine the same thing would happen with the hormones that are conveyed in breastmilk. You can read prenatal examples from the book: Wirth, Frederick, MD, Prenatal Parenting (New York:Regan Books, 2001), including p 41-42. For more background reading you might also enjoy the slightly technical, Molecules of Emotion by Dr. Candace Pert.





  • All I can say is God bless your mother David - with 10 kids to breastfeed! But seriously, it sounds like she did an awesome job. Thanks for sharing more on the spiritual aspects of breastfeeding. There was more I could have shared but the article was getting long already. You did share some excellent things I was not aware of. Thank you!
    8/15/2015 3:23:51 PM
  • Fascinating. I love the quotes and references. My mother breastfed all of her 10 children and we all turned out well, and balanced. I attribute much of who I am to my mother's nurturing love, expressed through both her breastfeeding as well as everything else she did. My very first memory in this life is of looking up at my mother while breastfeeding, seeing her smile and feeling loved and cherished. This definitely set the course for my life and mission in attempting to serve and raise others up in the light of our Presence. I am surprised when mothers opt NOT to breastfeed and feel sorrow for both the mother and her child, because I know how sacred and nurturing this experience is for both. The emotional and spiritual connection between mother and child is set and fortified for life through the daily interaction of giving and receiving. One thing that came to me in a sacred teaching is that since our children are always meant to surpass us in consciousness, that often the spiritual light and awareness of the child is transferred to the mother during her breastfeeding. There is a cosmic interplay of divine quintessences shared between the two in a figure eight flow of this experience. I believe it also helps children to be balanced in their own feminine potential, their more sensitive nature or soul essence when they interact with a loving and caring mother who breastfeeds. Mothers should not shortchange their children in this regard and reserve the required time to perform this sacred act. We also have wonderful examples in art of the capturing of this poignant moment in the great works of the Renaissance masters such as Leonardo daVinci, Raphael and Artemisia Gentileschi.
    8/14/2015 5:45:03 AM
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