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Why We Meditate

Why We Meditate

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David Christopher Lewis Discourse
February 6, 2015 7:21–7:51 am MST
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana

Why We Meditate

For these next three days, including today, we are fulfilling the two-week period of meditating in silence for about a half hour. I would like to remind us why we do this and why it is important to engage in meditation as well as in prayer, devotional singing, decrees, mantras and chanting. Decrees, prayers and singing are primarily an Alpha-thrust activity, where we, in effect, talk to God, the universe and sentient beings and breathe out and give in a very active and primal way. We utilize the seven rainbow rays in this practice.

Meditation is primarily a feminine, or female, activity, where instead of talking to God we are listening. We are in more of a passive mode, breathing in inspiration from the Divine. During this activity we are focused more on the five crystal rays in a Buddhic practice of inner silence and stillness. If we are only in the mode of praying or decreeing, we are primarily manifesting the male, or masculine, matrix of who we are. When there is a balance of the male and female because we enter into meditation, we can utilize the crystal rays to really move forward into a higher level of consciousness. When we meditate, we have the ability and the wherewithal to activate the five crystal rays in a deeper, more effulgent manifestation within ourselves, within the depths of our being. We can go within the secret chamber of the heart to access our true nature, which rests in presence. Resting in presence is a very Buddhic, mindful experience whereby we maintain that equipoise of beingness.

The Hearts Center movement is a movement of those of us who are moving into adeptship on the initiatic path, whereby we find ourselves within and allow God to speak unto us and through us in virtuous and magnanimous ways through the giving of our gifts. In order to give our gifts, we first have to receive them. One of the best ways to receive them is to be still and know that I AM God and to listen intently to the Divine, to the voice of our conscience within the secret chamber of our hearts.

Breathing out, we exhale, we thrust forth, we give, we emote, we emit, we emanate. Breathing in, we allow God to breathe into us, to live within us, to emanate into us so that we have the wherewithal, the potency of inner power to release when we pray, decree, sing or chant. Then there is a greater action, a greater concentration of pranic and ethereal fire within us so that our words and the lyrics of our songs are emboldened to be even more majestic, triumphant and decisive in their effects upon the planet and within our own lives.

I see us, as a movement, balancing more of the Alpha and Omega in our spiritual practices and within our morning services so that we have time to listen to God, because we all have very busy lives. In the Western world we rush about—we have our jobs, we come home and, hopefully, we take some time to relax. Yet we’re often also involved in other activities, such as meetings, making meals for ourselves or our families, and so we are engaged in outer activity for a large part of our lives. Have we reserved the time for silence and stillness necessary to reach the deeper levels of divine truth, understanding and wisdom so that when we are in the active mode we know what we are destined to do? Do we have a plan that has been outlined from within us, that has been accessed through our meditative process so that what we work on and strive to fulfill is clarified and meaningful because we have conceptualized it within this time of silence, where God has provided vision to us, has spoken within our soul?

The native peoples often went on a vision quest at the juncture of their becoming adults, when moving from their early teen years into adulthood. This vision quest was important for helping them to be true to themselves and to have fashioned within them a new reality based on knowing themselves in nature without the many accouterments that they had become used to. When a lot of these were stripped away, they had to rely upon attunement, their own inspiration and what the Great Spirit spoke to them in those moments of silence when they fasted, prayed and were in the Great Silence.

We can be on an inner vision quest during these twenty-five or thirty minutes of meditation, allowing it to be a time of acceptance and of receiving through gentle breathing, focusing our minds and our hearts on one thing, relaxing, not straining our mental faculties, and being in the mode of receiving rather than outwardly projecting something, even through our vision.

I encourage those who are in the early stages of meditation or who haven’t done this for many years to be in a very relaxed state, where you have no expectations. You’re not trying to get somewhere quickly in your process and you’re not trying to mandate that you will be perfect in the way that you meditate. You just allow the Divine to breathe through you, to see through you, to experience through you. You feel great reverential love for God, and in the depths of your heart, in this feeling of God’s Presence within you, there is a great inner joy. There is a possibility for great inner awakening and for the receiving to be magnified so that a stream of God’s awareness can actually come to you in a very clear pronouncement of what it is that God, your Higher Self, your inner Self, desires to do through you.

So even though we may have things that we desire to work on on behalf of the planet during these meditation sessions, I would encourage us to go back to the first aspects of meditation, which involve relaxation, deep breathing, not trying to do too much mentally; because if we are in that mental mode of trying to do something with our minds, we’re not necessarily fully in the receiving mode. We’re still in the mode of thrusting forth, even though it’s a silent thrusting forth in a mental way. I believe that for many of us, what we require in order to have healthy lives, to have healthier bodies is to relax and to allow and to receive.

