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K-17 Enlists Us in the Work of the Cosmic Secret Service

K-17 Enlists Us in the Work of the Cosmic Secret Service

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Beloved K-17
David Christopher Lewis
February 20, 2015¬† 7:00‚Äď7:34 am MST
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana

K-17 Enlists Us in the Work of the Cosmic Secret Service

Beloved Ones,

             I come, clothed with a cloak of invisibility, and I ray to you, each one, light invincible, light resplendent, light victorious.

             As your K-17, I am involved in the dynamics of many delicate situations around the world. I listen carefully to what is transpiring. I investigate and consider karma, the exigencies of the hour, the minds of mankind and the ramifications of every choice: whether to expose what is transpiring behind closed doors to a greater portion of mankind or to choose other options that would safeguard certain ones who work for us and whom we deem essential in continuing to discern the truth and the highest road toward freedom, enlightenment and victory.

             When you call to Cyclopea and me, it affords us the opportunity to apply the energies of our trade in a powerful and dynamic way in order for the most appropriate outcome to manifest in these delicate situations. And, blessed ones, because this is a time of resolution, a time when all is being revealed because of the very nature of life upon Earth, the conclusion of cycles and the mandates of the Eternal One to wrap up all, it is imperative that our work continue unabated and that a greater action of exposure occur simultaneously with those certain outcomes that we have already envisioned as we continue to set in place upon the chessboard of life our secret agents and divine advocates.

             If I were to reveal all to you, blessed ones, you would cringe at the plans and manifestations the dark ones have been engaged in for decades, centuries and even millennia. Yet the Great White Brotherhood is greater than all of this, and our divine agents have always attuned to the mind of God and been resolute in their desire to fulfill the highest purpose of life itself, reaching inward and upward to the Source to fulfill virtue and divine love in all.

¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† We are self-directed by divine masters and those who have planned¬†for centuries and more our own accords, our own streams of decisive action. And thus we are now at a crossroads, at the end of an age and at the onset of a new era of light. Darkness must be resolved and all must come to terms with what they have sown, including you, precious hearts. If you truly desire freedom and peace, the first directive is to go within¬†and¬†resolve who you are.¬†Investigate¬†that which¬†you have attempted to hide from the Source or from yourself by subjugating the God-fire and holy quintessences vouchsafed to you from your Source long ago; transmute‚ÄĒcause, effect, record and memory‚ÄĒthat which has played within the arena of your lives¬†that¬†no longer suits you on your path;¬†and then, in the full glory of the noonday sun, shine forth your light in a brilliant array of divine beingness. For in this,¬†blessed ones,¬†you will be a nexus for this New Age and many will come to you, as a fount of light, for nourishment, inner harmony and peace.

             Time will tell, and all will be fulfilled according to the initiatic process set in motion by the Creator in the beginning. Therefore do not worry about those who seem to get away with much in terms of their sowings of darkness within the Earth and within your society and civilization. A divine herald has appeared on the inner to all of them and reminded them of the effects of their choices. And in each and every case, having ignored the voice of God and the emissaries of light, these are coming to the final Y of their opportunities in mater.

             You are not their judge or jury; you are simply an advocate of the truth, the way and the life of virtue and divine love. And the most opportune manifestation of how you can facilitate our work, the work of the Cosmic Secret Service, is to be all light, to remain virtuous in your thoughts, feelings, words and deeds and to be attentive to the Source of all that is God-good. Your light is a counterbalance to the dark deeds of those who have chosen the left-handed path. Your virtue counts, often for a hundred, a thousand or ten thousand who have ignored the light of God within them. When you shine forth your light with splendor and divine grace, the angels in our service utilize these light-energies to accomplish the miraculous, to safeguard the holy ones and to impress upon the greater consciousness of mankind the higher way, the more noble path, the divine flavor of God’s heart and being.

             Some see themselves as a type of spiritual judge and jury of those whom they consider to be the denizens of darkness. Yet do you truly know all, blessed ones, and are you aware of all of the intricacies of divine law? Or is your perspective colored by your own path, at times steeped in duality and a sense of a certain separateness from the highest way, the most sublime outpicturing of the divine will? Even we at times have to pause and bow before the Great Karmic Board in their final decision making before certain actions are begun, for their directives, we know, are true and just. And therefore you should also, blessed ones, take your cues from the Lords of Life, the Lords of Wisdom, divine gnosis, and realize that if you have only a portion of the full story, it will not serve you well in your own decision-making processes.

             Therefore seek God within and love all with the infinitude of pure beingness, being merciful in all your ways, harmonious in your minds and feeling worlds. And yet be decisive on behalf of God and the Great White Brotherhood. When you promise us something by your words, you shall be judged. Therefore be true to God and to the light within and fulfill what you have said that you would do. And then, because of the trust that has not been breached between us, you can be our advocate; you can be our man or woman of the hour to assist us in this delicate work.

             Yes, we are tactful. Yes, we are diplomatic. And often what seems to be is not, and we purposefully place a temporary mist around individuals and situations in order for greater truth to emerge. You see, there is always the gentler and more harmonious way for truth to be revealed. It does not always have to be so edgy or destructive to a certain fabric of life or to individuals who, when exposed, could wreak even greater havoc upon life and upon society as a whole.

