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The Best of the Masters’ Quotes on Children: 2009, Part 1

The Best of the Masters’ Quotes on Children: 2009, Part 1

There are many teachings that the Masters have given us regarding children. These are just a few from the first half of 2009 – this series is a whole 10 years behind! At times we can guess what the Masters might say about a topic. At other times it is interesting to hear their perspective on a topic, such as ADD. I hope you enjoy these nuggets of wisdom on the topic of ‘children’. If you like you can do your own search using different keywords such as ‘family’ or ‘parents’ by clicking here!


If you truly desire, generation by generation, the advancement of solar civilizations upon Earth, you will strive to give to the next generation all that you can so that that generation may surpass and succeed you and may bring to Earth greater divine knowledge, wisdom, hope, brotherhood and love. For until you ascend, you may reembody as the child of your children or children's children, and therefore you want a world that is better off, purer, full of light and opportunities for self-enrichment.

Beloved El Morya (Discourse), May 26, 2009  


Those of the seventh root race that are embodying have been given inner spiritual keys to move us beyond this polemic and this dynamic. We must listen to the wisdom of the child and the children that are embodying who have these keys and who see, just as Buckminster Fuller saw, with a certain vision that may be blurred on the outer but at higher levels is crystal clear. This vision brings us into an understanding of the unity of all life, the oneness of all life.

El Morya (Discourse), January 24, 2009 


What's called ADD today is really kind of a joke in many respects because sometimes these children are actually the ones who have the higher nerve centers open, but we haven't figured out how to assist them in bringing forth these higher principles and awareness. And so we dumb them down, we give them Ritalin or [other] drugs. And what this does is it closes those higher nerve centers. And it's a diabolical plot for the children of the New Age, the crystal children that you've heard of, or the indigo children. 

Beloved Lord Ling (Discourse), May 5, 2009    


There are now many children upon Earth who have the inner understanding of their strong connection with the Spirit world who have the same capabilities that this little boy long, long ago discovered and attained to because he simply asked and listened and then smiled when the answer came quietly, lovingly from deep within. And these are the children that are creating the new age of divine brilliance in the violet light that we, the Elohim, hold in our mind's eye as already fulfilled in your dimension and plane of being…

Beloved Arcturus, May 2, 2009 


Those of you who have mothered souls in this life know something whereof I speak. And even in your children's adult years there are times when you would convey gentle truths, simple understandings that flow from your heart in your attempt to continue to nurture those who came through you. And though you can claim none of your children fully as your own—for they are always of God—yet in a certain sense they will always be yours. And you will always have that tender regard and that desire to extend a mother's touch unto them, to give them, gently from your heart, that which God entrusts to you in your holy office as mothers.
Beloved Lakshmi, January 1, 2009  


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