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The Adamantine Nature of God

The Adamantine Nature of God

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David Christopher Lewis Discourse
February 3, 2015 7:11–7:46 am MST
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana

The Adamantine Nature of God

Tonight we have a full moon at 4:10 pm here in Montana. The sun is in Aquarius and the moon is in Leo, so we have a poling action there. We can magnify the flame of divine love and gratitude during this cycle of Aquarius and utilize the energies of the full moon as we transmute the liquid nature of the energy field of the full moon into the liquid, crystal-diamond light of our great Solar Presence and this perfected essence of our Godhood.

I remember the word adamantine from El Morya’s book. Do you remember what that means? Impervious. It’s something that cannot be harmed, diminished, broken up. It is diamondlike, tougher than steel. Your true diamond nature is impervious to darkness. It is beautiful. It is crystal clear, adamantine. It’s interesting that it has the word adam in it, the name symbolic of the first man. What we can intuit from that is that Adam, created in the perfect image and design of the Godhead, carried with him these qualities. We too can claim those, even today in our seemingly imperfect human state. We know that our true nature is like this.

The Buddha of the Diamond-Crystal Light, whose retreat is right over us, also demonstrates this amazing quality and is an example for us of what we can demonstrate, what we can outpicture, what we can project through our consciousness. Meditation facilitates us entering into this adamantine state of being. How does it do that? It allows us to enter the Great Silence, where we can perceive, experience and know this true indissoluble state of being.

As aspiring adepts, we are moving into a higher energy field that many in the New Age are calling the leap into the fifth dimension. Whatever you desire to call it, it is a state of being that is crystal clear. It allows us to live imperviously in light, knowing our true nature, not equivocating about it, remaining in that state of being that is perfect harmony and balance, whereby, empowered by the Holy Spirit, we can draw forth from the cosmos at any point, at any time, in any place, by God-desire, the substance, the dynamism, the cosmic electricity of God’s energy, gifts and blessings and bestow them in our own lives, on behalf of our loved ones and any part of life, and provide them as a resource for lightbearers through our sacred work.

Now, every time we sing Magda’s mantra, we can intuit something new of this adamantine nature of our true being. If we’re just mouthing words or singing them as a little lullaby, that’s all well and good. However, use the opportunity to enter into a spirit of diamond-fire light as you sing these words to coalesce around yourself and within yourself more of this higher frequency, and consciously breathe in those frequencies at a new level each day. Desire—which means to have “Deity sire within you”—the Divine.

You are a co-creator. You have the ability, the wherewithal and the commission to co-create. So you can draw forth this living, liquid, crystal-diamond light-energy and utilize it for any creative work that you choose to engage in as a son or daughter of God, which will allow you to perceive with greater clarity, to intuit with greater ease, in a more facile way. It will allow you to fashion from within yourself, using this very strong, dynamic silken substance—like a silkworm or a spider—anything that is beautiful and blessed to magnify the Lord and glorify God. So long as your motive is pure, you will have greater and greater access to the riches of the Spirit that this holy resource of living, liquid, crystal-diamond light-energy provides.

We can all be moving in a field of understanding whereby we know that we are beyond limitation. Even though we are housed in a temporary cloak of flesh, the Spirit of God within us is all-powerful, magnanimous, transcendent, truly God-glorious. Every creative impulse that comes to us through our crystal cord is a part of this vast pool and resource of living, liquid, crystal-diamond light-energy that is God’s virtuous nature.

If it helps you to visualize the impulses of the liquid, crystal-diamond light flowing to you in a constant stream through your crystal cord, then praise God. Remember that we changed “silver cord” to “crystal cord,” even though it looks kind of silver. It’s a crystalline, silver-looking cord that ties our soul to our Divine Presence. Some of us are able to see that as a field emanating from within us because we have allowed and accepted God’s eternal light to be resident right within our hearts and we don’t feel a disconnect any longer, that we’re separate from our I AM Presence. It’s fine if you desire to utilize the chart of your Buddha nature or the chart of your Divine Self to visualize it.

The key is to feel what this current is. It is an electronic, fiery current. Those of you who have spiritualized and purified yourselves over years, decades and lifetimes may feel that radiation, the uplift, the surge of this cosmic electricity. At times you may be in awe of it as it enfolds you, as it charges and recharges you. This is what the masters provide in their HeartStreams. We call it a HeartStream because it is a stream of radiation, which is as important as the words themselves. The electrifying energy that comes through the HeartStreams is the empowerment that provides us, by the grace of the Holy Spirit, with this resource of living, liquid, crystal-diamond light-energy. It infuses us, enriches us, bathes us, refreshes us. That’s why we seek to come back again and again to the fount of this light. We know that it is like our daily shower or bath of spirit-fire energy.