             Often we work in the night, even as the dark ones do, and this is where some of the greatest manifestations of the binding, the arresting and the putting away of devilish criminals has occurred. Therefore when you retire at night, blessed ones, afford us the light of your causal bodies by attending to the light within you and safeguarding your emotional bodies as you fly swiftly beyond the astral plane to the etheric realms of light in your souls. For when you are there, ready for action on the inner, and have avoided the denizens of the dark, the deep night and the astral pools of nihilism, then our work is easier because we are not cleaning you up or rescuing you, you see.

             Now, blessed ones, let me reveal to you that there are some who are attempting even now to influence an entire generation by outpicturing the plan of those who have been called the Order, the Illuminati. And it will require a greater emphasis on your part in calls to Archangel Michael and his legions, to the legions of K-17, yours truly, and to Cyclopea in order for the truth to be revealed to the citizens of this planet as required, when required to prevent the outpicturing of darkness and these dastardly deeds.

             Therefore legions of light, come forth! Archangel Michael, stand now to bind those whose time is up in the Earth. And by leave of these lightbearers within this movement and others who are aware of our actions on behalf of the Lord God, let there be this day a reclaiming of certain flowfields, sectors of abundance and those areas where we have placed foci that have temporarily been clothed over or stolen.

             Bind now the Nephilim embodied and those aliens who have inculcated themselves and their ways within the Earth and the secret governments around the Earth. Bind them in the name of Archangel Michael, Astrea, Hercules and the twelve Elohim. Lieutenants and sergeants at arms, remand these now to their rightful places in the divine prisons until their trials may proceed and divine justice ensues.

             The Two Witnesses ascended are now naming the names of those taken in this hour before the Keeper of the Scrolls and the recording angels, and there is an action of divine justice manifesting that you would be truly amazed to observe in totality. This action will continue for over a fortnight, blessed hearts, as, during this time, you give that call to me, to Cyclopea, to Archangel Michael and to Astrea and see yourself at the nexus of true divine love in a nondual role of observer and advocate of truth.1

             Yes, God is great. His ways are melodious and full of the awe and wonder of creation. When you are mindful and heart-centered, when you live in the sacred space within that secret chamber, fully tethered to your I AM God Presence, understanding, patient and kindly in your ways, all is revealed, all comes to the surface to be fulfilled and resolved, and divine happiness manifests through the afflatus of the Holy Spirit’s Presence in your life, precious ones.

             Imagine being before the Great Karmic Board as all justice is fulfilled in the Earth. It is quite a scene to observe divine wisdom, divine justice and divine mercy in action. If you are truly patient with God, not judging the Divine One and how cosmic law is outpictured in your life or in the lives of others, you will gain insight and wisdom, and the truth will ring through your being with clarity and joy, and the song of Omega will be on your lips and in your heart.

             I AM K-17. I serve the Lord God! And I adjure you to likewise be bold, daring and courageous in knowing the truth and in outpicturing it in every aspect of your life to the glory of God. I thank you.

David’s comments:

             I got a glimpse of K-17 before he threw a cloak over himself as he departed, and I have to say he is a dashing, very handsome master who has a great twinkle in his eyes and an amazing smile, which is somewhat imperceptible and yet which I saw. The energy field of his aura is very crystalline in nature, chameleonlike in one sense, like a cosmic, divine shape-shifter who can move in any dimension and be where required in the flash of a moment, a millisecond, and appear in whatever form required to be an observer and a communicator, as required, to assist the divine plan and the Great White Brotherhood.

             It takes great training, great sensitivity, great mindfulness to be able to do the work that he does and that the legions of the Cosmic Secret Service do. They train constantly, and their training is far beyond what we observe in the Secret Service in America and other nations. They are always on spec. They are always attentive, watchful, vigilant. They are masters of listening and observation, which they do with great sensitivity through the instrumentation of their own minds, wills and hearts, as well as withcertain instruments that they use, whereby they instantaneously know when certain things occur that are either destructive or that could bring about mayhem, mass murder, et cetera. They are decisive in action, yet not impulsive. They are very deliberate and swift in decision making and action such that you would be amazed to see how quickly they move to avert calamity, death, et cetera.

             So, as he shared, the way that we can assist them is to call to them. And we will do so during this time of a fortnight and more. Let us first give our Crystal-Diamond Tube of Light, 0.001, and then we will be obedient to his request and give those specific calls.


1. See¬†The Hearts Center‚ÄĒPrayers, Decrees and Mantras,¬†prayers¬†50.004 (‚ÄúCloak of Invisibility‚ÄĚ),¬†50.001 (‚ÄúPerfect Vision‚ÄĚ), 10.000, 10.001 or 10.016 ("Dear Michael, Protect Us!", "Dear Michael, Come!", or "Dear Michael, Archangel") and 10.009 or 40.005 (‚ÄúCircle and Sword of Astrea‚ÄĚ).

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  • Thank you K17. I really need a great dose of reality once in a while. This really helps me balance and stay on course and purpose in my soul in balancing with what has surfaced in our world today...thank you and God Speed....
    2/20/2015 8:54:30 PM
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