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Nicholas Roerich Encourages Us to Fulfill Our Sacred Journey and Access the Lost Chord (VIDEO)

Nicholas Roerich Encourages Us to Fulfill Our Sacred Journey and Access the Lost Chord (VIDEO)

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Beloved Nicholas Roerich
David Christopher Lewis
March 3, 2015 7:00–7:28 am MST
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana

Nicholas Roerich Encourages Us to Fulfill Our Sacred Journey and Access the Lost Chord

Sons and Daughters of the Eternal Flame of God,

I, Nicholas Roerich, come this day to invest within the Earth a living fire of eternal light. And I first place this fire within your heart to inflame you with the power and radiance of the Holy Spirit’s Presence, to grace you with that which each one of you requires on your sacred journey for your victory in the light of eternal love. I come at the behest of the Lady Karla, who has recently transcended this plane and merged with the Source in the pure stream of God-beingness. She has asked me, blessed ones, to address you on that which is of import to this community and to your individual souls.

Consider the journey of your soul through the millennia, even through vast eons of time as you know it upon this sphere. Consider the original ideation of you as a God being made in the image and likeness of the Eternal Sun and consider that journey that you have made and where you are now upon the sacred pathway of light, what you aspire to and what is required for your soul to merge permanently in the I AM Presence of your true God-nature. If you have invested the light wisely, you will find that you are at an important juncture on this Solar pathway, and that is to Self-realize the fullness of your God-identity in this hour, moment by moment through a quickened awareness, one with God; through an awakened consciousness, where you see reality as it exists within you in your present state of being and, in a greater sense, as it has always existed within the greater God-identity of your universal, soulful spirit.

As you find yourself at the crossroads of full God Self-realization, you may intuit the essentials of your life now as a spiritual being first—yes, clothed in form, in coats of skins in this hour upon Earth. And you will realize, with aid from us, with inspiration from your own eternal God Source and from reaching deeply within to access this reality that you seek and the gifts and graces of the Holy Spirit, which have always been yours to employ, that you can, in a very conscious and directed way, make that final leap into the light of pure joy, of pure reality, of divine love. This requires consecration; this requires constancy; this requires the authority of your will, the reasoning of your higher mind and the affection of your heart, seeking only, first and foremost, the highest will, wisdom and love of your God Presence, of your Solar Reality.

Your Holy Christ/Buddha Self vouches for you when you make this consecration, when you are determined that, come what will in the outpicturing of your human momentums and the temporary malaise of that which you drop into of your lesser self at times, there is still the God-fire as that refreshing breath of the Holy Spirit that can and will animate you into this new reality when you so consecrate your life in this commeasured experience of oneness.

As you have read the Agni Yoga books, as you have studied something about our journeys in the Far East and have ascertained the higher reasons for what we were invested in, you may also discern an understanding of the gaining back unto yourself of that which has been lost, the lost chord, the lost word, the lost treasure of your inner God Reality. Well, blessed ones, let it be lost no longer and let us found a new world, a new quickened and awakened life right here, right now in the present moment by accepting the fulfillment of what has always been there, even though temporarily clothed in a mist of spirit, in a cloud of unknowing.

The cloud of the Master Saint Germain pierces through the lesser clouds of unreality. And through this focalized concentration of eternal light in every cell of your being, you may be grounded in that light of the Sun. Does this seem an anomaly, to bring the eternal fire into the Earth plane? Well, blessed ones, I have accepted it. I have seen it and felt it, and you too can know the etheric made plain and visible in your life as a conscious and living reality so long as love is fulfilled in you, so long as your motives are blessed by the grace of purity.

Yes, you have found those lost soul parts scattered here and there throughout the Earth through the quickening at every turn of a new consciousness, through a sensitivity of Spirit, through true discernment, empowered by that Holy Spirit in your midst. And when you have gathered these elements of your true Self back unto you and recalibrated and refocalized within your greater mission and vision of who you are as a God-conscious being, there can be a greater dynamism of that Spirit manifesting through your outer wakened consciousness. And the eternal power of God that moves through you can move mountains to manifest all that heaven desires as a sacred investment of your life for you to make the difference here and now for the sacred Great White Brotherhood upon Earth.

