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The Best of the Masters’ Quotes on Children: 2010, Part 1

The Best of the Masters’ Quotes on Children: 2010, Part 1






Today, let’s review one 2010 teaching from the Ascended Lady Master Clare de Lis, as it relates to our children. In this quote, she encourages us to keep the vision of the new day, of the beauty and hope we hold for our children’s future. Indeed, I often pray for them to inherit a clean earth, washed clean by the violet light, physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, for an earth where the Golden Age is now dawning.

Clare de Lis says:  

 What will it take to create vibrant communities across the Earth? Many have considered this equation and have in their mind's eye envisioned a new world of peace, of beauty, of garden cities, of children laughing and running and enjoying nature, of re-creation within parks and natural surroundings, where there is less of what you see in this day and age, of what man has created through unconsciousness. And there is a return fully to the original creation of the Lord, where all is in balance and the world exists in its pristine state of harmony, where each and every person is whole, healthy, living within his or her integrity, one with all life.

… Unless some hold the vision with clarity and with great integrity, how can that vision manifest? So even while you are aware of the shortcomings of the current state of affairs on the Earth, yet, blessed ones, deep within your being maintain that vision, that dream of light, no matter what comes your way in challenge to that vision, to that dream.

… Be optimists, blessed hearts, whereby the highest possibilities for the victory of Earth, the victory of your souls—as a co-creators in the Earth's regeneration and a new renaissance—may come to pass because enough conscious individuals hold the field of intention by their God-attention. That new reality simply must come into being because the collective vision is so strong that the energy precipitates physically in ways that many will wonder at, yet which can occur by your faith, by your belief and by your acceptance.

… This shift in consciousness, blessed ones, is required within the mass consciousness for a golden-crystal age to manifest upon Earth. If enough individuals can believe in this “what if” and allow the eternal dream to again be dreamed by many more, then we in the heaven world will do all that we can with you to blend our resources with yours to make it so.

I love this idea that when a critical mass, i.e. enough people,  hold the vision, things happen! It also reminds me of a book I read years ago, The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell, which investigated how trends and ideas take hold and at a certain point the scales ‘tip’. So if you’d like to help the Ascended Masters ‘tip’ the scales, you can join them in holding the vision. If you have not yet heard it, you will enjoy listening to the transcendent meditation “Beyond 2012: A Vision of the Golden Crystal Age of Aquarius”. In this mediation, which includes a description of children, families and communities, the words of the Master Manjushri are set to music and new age imagery. To date, 52,000 have viewed it. Why not add your number to that list and help us join heaven to hold this divine vision of a new earth?


What better day do you dream of, for our kids?



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