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Dream on! Let’s See What We Can Accomplish for Our Kids!

Dream on! Let’s See What We Can Accomplish for Our Kids!

Imagine if there were some people out there who were dreaming, planning and accomplishing wonderful things for our families, dreaming of ways to lift them up into the light of the Spirit and bless the little ones. Would you enjoy hearing about it? Well today you can! The Heartfriends of Chile have been busy, busy, busy and these are some of their dreams:


— Translating into Spanish the Angels Your Friends and Helpers book and A Coloring Book of Angels of the Rainbow, both by Nancy Kolze and Alvera Kubal.

— Creating illustrations that encourage children to invoke heavenly superheroes who are none other than the Archangels. For example, Super Michael (Archangel Michael).

— Creating T-shirts for children with images of angels as superheroes.

— Having teddies in the shape of angels.

— Creating a poster showing angels as superheroes.

— Creating pocket books with stories of angels and the spiritual path.

— Creating a video game about the spiritual path for children.

— Creating spiritual songs for children.

— Creating a cell phone app with content for children such as books and audio books.


Some of these ideas are being worked on as we speak. Others require more time and money. Please pray for them, for God's highest plan for the beautiful children of Earth.

I envision our Heartfriends coming up with these and more ideas and having the resources to fulfill them! God bless them! 

I would like to thank the Heartfriends of Chile for sharing their presentation with me so that I could share their wonderful vision with you. God has great things in mind for our children today!


Do you wish to help? Get in contact with us today!




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Spiritual Parenting Quotes
  • You must be the ones
  • mankind misunderstand this sacred science
  • long ago I saw the face of God as a child.
  • So first and foremost
  • All children know
  • you are all part
  • the holiest place on earth
  • in the eyes of a child
  • i ask you to pray
  • Therefore, look upon
  • when in the virgin consciousness
  • when the minds of the youth
  • If you have within the bedrooms
  • speaking with children, seeing life
  • Children....are fully developed
  • seek ways and means
  • the lord said that what ye
  • spend precious time to get to know
  • please give this my teaching
  • observing the spontaneity quote
  • gardening can be a very important
  • train up a child in the ways of God and
  • the gentleness of the child
  • express over and over
  • as you look
  • allow your children
  • having children is sacred
  • when you love your children
  • parents have the responsibility
  • receive the child and you shall receive the christ
  • pray for the children
  • so become like
  • for children, whose hearts are pure
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