We access this energy by attunement, through our devotions, through meditation, through praise of God and through the words that we speak that are conscious, harmonious and evoke and invoke, in the I AM name, the ascended hosts, the angelic hosts, the Elohim and the great divine masters of East and West, whose overshining Presence is there as an umbrella of light to protect us, seal us and sanctify all of the spiritual work that we engage in in these services.

Remember that we upgraded the title of the first prayer in our prayer book, 0.001, from simply the “Tube of Light” to the “Crystal-Diamond Tube of Light.” This demonstrates the dynamic nature of the ongoingness of the ascended masters’ revelatory teachings that come through new dispensations in order to allow for the higher frequencies to be born into the Earth to renew ourselves, to renew the planet, to renew all life. There may be dispensations coming after The Hearts Center movement that will bring us and the planet into even higher energy fields that we can’t even perceive or conceive of right now. We know this will happen. We will be in higher states of vibratory radiation when that happens, maybe as ascended beings, and help to facilitate the birthing within the Earth of this Golden-Crystal Age, in which the evolutions that are coming into embodiment now will bring forth even more majestic ideations, revelations and spiritual blessings.

The ongoingness of our spiritual work carries us far afield from the past, of sensing that we’re sinners, that we’re lowly beings, that we do not have the stuff of God’s energy to deal with the crises of today. We have the wherewithal now to deal with every issue, to meet every challenge and to lovingly and knowingly, in a divine and Buddhic way, transform darkness into great light through this divine opportunity. The greater the darkness that we take in, drink in, accept into our being and transmute, the greater the light-energy we have as a resource to use to thereby bless life.

Oftentimes some of the greatest masters have gone through the greatest temptations, darkness and trials. Why? Because through these experiences they have learned how to process what was within the center of that darkness, which is light that has been clouded over or hidden by maya and by Mara. They have learned how to transform it through this alchemy of transmutation, through their love, compassion, patience and kindness, and have therefore been the victors.

There are those who believe that as sons and daughters of God their role is to be instruments for the judgment, and yet on the flip side of the coin we understand that when we transmute darkness, it is, in effect, judged. What that really means is that it is transmuted. Today Omri Tas’s teaching, delivered through me, is for us to understand that we don’t have to enter into a judgmental attitude or a dualistic mind-set to deal with darkness and constantly be in a state of attempting to coerce something outside of ourselves to change and to come to our terms.

The self-transformation process is all about transmutation within ourselves, and therefore we welcome every challenge. We welcome every opportunity to utilize the living, liquid, crystal-diamond light-energy to penetrate through the nexus of darkness or whatever comes our way and alchemically work the works of God. If it works for you to consider yourself as someone who is here for the judgment of the wicked, fine. However, I see that the wicked may still be within me to be transmuted and that the energy of God is veiled within the wickedness or the evil. Remember that evil means “energy veil.” Therefore I can reclaim it, renew it and transform it, just as the caterpillar transforms itself into a butterfly.

Those of us who have been decreeing, praying and singing for decades know that the more we transmute and the greater our ability to transform energy, the more energy we will receive to transform. The more mastery we have in dealing with planetary energies, the more that is given to us so that we can transform more. Therefore sometimes on the path you may feel as if you’re bearing a huge load, and a wave comes over you and you don’t know what hit you. When we have these transcendent services and so much light is invoked, what happens? The darkness comes in to be transformed, because it itself desires transformation. The energy of God within the darkness, the seeming darkness or energy veil, seeks to be resolved. Where can it go except to a source of light to be transmuted. So it looks for those who bear light, lightbearers who have the secrets of alchemy, of this process of transformation and transmutation, so that they can help release the light of God within that darkness and all can come into balance. So ultimately you understand that light and darkness are really the same. Yet you can’t really understand that until you have this teaching and you get out of duality, because with two eyes we don’t see as God sees. We have to have higher vision through the All-Seeing Eye of God.

The key to transforming the planet and ourselves is to raise ourselves up. We raise the kundalini up to the third eye, to the crown. And through that raised energy of divine light and wisdom, where the bride meets the bridegroom, the Mother rises through the spinal altar to the crown, we have the full blossoming of Spirit within matter, and matter reaching up into Spirit, and there is the bursting forth of this great light and we have even more of a resource to use in this transmutative of process. As we understand this dynamic, it gives us greater patience. It gives us greater understanding about who we are and helps us to not judge ourselves or get down on ourselves, because we’re in the process of learning how to deal with these frequencies, and it takes time to learn. It takes time to grow into this new field of beingness, where we can augment all that God has created within the cosmos with our own creativity, embellish it and ensconce it with our unique fires of light.

We are all unique and we all have the ability to do this work in some way. And through our unique individualization of the God-flame, we do it in creative ways that are wonderful to the Divine One. We should never judge one another, because each of us has a unique perspective and ability to transform some aspect of darkness, if you’d like to call it that, into light. It reminds me of the quote we heard from Omraam the other day about diamonds, which are originally black carbon, and then, through extreme pressure and heat over time, they become diamonds. What was seemingly dark, black carbon is now brilliant and able to focalize great, great light. We’re going through the same process.

