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Heartfriends' Reflections on K-17's Message

Heartfriends' Reflections on K-17's Message

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  • WOW, what a rush of reality..I really needed to hear this dictation at this time...I agree with all of your comments guys .I re-wrote the calls needed as they were dictated and began them as I went to sleep...he said, for the next 4 nights?? Just want to add, that when he said," let us use the light of your Causual Bodies by attending to the light within you and safeguarding your Emotional Body as you fly swiftly beyond the Astral Plane to the Etheric Realms of Light in your Souls", reminded me of personal practices I was doing in the late 70's when I was preparing my soul for giving "spiritual counseling" for a person. Saint Germain was instrumental for helping me get out of these practices at that time, but my personal preparatory "ritual", before I entered the "invisible" was to invoke the "Tube of Light" around me,to protect my soul from the Astral Realm. This never failed me and my successes were always accurate. K17 just brought this up again here, and I can't stress enough how very important this is when you go to sleep and are doing our spiritual work. Correct me, for I may be wrong, but I was informed, inferring to outer distance, that the Astral Realm stretches about 5000 feet high in the atmosphere before one reaches the Etheric higher vibrations...but now that my mind has changed over the years, this was refering to outer distance, so what about inner distance of the Astral Realm, HA... anyway,Loved the dictation, lots of LIght and Love to you all..
    2/20/2015 8:48:57 PM
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