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20 Opportunities of Parenting

20 Opportunities of Parenting
  1. Give birth to (or sponsor) a great soul of light and benefactor to mankind.
  2. Give birth to a soul with whom you have past karma to resolve (more resolved karma = closer to heaven).
  3. Experience for yourself the miracle of new life.
  4. Learn to serve another human (and divine) being completely.
  5. Realize that you are your child’s prime advocate, supporter and fan, the one that God put there on their behalf.
  6. Nurture your children and in so doing, nurture your own inner child.
  7. Encourage your own soul as you hear yourself passing on words of wisdom to your own kids.
  8. Gain an appreciation of your own parents for everything they did, especially when your child comes with no set of instructions!
  9. Practice selflessness, sacrifice, surrender and service (important spiritual initiations).
  10. Feel greater love as the love you give to your kids is returned (at least some of the time!)
  11. Get a real chance to grow up into a responsible, mature adult person.
  12. Learn how to put other people first.
  13. Be compelled to master or at least value time more than you ever have before.
  14. Find a new interest in saving the planet, for the sake of your kids.
  15. Re-experience the beauty and perfection of youth in your own kids.
  16. Laugh and reignite your sense of fun as your children come up with endless funny thoughts and deeds.
  17. Receive ongoing, daily tests to your patience and harmony (this is actually a good thing even if it doesn’t feel like it at the time!)
  18. After learning how to love, learn how to let go (I haven’t got to this one yet!)
  19. Imagine how God must feel, having now experienced being a parent ourselves.
  20. Learn how to love another person completely, to care about them, and to hope for a better world, for their sake!

How are these all spiritual? Well, some are more psychology-based, but resolving your psychology is a spiritual thing. Besides, experiencing God need not be a complicated thing! I’m grateful to my kids for what they have taught me and continue to teach me. But it’s not just about me – it’s about your experience!

What has parenting taught you and what opportunities does parenting present to you?



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