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El Morya Delivers a Viryic Field of the Will of God

El Morya Delivers a Viryic Field of the Will of God

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Beloved El Morya
David Christopher Lewis
February 10, 2015 7:00–7:24 am MST
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana

El Morya Delivers a Viryic Field of the Will of God

Blessed Ones,

I come this day to charge into the atmosphere of the Earth and into the atmosphere of your own auric field the light of blue-fire radiance from the very center point of the emanation of the will of God in the Great Central Sun. And this charge is for you, each one, an individual radiant and powerful viryic field that you may access at any point throughout your day, within your life for the acceleration of consciousness, for the focalization of beingness, and for the manifestation within you of the Christic and Buddhic patterns of your higher mind, fused with the mind of God.

I AM El Morya, and I step through the veil in this hour to be with my own, to ray forth my love for you and the energy that abides within my mind, heart and will to allow you to feel something of the uplift of heaven, to allow you to participate at a greater level in the alchemy that we together are engaged in that involves planetary transmutation and the co-creation of a new Golden-Crystal Age—first within your own consciousness and then within the world at large.

Yes, blessed ones, the possibilities are arrayed before us of divine choices that we can make in order to accommodate the will of God and allow it to be fully realized within this world through the framework of our own consciousness, wed to Spirit. And when you look upon each of these freewill opportunities and utilize them in some way each day to make progress, then you are a servitor of the sacred fire; you are one who can be trusted to accomplish, in an engaged way, the miraculous through your heart fires fused with mine as we walk as one in the light.

You have your mission; you have your vision; you have your goals and objectives, your God-desires and that which you yet seek to accomplish and fulfill in this lifetime. These are not all pipe dreams, blessed ones. For when you put your hand to the plow and when you activate from within you this viryic field of beingness, which is indicative of the New Blue Wave that has been descending from the Great Central Sun of late, there I am in your midst, and there the will of God is fulfilled in a magnanimous way, bringing all into clarity, bringing all into that realizable state of the present moment of God-beingness. And, dearest ones, you and I may move through any challenge. You and I, vibrating within your auric field, may accomplish the seemingly impossible.

Yes, you have already realized within this movement, as in others in the past, that we the ascended masters give you assignments that seem humanly impossible to accomplish in the timetables given and with the resources that you have at your disposal. Yet, blessed ones, realize that with the charge of light of the request comes a greater resource that we have instilled within it, that we have received from the altar of the Divine One so that transformational change may occur within your being when you engage in and accept that assignment as a mission possible. Our request is never a divine demand; it is always clothed with the resonance of the will of God, which honors your ability, as a freewill being, to accept or reject that request. And when you bring it into yourself, as it were, when you accept it as a divine and holy order, then, blessed ones, archangelic beings and the energies vouchsafed to you from many ascended masters, and specifically the chohans of the rays, come into the flowfield of your awareness and that of others with whom you desire to engage in this work, and there is the magnanimity of a synergistic alchemy whereby the impossible dream becomes activated.

Yes, blessed ones, it is often in those moments when you let go and surrender your own human concepts and that which you have crafted around yourself of seeming limitations and perceived boundaries about the resources you feel are available to you, that the light of God, which always prevails, enters and moves through the nexus of the Now within you to accommodate the miraculous. And the Holy Spirit is there within the energy provided by the ascended hosts, and that Holy Spirit will see to it that God’s will, wisdom and love can and will be fulfilled within that sacred work.

Blessed ones, when you consecrate anything that you engage in with your heart, upturned to God, and your only desire is to fulfill the highest for the glory of God and for the expansion of the kingdom of God upon Earth, then a new equation, a new divine formula is brought forth. And the Holy Spirit is, within that formula, the alchemical vessel by which and through which holy resources and distillations of the Spirit precipitate right within your midst.

Yes, blessed ones, the mysteries of God lie before you. Would you unravel them? Would you discern their reality within the nexus of the Now of your consciousness? Then draw them forth unto your heart and mind. Accept them as a part of self and not outside of the realm of who you are, even though you abide within these spheres of seeming limitation.

