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Bring Some Good Music Into Your Household!

Bring Some Good Music Into Your Household!

Are you one of those parents who regards a lot of the music played today as just noise?

I can still remember my mum calling it that.

If you feel that way, you are not alone! The Ascended Master Hilarion once said:

“…as you know, the music, or what is called music, upon Earth in this hour is literally not music as we conceive of it or as the muses of heaven originally manifested it. It is simply cacophony, dissonance. And it is, at its core, diametrically opposed to that which the angelic choirs emanate and sing to give glory to God and to sustain the cosmos through harmonics, through the music of the spheres and the radiance of the soundless sound of love and light.”

Wow! Pretty strong words. But then, it’s true, right? Today I would like to give you a few tips on what works for us.

We play music from our computer, so we have many folders on our computer containing all kinds of good music. We have, for example, Hearts Center songs, Christmas songs, spiritual songs, positive kid’s songs, bhajans and Buddhist chants, classical music, relaxation music, ethnic music and more! I even collect my favorite versions of Ascended Master keynotes from YouTube so I (or my kids) can select whatever we feel like knowing it’s all the best!

It’s good to have different kinds of music for different kinds of moods. Of course, we have favorites and some I never even listen to, but we have a lot to choose from. I would like my kids to feel like they have lots to choose from too.

If you are looking to expand your music collection you might like to check out what our Hearts Center store has to offer. It has some unique selections.

How do you bring divine music into your household? Please share!




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