If you feel that you’re not making progress in your attunement or your ability to fully get into this mode, don’t worry. Please don’t have anxiety. Don’t worry about anything. Just allow God to breathe through you. Allow the Holy Spirit’s breath to move through you, and just feel and accept the pressureless state of buoyancy, of beingness, like being on the top of a cloud or flowing or soaring with the winds. The safety net is the ascended masters’ overshining presence, which will seal you during these sessions in a protective energy field so that you’re not carried into the astral plane and so you don’t have terrible things come into your consciousness. Yes, you may have thoughts that arise and feelings that come into your consciousness. Just let them be; let them go. Allow them to temporarily reside there without judgment, without analysis, and simply feel that you are loved. Feel that God is in your heart and know that the light is who you are. And when you can still that sense of trying to do something and be in the state of feminine receptivity, of allowance and acceptance, the tension will diminish, the buoyancy will increase and the inner joy will resonate within you. Then, because you are in that state of equipoise, you will gradually begin to have amazing, beautiful, inspired experiences—mystical experiences, magical and miraculous experiences.

You cannot humanly make them happen. It is God’s grace, God’s love for you, God’s light that will raise you up and provide the resource for what the Holy Spirit desires to manifest in these moments of stillness. Although we may desire so much to change the world, to make it a better place, to send light to different parts of the globe and to work on this or that thing to transform civilization, I encourage us to step back a little bit and be in a mindful state of rest and presence.

The masters are now sharing with us that this two-week experience will continue. It’s not going to stop after the two weeks, on Sunday the eighth. This has been an experiment and they have already seen the possibilities for our advancement as a community as we learn to incorporate this practice within our sessions. For some of you, there is already the building within your auric field of a greater action of the crystal rays as a result of taking time to be still. Jesus and Kuthumi are here today as World Teachers. Remember that they dictated through a former activity a book called Prayer and Meditation. It’s important for us to realize that both are necessary for our greater advancement on the path, prayer and meditation.

So meditation will now become, in effect, a permanent part of our morning broadcast services. Of course, we encourage all of you to use that fifteen minutes before the service begins to meditate. What the masters are saying now is that instead of a full half hour later during the service, we can add fifteen more minutes. So we don’t have to have a full half hour from now on. It can be those fifteen minutes from 6:45 to 7:00 am Mountain Time, and then an additional fifteen minutes later. This will allow us to still have HeartStreams from the masters and to do other things that we so love to do, such as sharings from heartfriends; presentations from different people; readings from Omraam’s book, as we did from Mount Shasta yesterday; and other important things that the leaders of these broadcasts and those of you who feel inspired would like to do and present during them.

Boyd, would you like to make any comments on this right now since you’ve been the one leading this? You asked me, either yesterday or the day before, to share if the masters came through with anything more about these sessions, which they did today.

Boyd: I appreciate this clarification, David. Thank you. I have to say that I originally perceived from the request to do this that it was to anchor light, though not that alone. It was to increase our light-carrying capacity and to gain a momentum of connecting in this Omega way, as you just said, which is really important. I basically tried to focus on that and then also to emanate.

It’s interesting, because I was meditating on what to do today and what I got was essentially a lot like what you just said. What I was going to suggest is that we just meditate with the Master Serapis Bey, who is the chohan of the day, and not have any preconceived notions of what will happen. Because for each person it would be different, and we’re not all trying to radiate light into some part of the world or anything, which, as you pointed out, is more of a proactive Alpha thrust.

I do both all the time, though I do differentiate in my own meditation practice. Sometimes I’m very aware that I’m more in the receptive mode, as you said, and other times I’m in a mode where I feel compelled by the Spirit, as you said, to participate in emanating in a specific way. So it goes both ways. However, if you neglect the receptive part, I agree that it’s harder to be balanced and to be at your best.

This is one thing that I’m so grateful for in meditation, the balance of Alpha and Omega, which I’ve gotten from doing both every day. Doing both every day is really the best. It’s my best. It’s the best for each of us, really. We can be at our best because we can be a receptacle for miracles, I think, when we have that balance every day instead of just asking, asking, asking. So you said it all very well. I appreciate the clarification because I confess I was trying to go a little bit more towards the emanating and fixing the world part, though I really cherish the other part too because it helps you learn telepathy. You learn to receive everything you require on a daily basis and you receive the siddhis, I think. You receive the gifts of the Holy Spirit by being open, and that is the essence of stillness practice. So thank you. That’s all that comes to my mind.

