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Conversations with my Three-Year-Old

Conversations with my Three-Year-Old

I’m under the opinion that a blog should be personalized and filled with actual experiences of a real person, hence my sharing from time to time about my own kids. Recently, I had a funny conversation while explaining to my 3-year-old why she should NOT be trying to trim her own fingernails yet.

Her: “I could do it when I’m 99?” (I guess that must be a huge number for a 3-year-old!)

Me: “You would probably be back in heaven with God at that age. These bodies don’t live that long, usually. You might be ‘Ascended Lady Master Mary’ and people might be praying to you, ‘Dear Ascended Lady Mary, please help me with my children, help them be more loving and get along’ or whatever. Then you might send your angels.”

Her: “And if Master Morya needs help I might help him?”

Me: “Right, you might be working with him and other Masters. Actually, you would be. In heaven we all work together. Like one big family…”

As I said the last line her interest faded off and back to the job at hand, putting on clean socks after a shower.

Moral of the story: Every moment is an opportunity for sharing from the heart!

For you: Have you had an opportunity for sharing from the heart? Feel free to share it!



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