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Today’s Musing for Parents

Today’s Musing for Parents

I thought today’s musing would be a bit different from normal. I got behind with my regular schedule of articles so I thought, what about something for parents? Surely, the more God-evolved we are the more we can assist our children in their own path. And so, today, I simply bring you for fun, some thoughts I have had lately about the immateriality (try saying that word 10 times!) of our world.

It seems if you watch the news – fake or alternative – that in many ways our world it is crumbling all around us. Perhaps that’s a good thing. A New Age cannot be born upon the ruins of the past.

Regardless, sometimes I just like to have something to hold onto, like reality. And I was thinking, what if we just live in a video game, a very advanced one albeit - where not only do we see and hear the scene such as with those computer gaming headsets you can buy these days - but in our case we also feel the surround sensations of our ‘game’. Sometimes then, I imagine that I’m off in a cloud of light in the galaxy, with God, in a far distant time and we are having this conversation.

I’m saying something like, “God, remember that time a long time ago on Earth when there was all this darkness but even back then I knew it was all unreal?” And God smiles and is like, “Yes, of course”. And then, I bring it even closer. That moment is brought back to the present moment and here I am and as I shut my eyes I know that that moment – albeit not in the galaxy, though I could be – that I am here with God and instead of everything around me being actual, it’s kind of like a movie projection, just appearing to be real but not really.

God is the enduring one; all the rest is fake. I’m trying to latch onto that reality. It might sound fleety or fake but I think it’s more real than all the things we think are real each day. And so, one day I think I’ll look back to the day when I recognized that God is the true reality and the rest is just a little game.*

Hope this little thought about the ultimate reality of God/good helps your day and perspective and thus makes you a better parent.

Bless you all.

What spiritual perspectives have you experienced lately?

*This reminds me of the Hindu term ‘lila’ - the divine play of God and the ‘maya’ of human existence




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