David: Wonderful. Down the road, in later stages of meditation after people have learned stillness, we will do phenomenal things during this time of stillness because it will allow us to have great power for planetary transformation. Boyd has personally experienced this and can share his inspirations with us as to how we will do that. Yet the Master has said that 80 percent of the people in The Hearts Center haven’t really mastered this, and I include myself in that, to an extent. You may think that I know everything, and I can assure you I’m learning stuff all the time. I really feel that we will gradually move to the point where we will master this science in greater degrees so that what we do, either in silent times of emanation or spiritual work for the planet or during our decrees and prayers, will be more effective, more powerful because we have generated a greater foundation of presence in our being, of magnificence of the Holy Spirit’s dynamism in our lives. I think you can feel what I’m saying. I know that many of you do and that you know what I’m talking about.

The power for planetary transformation begins internally within us through our own transformation. If we try to transform everything outside of ourselves without first doing the inner work, we will fail, because we can’t really do that. There is not the wherewithal of the Spirit’s power within us to have that thrust if we have not first mastered ourselves. This is what I saw, unfortunately, in the previous activity, that many people were so into trying to change the world politically and yet they hadn’t mastered themselves through inner stillness. They became imbalanced. They sometimes became fanatical about this or that situation. I don’t think that they were making the impact on the planet that they thought they were making through their decrees, because the decrees became colored by their own imbalanced consciousness.

So this is a powerful new way—really an old way, an ancient way—for us to bring about the greatest type of transformation on the planet, by working internally on ourselves first. ________, did you desire to say anything from your experience?

Participant: I think that what you’re trying to do is bring forth the Absolute into your world and remove time and space so you can accept from the level of the Presence the gifts of God in your world.

David: Perfect. You eliminate time and space in the eternal Now. So you’re really entering the Now, the eternal Now, the ever-present Now. When you’re in the eternal Now, which is timeless, you have access to the omnipresent, omniscient and omnipotent aspect of the Creator. You cannot access those potent omnipotent, omnipresent or omniscient aspects of the Creator unless you are centered in the Presence. Remember, omnipresence is being everywhere in the consciousness of God. That’s cosmic consciousness. Omnipresence is another term for cosmic consciousness. How do you get that? By being in league with, in tune with, one with, aligned with the Universal, the All-in-all, God.

The fastest and surest way to access that is through inner stillness and entering the Great Silence, the center point of being, where there is only causality. There is not reaction. It’s a nondual state of perfect being. Once you experience that in an enlightened, awakened or quickened state, you can return there again and again in an instant. It doesn’t take time; it takes attunement, at-one-ment. You enter that state of oneness by acceptance, by knowing, by being. I think that any of you who have touched that sacred space know exactly what I’m saying. It’s the most awesome feeling and experience of blessedness and grace that you can imagine and can ever have. It comes by God’s grace, I believe, through pure love—pure love of God, love of God in all life, love of God within yourself, love of God in your neighbor.

So the access point for this perfect point of stillness and beingness is the secret chamber of your heart, where you are in the love state, the divine love state, the pure love state. If there’s anything we can do on our Fridays when we celebrate the ray of purity, it really is to enter the pure love state, the pure state of love.

Boyd: May I ask one more question, a clarifying question?

David: Yes.

Boyd: It’s been my experience during this time that I’ve been a part of the group meditations that there’s a pretty different dynamic between approaching it as a directed focus of “Here’s what we’re going to do together” versus “Now we’re just meditating and everybody is on their own—”

David: Well, you’re not on your own. It’s a collective, and the power of the collective will compensate for those who may not have mastered it.

Boyd: I know that. Part of my question implies what you’re saying. There’s a greater or lesser amount of that depending on how much facilitation there is. So I just wondered if they would prefer that there be a mix or that we have some kind of—

David: Well, they’re empowering you, Boyd, and they have, to tune in each day. I’m not going to control that process, and I told you that yesterday.

Boyd: I know.

David: I have full trust in Boyd.

Boyd: So I’m doing this every day? I wasn’t sure if this was going to be passed to the broadcaster who facilitates the session or if I am supposed to show up every time.

David: Okay, that’s a good question. You don’t have to show up every day to do this. You can collaborate with the broadcasters and work with them to determine just how often you desire to be part of it. If a broadcaster doesn’t feel he or she is qualified or doesn’t desire to be at the nexus of this decision making, I would encourage us to sing a love song and then enter meditation. Focus on love.

In fact, that’s what we’re going to do now. We’re actually going to do this fifteen minutes earlier today rather than later. We’re going to sing song 122. If you don’t know what to do, focus on your heart in pure love, in pure light. Use Saint Germain’s teaching from the first I AM book, Unveiled Mysteries, where he tells you what to do, and meditate on your heart. Just see the white light blazing there as a sun within your heart and hold that matrix for fifteen minutes and, if nothing else, just feel God’s love within your heart.

So let’s sing song 122. I think more on this will come from the masters and be shared with us. We won’t just do the same thing every day forever, by any means. We’ll have more direction as time goes on.


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