When you leap into the arms of the Divine Mother and accept her nurturing Spirit, when you cast aside all sense of limitation and enter the fire divine of God within the burning bush and within that eternal flame within your heart, then the Holy Spirit merges with your being in a new and magnanimous way and you are fused, within this new reality, to a higher divine Presence. And this gives you the edge, the spiritual edge, that will allow you a more instantaneous manifestation of precipitation of God-beingness and the bringing forth of the majestic and the miraculous.

Yes, you have studied alchemy. And yet would you dare to call yourselves alchemists, not having even fulfilled the first request of the Master Saint Germain himself to precipitate a Maltese cross or some manifestation of the amethyst jewel of his heart? Dearest ones, alchemy is active love played out through a conscious will mindfully employed in the eternal Now through the nexus of your heart. That is my definition, and I would say that Saint Germain agrees with it. For, regardless of the specific words, there is the energy of divine love and beingness in that moment when you know with cosmic certitude that you are God’s divine son or daughter, that you are a co-creator and have the capability to enter into the sacred estate of this work and divine service, this cosmic dharma that is vouchsafed to all who call themselves servitors of the light.

Blessed ones, many may claim to speak for us. And yet is there the charge and that dynamism and the power of the Holy Spirit within their words that causes transformational change in the moment, in the practical and active lives of the disciples? This is the question that you should ask as you read all manner of channeled materials, even coming from those whom we have already averred to be false-hierarchy voices of the night.

Dearest ones, prove the law within yourself! This is your heartstream to the world and to the universe. Be more in an active mode rather than passive, where you only read or study what those of ancient times and those of late have given to the Earth. Become the dictation; become the cosmic servitor. Be one who can be counted upon to fulfill at least one assignment daily that we from heaven give you at the dawn hour of the early morn within your higher mind, inscribed upon your heart. Often these come in dreams or in that moment that you can still glimpse upon awakening, when you emerge again in consciousness within the Earth from the heaven state during your sleep. If you will have that journal and inscribe what comes to you in that moment, you will be amazed to find and to read what you have written. For some of these are keys for your life. They are evanescent, and if you do not record them quickly, as you have experienced, they disappear, like a chimera, and are difficult to recall later.

Blessed ones, as we engage in God’s work in a new and dynamic way through this movement, as our staff and volunteers fulfill their assignments and the sponsoring masters provide new opportunities for you to co-create greater waves of light around the world through your spiritual work and conscious activities, I am there at every level of vibration where a disciple exists. I am there speaking to your higher mind. And if you are sensitive and are able to access my voice, my message through meditation, then you will begin to see a greater shift in awareness, which will provide for you that cosmic edge whereby the seemingly miraculous may now become your new norm of existence and living.

Yes, rise into the new norm of the New Age through the nexus of your heart and mind and will, fused with mine. I am ready to initiate you. I am ready to charge you with greater divine fire on a more consistent basis rather than only a few times each year. If you would truly live in my fire, if you would accept my radiance, then beware. For your lesser self will have less power over your awareness, and your God Presence will truly be there for you in every way that you require to live a fulfilled and victorious life in the eternal light of God.

When we the Magi came to bestow our gifts to the Holy Family and lead the way to co-create a sacred pathway of light for the emerging Son of God to walk in to fulfill his personal and planetary mission of exemplifying the Christic light—the model for the new man and woman, for a new era—it was because of our acceptance of our assignment to fulfill this calling as Magi, as divine friends, initiates and messengers of light, that a new star appeared, a new divine glory manifested within and around the Earth. And now I see that new star as you. And I view that new era as manifesting within your aura, your life, your victorious way.

Walk with us. Act with us, and you shall move mountains, by God’s grace, through the power, the God-power, vouchsafed to the one who soars in spirit, humble and yet carefree, always with the eye upon the goal and the fire of the heart burning brightly.

I AM your Master and your friend. Would you have me in your home and in your life daily and hourly? If so, your new and joyful life begins now. I thank you.


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