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Djwal Kul Shares How the Magi Were Invested in Jesus’ Spiritual Development and Travels to Egypt and the Far East

Djwal Kul Shares How the Magi Were Invested in Jesus’ Spiritual Development and Travels to Egypt and the Far East

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David Christopher Lewis Discourse
November 1, 2014 11:20–11:35 am MDT
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana


Djwal Kul Shares How the Magi Were Invested in
Jesus’s Spiritual Development and Travels to Egypt and the Far East

Djwal Kul is ready to tell a story. Would you like to hear a story from Djwal Kul? This has to do with some of the dynamics involved when the Three Wise Men brought their gifts to Jesus. Before he begins, he would like to share that there is a wonderful video available. I received an email from a cherished heartfriend in California about this video, which you can purchase online.¹ It has to do with the Bethlehem star and the research that one Christian man who is an attorney did over quite some time. Using the scientific method, he proved conclusively when the star appeared, what the star really was, how the Wise Men, the Magi, were able to see it, how it came to be right over Bethlehem and all of the dynamics involved. It’s a beautiful DVD and a beautiful story. The Masters Djwal Kul, El Morya and Kuthumi encourage all of us to watch this DVD. So you may desire to purchase a copy for your Hearts Centers or local heartfriends groups and show it sometime during the Christmas season. It’s absolutely fantastic. And then we can have discussions about it.

With that in mind, what Djwal Kul would have us know is that the Three Wise Men were indeed astronomers and astrologers. They were wise magicians, or Magi, from the East who came to that place because they saw what was transpiring in the heavens, knew the law, knew scripture and understood the dynamics of what was transpiring. The story of what happened after they brought the gifts to Jesus was not really told. Of course, they did not go back and tell Herod where they found Jesus because he desired to slaughter him, thinking that he was in opposition to him as the King of the Jewish people in Judea.

So what did they do after they brought those gifts? Some of them went on to Egypt and did preparatory work to lay the foundation for what the Holy Family would be investing in during their time in Egypt. As the story goes, Joseph had a dream and took the family there to evade Herod and his destruction of the holy innocents. The Magi actually went before the Holy Family. They were initiates. Being Magi, they were versed in much more than astronomy or astrology. They were versed in the ancient mystical traditions of Zoroastrianism as well as in other mystery teachings of East and West.

The Wise Men probably traveled from the area of Babylon (modern-day Iraq), Iran (formerly Persia) or Afghanistan and went west to Bethlehem and then they went on to Egypt. They discussed the lifestream of Jesus and what his mission would be, as they foresaw it through ancient scriptures and certain mystery teachings. They made other investments on behalf of the Holy Family there in Egypt so that the Holy Family would have certain resources, instruction, training and access to other mystery schools in that area, which would be imperative for Jesus to have access to in order to fulfill his mission. It’s amazing what can transpire for your life path if you have the proper training from infancy, if you have very conscious teachers and those who understand the divine arts and sciences who can inculcate within your awareness these divinely inspired accelerated truths.

So the wise men were there before the Holy Family to prepare the way. They made certain investments of resources on their behalf, beyond just gold, frankincense and myrrh. In effect, they were very involved as investors in this mission. Energetically, they continued to be involved during Jesus’s mission. I’m seeing that at least one of them—Djwal Kul, who was Caspar in that lifetime—was involved in assisting Jesus during part of his journey to the Far East.

Remember, Djwal Kul is now called the Tibetan. In that lifetime as Caspar he was preparing for Jesus’s ultimate trip to the Far East at age thirteen and setting certain spiritual markers and matrices in place so that when Jesus was able to go to the Far East he would have access to the highest teachers and the resources that he required there. In other words, when Jesus went, he wasn’t just off wandering and finally came to India and found some cool guys and started studying. There was a lot of directed preparation for this journey. It wasn’t something that just happened haphazardly. The Holy Family was actually involved. It’s not stated in scripture, because the Christians don’t desire that we know the totality of the mission of Jesus and all that transpired between the ages of thirteen and twenty-nine. It’s not to their benefit for this to be revealed. Do you think that Jesus’s parents would allow him to travel at the age of thirteen to the Far East without preparations, without resources, without having mentors and people who could direct him on that long journey so that he could receive certain spiritual higher education? Of course they were involved. Of course they were invested in this. It only makes logical sense, yet we never hear about this.

What Djwal Kul would like us to know is that the Magi were invested from the very point where they found the Holy Family. They discussed his future. They worked with various mystery schools that they were aware of, and they laid out the pathway for this great soul so that he would have all that he required for his ultimate destiny of being the Messiah, the Son of God, for that entire two-thousand-year dispensation.

Mona and I have been discussing another interesting soul that some of you may have heard of, Krishnamurti, whom Kuthumi was investing in as a potential modern messiah or Christic figure. There were a number of masters invested in training him and preparing the way for him to be in this great mission. He didn’t do exactly what they desired, and yet he was still a teacher in the twentieth century that affected the lives of thousands and even millions of people, and he wrote many books.

The same type of dynamic, whereby people like Madame Blavatsky and others were involved in preparing Krishnamurti for a greater mission, was at the core of Jesus’s life during his youth, during his young manhood, during his training in the Far East. Of course, you may not find this in scripture or anywhere else, except maybe the akashic records, that these Three Wise Men, these Magi, were invested in Jesus’s greater mission and prepared for his travels to the Far East through what we would call Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan and then ultimately India and even into parts of Nepal and Tibet.

With this understanding, we can see how El Morya, Kuthumi and Djwal Kul today, as well as during the time they were the Three Wise Men and in other lifetimes, have been invested in the greater mission of the Christ, the dawning of the age of Christic understanding, the dawning of new thought, the dawning of the true revelations of the ascended masters as they are even now emerging. What you may not always realize is that as a World Teacher, Jesus is very closely involved with Kuthumi, as well as with the Master Omraam, and that this collaboration between the Wise Men and the World Teachers, including Jesus, is ongoing even today in the retreats of the ascended masters, in what they are bringing forth to the planet and in what El Morya has sponsored through our movement and other previous movements.

Djwal Kul is one of the Three Wise Men that we don’t know that much about. Yet what he shares today is that he was very involved in the preparation for Jesus’s travels to the Far East and spiritually held the balance for Jesus between the ages of thirteen and twenty-nine, when he returned to what we call the Holy Land. Even as Lord Maitreya was involved and invested in this, so Djwal Kul, as a Buddhist Tibetan, was deeply involved. He’s the type of master who desires more anonymity, to work behind the scenes and not to be at the forefront. And yet he’s allowing us to know this today, to revere him for his great support of Jesus and to give you a little bit more of a sense of who he is and what his mission has been.

So I would like to applaud beloved Djwal Kul for this revelation. We all send our love to you, beloved Master, for your dedication, your consecration to the path of Jesus the Christ and what he’s doing now as a World Teacher. [applause] And there is Lisa Delaney’s image of Djwal Kul, the Tibetan.

1. The Star of Bethlehem. See


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