So if at times you feel great darkness, realize it’s part of the pressurization of the light within you to transform you into your true adamantine, living, liquid, crystal-diamond light nature. Give yourself credit and be patient with yourself. Love yourself enough to move through these temporary malaises, crises, issues or problems, where it seems like everything is falling apart around you and within you, because so long as you are working with the light, so long as you love God and you are doing your best to work through everything, the Holy Spirit understands. The Divine One is patient, and eventually, as a prodigal son or daughter, you will return to the banquet feast and be glorified.

This doesn’t mean that we give ourselves too much of a leash to experience darkness by regurgitating our past or by knowingly being involved in things that do not serve us well. We have to be true to ourselves. We have to be honest. And at times we have to make shifts and go through trials and testings in order to prove our mettle. We know this, and that proving is happening in some way every day. This process is ongoing through all of our incarnations. We’re given a longer leash when we first move into the planes of mater, greater latitude to experience things. And then the law of cosmos says, “Okay, come home,” and the leash is drawn tighter to impel us to enter into our divine estate. That’s sometimes what we feel. We feel a shorter, taut leash from the Godhead telling us, “Okay, it’s time to be fully refreshed and renewed in my Spirit, and therefore I’m going to charge and recharge you until you are like me, fully.”

These are the impulses that are now coming on this planet to us as sons and daughters of God who have been embodying here for tens of thousands, and in some cases hundreds of thousands, of years. We’re coming to that point where we are, in this sacred process, merging fully into this light-energy field, and it’s a process of wonder and awe as it occurs. And when we surrender, let go and accept our divine nature without rancor, without biting the hand that feeds us, it becomes easier. We don’t have to struggle; it happens in spite of our lesser nature, by God’s grace.

All of you who have gone deep within yourselves to know yourselves already know this part of the teaching. You’ve worked on yourselves; you’ve studied; you’ve read what the masters have shared through many dispensations; you’ve honed certain spiritual skills to the point where you know that this process is real and that it’s what’s happening right now. And you understand that together, as each and every one of us realizes this, we can work in unison to co-create the New Age, that the process can accelerate and it can be precipitated more quickly, in the twinkling of an eye, with the great vitality of the Holy Spirit’s charge and with the dynamism that the chohans (the lords of the rays), and the manus bring to this alchemy.

When we yoke ourselves to the chohans and the manus, who are like their lords, we have access to great streams of light. As we study and reexperience some of these transcendent dictations and HeartStreams, we can intuit what the lords of the rays and the great manus have shared and are continuing to invest within the planet and within the adepts-in-the-making to bring about a Solar civilization. And we should intuit something more each day to help them in this process. If we’re not engaged in some way in going within, discerning the more refined spiritual frequencies and utilizing them through creative work, then we’re just bystanders and we’re not really invested in this transformative process. That is why I have said from the beginning that The Hearts Center is for those who really understand this dynamic and are invested in the work. Those of you who have read about Byron Katie know she calls her process “The Work.” It is work. This is not something that you can just study and then be in a la-la state, like many of those living in LA. [laughter] You have to enter the higher realm of the City of the Angels, which is the Holy City, and commune with divine masters and beings.

If you don’t feel like you’ve been part of the program—the higher program, not the programming of the dark ones—get with the program! How do you get with the program? Join us in our services, events, courses, classes, these daily offerings. Yes, it may mean you will be involved in certain rituals that you have never done much before. Yet when you invest your energies in learning the words of these prayers and decrees, in singing the songs and really going for it, I assure you that in due time you will feel what I feel. You will experience the dynamism and the empowerment of the Holy Spirit coming upon you, engulfing you and transforming you, as I am feeling it now as I’m speaking and the Holy Spirit is ratcheting up the fire through me. Those of you who are sensitive can feel it. I know you can.

This empowerment is a daily affair. It is the greatest love affair that you can have, with God. It’s an em-power-ment, an en-love-ment, and an en-wisdom-ment—a threefold action. We require all three in balance.

Thank you, Omri Tas, for inspiring this discourse. I think we all required to hear it again with new words, in a new way because sometimes we forget or we lapse into an attitude of “Woe is me,” saying, “Oh, the energies today are so bad,” or “I’m really feeling it today.” What is that? It’s opportunity to transmute and to use the living, liquid, crystal-diamond light-energy of our adamantine nature to transform all of that into part of the Golden Diamond-Crystal Age. We may as well call it that. Instead of the Golden-Crystal Age, we may as well call it the Golden Diamond-Crystal Age and just merge gold and diamonds together and really be rich beyond our wildest dreams.

So we’ll sing “I’m Rich beyond My Wildest Dreams” with the recording, because we truly are rich. And it’s not just rich with money; it’s rich in the Spirit. This is to the tune of “The Battle Hymn of the Republic.”



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