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Uplifting Spiritual Music for Your Family

Uplifting Spiritual Music for Your Family

Spirituality is not just to be studied, but to be lived. An important part of our lives is music. We can increase our attunement with heaven through listening to divinely inspired music. Here are some ‘keynotes’, or melodies that ‘key’ us into the presence and the spirit of the master. As a bonus, I have found my favorite versions that are enjoyable YouTube videos to watch too! So, grab your kids and enjoy some spiritual entertainment!


Finlandia – Sanat Kumara, the Ancient of Days


Ode to Joy – Gautama Buddha


Ave Maria – Mother Mary


There shall be showers of blessings – Portia, Goddess of Justice


Pomp and Circumstance – El Morya


Rondo Alla Turca – Truth and Healing Ray


Canon in D – also, Truth and Healing Ray


Joy to the World – Jesus Christ


Blue Danube – Seat of the Soul Chakra


Deep River – Flame of Peace


Sleepers Awake – Resurrection temple


I hope you enjoyed this inspiring music as much as I did. Our family is now regularly humming “Showers of Blessings”. Thanks Portia!


Which piece of music was your favorite?




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