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10 Tips to Add Spirituality to Your Parenting

10 Tips to Add Spirituality to Your Parenting

1. Read spiritual Bedtime Stories. Yep, I’m a big fan! See my other articles. Remind these young minds over and over that they come from God, that God is their true nature, that heaven is their home, and that the angels are real and true.

2. Regularly read spiritual texts to your baby when you feed him/her off to sleep (I know, you can’t keep that habit up forever. However, if you do like that parenting style, it’s a great chance to feed their mind with goodness). My daughter has heard Unveiled Mysteries, The Magic Presence (both by the “I AM” Activity) and is now hearing true stories of angelic intercession.

3. Display spiritual imagery around your home. Some places I have spiritual pictures are surrounding my desk and fridge as well as down low on the side of a desk so my kids can see them. I collect and laminate my own pictures. It’s kind of a personal hobby. We have everything from nature, Saints, angels, flowers, loving relationships and more. It’s tons of fun!

4. Provide spiritual focusses in your kid’s bedroom. Mary, our daughter, has a painting of Mother Mary, and a beautiful wall plaque showing an angel descending with a baby, among others. Michael’s images have included his namesake Archangel Michael, a child angel statue, a friendly gnome and a sleeping Buddha statue (he broke that one – be careful with your treasured images!).

5. Play spiritual songs. I love to play songs by The Hearts Center as well as other spiritual organizations. Other more commonplace songs just don’t come close, in my mind. Many of these spiritual tunes attract the presence of certain heavenly beings. This brings me to my next point.

6. Play music known to attract the heavenly host. Sometimes referred to as “keynotes”, these are tunes composers have produced while under inspiration from heavenly beings. Some more famous pieces include Ave Maria, O Holy Night and Beethoven’s Ode to Joy.

7. Discuss things of the Spirit at opportune moments such as: over food, during playtime, during walks outside, following timeout, and at bedtime. Leave a good or deep thought in your child’s mind at regular intervals whenever you think of it.

8. Create spiritual flashcards to show your young child, with images such as ‘angels’, ‘fairies’, ‘gnomes,’ ‘guardian angels’, ‘Mother Mary’ and show them to your child along with your other educational flashcards, if you’re into that kind of thing.

9. Offer a prayer at meals. I took a common prayer and we said that for a while. Then I upgraded it to use conscious language (direct, present tense). Then I decided we could make up our own as it’s more creative and encourages my son to actually engage with God more than memorization. While we’re not as consistent as we could be, we do regularly include prayer in our mealtimes.

10. Pray on beginning a journey in the car. Again, I have to admit this is not absolute though I do regularly offer a prayer aloud to the angels asking for protection, to be in the right place at the right time, to keep gratitude in our hearts and a smile on our faces and be a blessing to all life etc. or whatever my current prayer is. Sometimes I think of things I am thankful for. Sometimes my son will add some items. While there is room for improvement in the prayer arena, I consider it a good way to model some sort of prayer.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading a few of the things we do/have done and that it may perhaps inspire your parenting. Now, over to you!


Please share your ideas, experience or thoughts. What are your tips on adding spirituality to parenting?



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