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Heros and Amora Reignite Our Threefold Flames with Divine Love

Heros and Amora Reignite Our Threefold Flames with Divine Love

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Beloved Heros and Amora
David Christopher Lewis
February 14, 2015 9:08–9:29 am MST
Livingston, Montana

Heros and Amora Reignite Our Threefold Flames with Divine Love

Blessed Ones,

The light of God is love, even as the love of God is expressed through the light of your heart, the nexus of purity and that focal point of your divinity that radiates out in multidimensions of being that which is pure God-ness, the most sublime essence of creativity, which is love.

We come this day to be expressive of that love through you, each one, as you have already begun this day in a field of love, in a stream of love, on a mountain of love, in a valley of love. Yes, we are the voice of many serving on the third love ray of God. We are the voice of the Elohim, the archangels and many ascended masters whose hearts are trued to the Divine One. And we would ray forth that love ray through you to any and all in whatever specific way you choose to nurture life or to exemplify God through the flame of love, or to bring cheer, joy and divine happiness even through sharing cards and expressions of love as roses, flowers, poems and creativity of all kinds on this day consecrated to the love ray.

Beloved ones, as you have broadcast from the space under the retreat of the Elohim of the love ray this day,¹ we use this opportunity to co-create with you the pulsations of Elohimic love throughout this world, beginning with your own Solar body of light and emanating through multidimensions of being and all manner of phases and God-ideations of reflective love. Reflective of what? Of the heart of God. And so we increase that fire within your heart now. We increase the threefold flame by the power of the three-times-three in your midst, and there is a new opportunity for love to manifest through this movement and through you as a devotee of love.

As you model heart-centeredness, as you are expressive of your unique individualization of this love ray today and every day, new life is born within the Earth, within the cosmos through your heart. New creativity emerges in moments of God-connectedness with the heart of God in the Great Central Sun, and a new story of light and love is woven through the strands of your consciousness, wed to the Divine heart. These stories are indicative of how the playful nature of the Divine One can emerge in moments of deep thought, heart-centeredness and service to life.

Consider your threefold flame this day, blessed ones, the living essence of God within you that animates your being. Care for your threefold flame. Respond to its inklings, to the impressions that are sent even to your outer waking mind from the mind of God as it coalesces divine wisdom within that central fire of the threefold flame within you. Respond to the impulses of faith and joy as the blue ray is expanded through your work and service, the practical application of that ray in your life. And feel the dynamism of that love as compassion and kindness are intimately woven through your feeling world, your emotional body; as the angels merge with your being, your auric fields; and as you consider and meditate on love and attempt to expand the pink plume of your threefold flame.

There are so many creative ways that you can utilize the spark of God within you as your threefold flame, dearest ones, that you may not have even considered to date. And if you take even a few moments of your time each morning to apply the trade of the Divine One through your heart, within this eternal spark, you will be amazed to feel, to know and to cherish, through practical application, how that threefold flame may have its sacred work activated through you in a life lived to the glory of God, as a boon to humanity, as a blessing to all life.

You have a meditation about and upon the threefold flame that has, by God’s grace, inspired many to go within and to consider the various aspects of the outpicturing of this fire within their lives. Now, blessed ones, create an even more powerful, dramatic and dynamic video representation, if you choose, of how a heart-centered life can be the difference in this hour of Earth’s history in progressively and transcendently co-creating the new era of divine love in Aquarius for this Earth and for all life evolving herein.

You will find surcease from struggle, distress and all of the stresses of life within the eternal light of God within your threefold flame if you choose to abide, through meditative silence and stillness, in consciousness within this eternal fire, where you may become one with God in those sacred moments when there is no expectation of anything outside of simply being and sitting still and knowing the I AM within you. This spiritual practice of resting in presence each moment will bear great fruit for you and for our movement, blessed ones. For as you rest in presence, the rest of the story will begin to begin—to begin to emerge through your life, your new dynamic heart-centered life, in so many magical, mysterious and mindful ways that you cannot now even imagine in your wildest dreams. And yet I am co-creating that eye-magic within you that you may begin to imagine it now, to feel it. And our angels of love are delivering to each of you in this hour sacred ampoules of light from the altar of the Most High God for you to experience love from within your own threefold flame in new and powerful ways from this day forward.

Yes, we begin on Valentine’s Day. The Maha Chohan and all of those who work with him are here to show you the way, to demonstrate how omnipresence may manifest through your heart. And Paracletus is also here on this day, named after one of his principle incarnations,² to share a missive of love with each of you, dearest ones. And Chamuel and Charity themselves are weaving strands of God-conscious love through your auric fields and coalescing within both your higher bodies and your physical temples of light these holy quintessences, which many divine Mothers have gathered together within a new garment of light that you may don in this hour as you strive to live in love eternally.

Finally, beloved ones, beloved Paul the Venetian and his beloved Goddess of Beauty stand before you with their palettes of light to artistically render across the sky and within the diorama of light that you have woven through your prayers, songs and meditations this day a new cosmic artistry of love. And as brush strokes of fire appear here and there, there is the bursting forth in living flames of the eternal light of love in all manner of beautiful renderings and holy offerings. And these, captured by you in moments of deep reflective meditation, will now be available for your use in co-creating with God a new planet of divine love and charity.

As you are loving to one another and share love in some way throughout this day, we are there within your words, within your kindnesses, within the roses themselves and the various offerings of your heart to life. Feel love deeply, blessed ones, in some way each day. This is our command to you as Elohim and friends of creation. Feel love and express love. Be love and know love. Be true to love, and never be through with love, even at those times when you sense that you have been scorned, unappreciated or left out of others’ lives through some untoward experience or difficult or problematic issue.

There is always recourse to heaven, blessed ones, for that spark divine to be reignited within you so that you can love again. So love again and again and again, and be rich in this love. Be effulgent in this love. Be dynamically creative in this love.

Now angels of the love ray sing a lullaby to you within your inner ear, nurturing your heart with God’s providential givingness. Receive God’s love today and you shall always be victorious in all things, dearest ones. We love you; we cherish you; we honor the God-flame of love within you. And we thank you.

1. This HeartStream was broadcast to the world from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. The etheric retreat of Heros and Amora, the Elohim of the third ray of Divine Love, is over Lake Winnipeg.

2. The Ascended Master Paracletus was embodied as Saint Valentinius, also known as Saint Valentine. His feast day is celebrated in the Catholic tradition on February 14th.

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