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Has Your Child Ever Seen Angels?

Has Your Child Ever Seen Angels?

I never thought I would be one of those mums. A mum whose child who sees into the spirit world. And yet, who can quantify a spiritual experience? Is it real? Is it not real? In some ways I cannot judge nor even know.

It all started a few months ago when my 5-year-old son was washing his hands before bed. He came up to me, a bit emotional looking and said he’d seen angels. It turns out it was ‘angel wings’. After talking about it we went back and looked and he could still see them! They were different colors and sizes but overall small. I was excited, but of course not sure what to think. It seemed real to him.

The next day he could still see them flying around and filling space. Following this experience, when I asked him about seeing other things he sometimes said yes. For example, he now said that he could see the Masters’ presence over their picture (this is a teaching we’ve heard for years!) or angels or nature spirits or even auras. Is he actually seeing all this? I don’t know. It seems real to him. In the past, he had never answered positively to seeing anything when I’d talked about it.

Has it changed his life? Hmm, I don’t know about that. He did once say that he now knew that God was real, now that he could see it all. Has his behavior changed into a cherub? No. Do some things ring true with what he says? Yes. Do others seem inconsistent or slightly odd? Yes. And yet, how can I say that it is not real? Each spiritual experience is so private.

I hope that this spiritual gift will continue and develop into something that he can use in his life to help others (and himself!). And in the ‘worst case’ that somehow this is not real? I can think of a lot of worse things than a child imagining seeing angels or masters!


What has your experience been with children seeing things? Have you been around children who have seen things? How did you know it was true and real?


PS. Incidentally, as I was writing some spiritual notes my son asked if he could write about his angel experiences. This is what he typed:

“I was washing my hands when I saw pink and other colored wings by the sink. They were in different places as well. I told mum about it. I saw them when I was washing my hands but when I stopped I didn’t see those anymore. Then I went to bed. After that I had a great experience and I had a gift that I still have now!”                      



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