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Heros and Amora Raise Us in Love

Heros and Amora Raise Us in Love

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Beloved Heros and Amora
David Christopher Lewis
October 27, 2014 9:09–9:25 am MDT
Livingston, Montana

Heros and Amora Raise Us in Love

Sons and daughters of God, lords and ladies of the flame within the Earth, integrated ones in whom the eternal flame burns brightly, we come to engender the radiance of Spirit within the natural world and within that which nature has judiciously embedded within you as your eternal nature of God-good, blessedness, beauty and harmony.

When you are trued to the heart of God, all things are possible in love. When you place your focus upon your heart, there God lives as compassionate love within you and moves with an amazing amalgamation of divine power, wisdom and love from within your heart for the victory of your life, the victory of love in all of its variegated manifestations. Yes, dearest ones, love is the causal power by which and through which all life is created. We know something of love, for the universes, the great star systems, galaxies and solar systems were created by love.

O holy ones of God, when you are integrated in love you become a blessing to all life, life in all realms—the elemental kingdom, the ascended-master and human kingdom, and the angelic kingdom. For love permeates all three in its radiance, in its glory, in the divine effects that it has upon every life form, every individual who is a part of the whole of creation. If you choose to affect one lifestream today for good, then send frequencies of love, God-love, from your heart consciously to that one and then to others in order to perform the highest alchemy upon this Earth, which, from our vantage point, is love, love, love.

What causes you to awaken into a higher experience and divine dimension of being? Love, dearest ones. Have you had the experience of a mother embracing you, encouraging you, kissing you as a young babe or child and pouring forth her heart’s energies unto you? If so, remember this and feel it daily. For we, as the Elohim of love, are continuing to express this same dynamic of a true mother’s love to each of you as our holy children upon Earth.

If at times, dearest ones, any of you feels less than loved by another, by one who has seemingly wronged you, even family members or those within your spiritual community, let go of this sense of a lack of respect and affiliate with us to feel the affection of divine love in your midst. For this will dissolve any animosity between you. This will dissolve that which has strained your relationships in any way. This will consume on contact that which separates you from one another and ultimately from God

Love unites. Love fulfills. Love invests within her own the highest resources of Solar radiation and the light of creation for the victory of everyone, dearest ones. There is no sense of separation in true love. There is no sense of idolatry when love, in its allness, is present.

Life is love in action. Therefore choose life; choose love; choose to be love and to be loved. For when you choose to be love, Love finds you in her perfect concourse, in her streams of divine radiation and infuses you with those divine quintessences that you require to fulfill your purpose upon Earth.

Oh, we could say much more about love, for we have studied the dynamics of this God-quality from every possible perspective. Evolution and involution manifest as a result of love. Spiritual beneficence comes to those who are loving and who are expressive of Love in any of her glorious manifestations. Love is the animating power and energy that fulfills you each day, dearest ones, in your work, your service, your study, your travels and in every interaction with another form of life upon Earth.

Why do we come this day? Because the Earth and her evolutions require greater love in order to meet the challenges and dynamics of life as it is unfolding upon Earth at this very moment. Therefore have love on your lips for one another in some way. Maximize love through your thoughts, your feelings, that which you choose to emanate this day and every day in some way. Allow love to flow and to flower through you. Let every word that you speak be empowered by God’s eternal light. Back those words with authenticity and true élan, and empower them with enchanting love, mystical love, magical love, alchemical love. Do you consider yourself a mystic, an adept, an initiate? Then adopt love as the only means whereby the true science of heaven is employed through your works and through that which you seek to manifest.

O holy ones of God, you are truly sanctified by the flame of love. You are raised by the power of love. And love, in all of its mercy and grace, creates life within the womb. Honor that life within all mothers-to-be, within all children, within the frail, the forgotten, those bereft of others who appreciate who they are, even in their despondent state, their current condition—lack, poverty, disconnectedness from others, mental illness, et cetera.

O, holy ones, love can heal all of this. For where love is present, healing, true healing, manifests. Where love is modeled, the highest ideal is delivered. When love emerges, even at times through friction between disparate or diametrically opposed parties, the answer may magically appear, enemies may embrace and foes may lay down their weapons. A new era is born in that moment when love changes all, by God’s grace.

This is a movement of love, which is why we have named it The Hearts Center. Let love truly manifest through each of you this day and every day so that the world knows of your work, of your offerings, of your alchemies. This is how you will grow. This is how you will fulfill your dreams, aspirations, mission, vision and goals, dearest ones.

Love, love, love in joy! And Enjoy your life as a blessing to all life.

We are Heros and Amora. We magnify love everywhere, and we are grateful for you who also love in the fullness of God’s light. Thank you.



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