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25 Spiritual Gifts for Kids Under $25

25 Spiritual Gifts for Kids Under $25

As we enter the Christmas season many of us think about buying presents for our loved ones. These include our own children and grandchildren. This year, how about including at least one gift that is spiritual in nature? That’s what I’m planning to do.

Here are some ideas, taken from the Christian perspective in this case, since after all, Christmas is basically about Christ. Which is great!

I’ll be upfront. These suggestions are for little kids. I imagine my kids liking them all (they range in age from 2-7). So, without further ado, here are 25 of my choice suggestions from

1. The Christmas story in intricate pop-up scenes

2. Personalized plush angel doll

3. Jesus and animals 100-piece puzzle

4. You're God's Girl! Coloring Book

5. Angel dress up costume for a child

6. Paint an angel, dove, and cross on canvas

7. Jesus of Nazareth bendable action figure

8. Saint Nicholas and the Nine Gold Coins, historical story behind Santa

9. Nativity cling stickers for windows

10. Nativity scene 50-piece construction block (like Lego) set

11. Paint your own nativity set

12. My friend Jesus stuffed doll, 13 inches

13. First Christmas kid's jigsaw puzzle 100 Piece

14. A more cartoon drawing version of the first Christmas puzzle 100 piece

15. Set of 5 nesting doll Holy Family figurines

16. Popular Apples to Apples game, Bible edition

17. Nativity scratch art pictures for children to personalize

18. Mary Mother of Jesus bendable action figure

19. My Little Angels (board book)

20. Nativity stickers

21. Christian-themed stamps for kids

22. Cross and dove “stained glass” window sticker craft

23. Nativity themed stained-glass coloring book

24. The First Christmas lift the flap board book

25. Bibleopoly, a Christian cooperative version of the popular board game Monopoly


If you do get one of these, please consider going through our Amazon referral link which gives 5% back to The Hearts Center - and thank you!

Have a blessed Christmas with your loved ones and enjoy all that this sacred season brings of love, joy and excitement and the inner connection with the beautiful Christ in Jesus and in each one of us!


What do you plan to get your little ones this year?



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  • the holiest place on earth
  • in the eyes of a child
  • i ask you to pray
  • Therefore, look upon
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  • for children, whose hearts are pure
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