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A Mother's Prayer

A Mother's Prayer

Lord, let me be a good mother, to these, your children.

May I always see you in their eyes.

May I look for the good in each day.

May I always have faith in their highest potential.

May I celebrate with them their victories.

May I pray every day for them and for the world they are growing up in.

May I hold hope - nay, more than that - vision, for their victorious future.

May I continuously strengthen their good points while helping them see and overcome their weak ones.

May I give them the freedom to be themselves, yet be coach to the unknown.

May I never tire of seeing them, of serving them, of them needing me (until they can do it themselves).

May I be their greatest supporter, their biggest fan, the one who loves them most (aside from you, O God. I'm trying, but it's a high order to meet!).

May I behold their goodness always, especially when the dark clouds of their 'little me' rolls in.

May I teach them all that is real, both of worldly knowledge and spirituality.

May I teach by example.

May I be loving, humble, forgiving, wise, patient, caring, selfless and much more.

May I be like you, O Divine Mother, beautiful example beyond the stars, and yet, right under our own feet, surrounding us always.

May I adequately prepare my kids for today's world ere they grow up.

May I provide a wholesome childhood, a foundation for a victorious life.

May I be all I promised these precious souls of light.

May I be, a good mother.


What do you hope, for your kids sake?



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