If you truly live by the words that you have studied and accepted as real, if you can truly say that you have employed what you have gleaned as that truth in a practical way day by day, then you are an initiate, then you are those whom we can count on, moment by moment, to bless and grace the Earth with your spiritual fire, with that light of the Sun and corona of your Presence.

Yes, blessed hearts as you have mused upon El Morya’s words spoken radiantly through my beloved and now through other amanuenses of light, even this one who speaks before you, you may discern with the Master M the reality of that will moving through your life in miraculous, meaningful and monumental ways. And when you begin to feel the uplift, you begin to sense the importance of your soul to heaven and how, by maintaining your Christ-awareness 24/7 and living in your Presence through every breath, you are the imperative for the Earth where you are. Then, as an adept, the greater work begins, the higher laws are fulfilled within you and the most noble realizations are fulfilled within every heartbeat, every mindful thought, every graceful feeling.

Precious ones, each of you, as an artisan in of the Spirit, may give something of the fruit of that which you have realized throughout this Solar journey to the world at large as you offer your gifts, your talents on the altar of the One God. And when these offerings are consecrated for the greater purpose of planetary freedom and enlightenment and divine happiness, you will be amazed to find that as you give them, you are raised up, fulfilled and blessed. As you offer them, you are supercharged with the God-consciousness of your highest Selfhood. Therefore give freely, give often, give fully. For in the givingness, heaven opens the divine coffers unto you, and you shall have the abundance that somehow has seemed fleeting or temporary in your life.

Givingness magnetizes heaven’s gifts unto you directly, into the current reality of your present awareness and practical life. Holding back means that you choose to block the flow. And therefore let it go and let it flow and manifest through your heart, mind and will. For in this floral offering of Selfhood, heaven expands your awareness, heaven expands your creativity, heaven expands the aroma of that which you perfume to the cosmos through the distillation of your quintessences and your cosmic ideations, and this liberates you, blessed hearts, permanently if you choose.

To the adept, sacrifice is not troublesome, a burden or a strain. It is simply love expressed through every moment of connectedness with the source of pure love. Realize that that which the greatest of initiates have given in the past is something that you can aspire to through this loving offering of pure surrender, pure selflessness, pure sacrifice. And through this sacred act of laying down your life for the greater good of humanity and for your brother or sister in conscious ways throughout your days, the fulfillment of your being manifests and blesses the Earth as a flower unfolding, as a rose opening in the sunlight of the noonday hour.

Through service and ministration, the ruby-ray path is completed. Therefore seek to serve one another and all life, and Sanat Kumara’s dream of the liberation of Earth will be realized through you as one anointed by him, commissioned to go forth to set free and save sentient beings and those who were not so sentient tens of thousands of years ago. Let us accept the new Earth fully manifesting the reality of the new era now. Let us know El Morya’s words as real and true within us. Let us not let down the Master. Let us raise him up to fulfill even greater and more noble cosmic deeds as the Earth soars in her quickened state as a planet of hope, as Freedom’s Star, fully liberated in the light of the Sun.

Yes, gracious ones, you create your world moment by moment through your awareness, either one with God or one with something else. As we accept God as the author of our destiny, as we know the Sun as the source of our lives, let us breathe fire, drink light and know that God is real within us, that truth moves through the intrepid, the daring and those courageous enough to let go of the unreal and to accept the directives of the manus, the chohans and even the Elohim, creators of worlds.

I scribe a new tome of light through you. And as you author new works of blessedness, grace shall be on your lips, mercy within your heart and truth shall empower mankind through your authentic life lived to the glory of God. As a final gesture, an angel of the sacred fire provides you, each one, with a pearl of light fashioned by a deva of the sun. And as you receive it unto your heart now, feel the purity and the heartstreaming radiance of this gift, which may be employed in magical and miraculous ways as a talisman to bless life, to precipitate what you require at any moment and to share love, which, as you know, is the key to your victory.

Though I come seldom, because one who has loved me has called me, I have been honored to speak this day and to serve you with all who I AM. Blessings, graces, O precious hearts, unto you.


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