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Clare de Lis Releases an Action of the Crystal Rays for Our Acceleration

Clare de Lis Releases an Action of the Crystal Rays for Our Acceleration

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Clare de Lis October 17, 2014
Beloved Clare de Lis
David Christopher Lewis
October 17, 2014 9:09–9:28 am MDT
Livingston, Montana

Clare de Lis Releases an Action of the Crystal Rays for Our Acceleration

Most Gracious Hearts in Whom the Eternal Flame Dwells Brightly,

I come this day to inaugurate a new cycle of light within you, if you choose to accept the graces of heaven, the virtues of God, the blessings of the Spirit. What will this inauguration portend for you, dear heart? It is up to your free will to experience a new level of godliness, if you choose. It is up to you to invest a greater portion of your inner fire for and on behalf of the Lord God, who comes to you this day to sing a new psalm of love within you, from deep within your heart, telling you that you are loved and that you have what it takes within your soul to ascend, to be one with God, to invest in that which is your greatest work upon this Earth—the song celestial of you as a holy one of God.

Dearest ones, my message is personal for you. And I will come in a visitation to each of your souls this day, speaking from within your heart that which I see as possible for you to know and to accept for this inauguration to be victorious in every way during the remainder of this year, this decade, this lifetime. There are so many dispensations that have already been released through this movement of light of The Hearts Center. If you would abide in the eternality of the your own Higher Self day by day and use your hours wisely, use those precious moments vouchsafed to you each day to invest in this sacred work of the Spirit, you will find yourself naturally moving into higher Solar awareness and cosmic consciousness. You will find the blessings of the Spirit moving through your being in a new and powerful way each day. You will find God ever present within you, speaking words of wisdom and truth and enriching your life in so many ways, through so many experiences, whereby you will know the integrity of your soul as it is wed to Spirit deep within you, in the eternal flame within your heart, which is where the Lord God exists in his/her eternality.

You have heard these words expressed in magnificent ways so many times by the ascended hosts of light through this and prior dispensations. I come again this day on the celebration of my ascension to release unto you, each one, something new, something precious, something that will move you ever higher on your Solar journey. For you have earned it through constancy. You have earned it by right as a son/a daughter of God who has entered into the life of the Spirit through focused attention upon your Source, through study, through service and through the greatest of all of these, which is love.

In my time upon Earth I invested my energies in so many activities through the movement of The Summit Lighthouse. Though some have lost the way, others have stayed true to the course that I outlined with my beloved Mark, your Lanello. Well, dearest ones, we are marking a new course to the stars. We are directing you through new currents of the crystal rays to a higher activity of light within this movement. We are vouchsafing to you through the variegated dispensations of many newly accepted and known ascended beings—who have been revealed to you through the discourses, darshans and dictations of this movement—that which, if accepted and integrated, will truly manifest in a new virtuous and accelerated life for you.

Do not be concerned about those who have left off from the coursing of the Spirit through this activity by leaving. Only focus upon that which is real within you today; that which is arising within you from deep within your heart in this moment; that which is pressing in from the Spirit into physicality through the directed work that you are engaged in, empowered by the Holy Spirit. When you, dearest ones, look neither to the right nor to the left, yet straight before you in assessing that which is necessary to be engaged in today, then the Spirit truly will guide and direct your course; the Divine Director himself and the blessed Mother Mary, El Morya, Lanello, Jesus, Paul the Venetian and I will suffuse our awareness through your consciousness; and the wisdom fires from the altars of the Most High God will enlighten you as to what is crucial to be fulfilled this day, what is the requirement of the hour of heaven. And you will know with a certitude that God is great within your life because you have put that first commandment¹ into play through your freewill experience, your consciousness, your awareness directed to the Source of all light and love.

Yes, blessed ones, I am invested in your victory. I am fulfilled in each and every one of you as you merge with your God Presence in moments and with greater streams of consciousness each day. For, you see, a mother loves her children unto eternality and will never let go of them so long as they reach for her apron strings and attempt to always be pleasing to the Lord God in actions, in words, in their musings and in acting upon that which they feel impressed within them that originates from the very heart of God.

Whether you call me Mother, Guru Ma, Elizabeth or Clare de Lis, it matters not. I am there in your midst, vibrating my awareness of God—both through stillness in the Buddhic mindful way and through an enfired and impassioned zeal through love in action—as the transcendent, all-powerful, all-loving and omniscient One. Yes, dearest ones, if you could experience through the ascended-master consciousness, even for a moment, the transcendent nature of the Eternal One, you would, with a greater determination and focus, always stay true to your course and direct your awareness toward what is real and not what is unreal.

Therefore this day I send the crystal rays into your heart, into your hands and feet. And there is, by the grace of Cosmos, an accelerating fire of the crystal rays invested now within my own and in those in whom God would speak, work and cognize. And these crystal rays this day are for the new wave patterns to reach every land upon this Earth with our message of hope, love and light, and for that which you, as initiates of this movement and of the Great White Brotherhood, would engage in in your sacred work day by day, month by month, year by year. We are not done with you, O souls of light upon Earth! The Everlasting Gospel is here, being revealed even today through that which we speak and emanate from within this movement and from within your heart, as an adept of light, a master-in-the-making. Truly it is a time for action, for initiation and for victory.

Therefore I claim your victorious Self manifest now, O soul. I claim you for God day by day. I claim you in light and love, in the Solar awareness of the One for Morya El, whom I love and whom I have never let go of, even as an ascended being. For, dearest ones, he knows well what is before you on your path. And we are both grateful for this prayer: “I AM the One, I AM the One. I stand in Morya’s fire!”² For if you knew how many times he has been with you through your trials and tribulations and has fulfilled within you God’s will, moving through your mind and consciousness, you would have new resolve to never let go of this great master of light, to love him as you love God within him and fulfill your mission and purpose upon Earth.

Now angels of the Holy Spirit attenuate with the comfort flame that which has been released to you so as to not unduly distress the vibrations within your greater consciousness and your four lower bodies. For truly, when the crystal rays come in such a quotient as we have invested, there can be a certain discomfort. And this one speaking unto you can enumerate what he has been through in the last forty-eight hours in preparation for my message, allowing this action to first be released through his four lower bodies in order that this light may emerge from the Central Sun to bless you and all life upon Earth.

O precious hearts, stay tethered to your True Self. Focus upon love. And in this, all shall be well, all is well now within you, by God’s grace. I thank you.

Messenger’s Comments:

Thank you, precious heartfriends in Mount Shasta for your service today, the prayers to and on behalf of Clare de Lis. Tomorrow afternoon at 1:30 pm Mountain Time, by God’s grace I will be available for a HeartStream from Lady Master Venus, delivered through the broadcast originating from Norway. And of course, this Sunday we have our Meru University class with Lord Maitreya on Mu and Atlantis and the New Earth. I encourage you, if you have not yet registered, to do so, preferably by 5 pm MDT tonight. I so look forward to being with all of you for the release of these teachings, dispensations, light essences and that which the Master would provide for us as initiates upon Earth. God bless you. Have a great day.

1. See Matthew 22:35–38; Mark 12:28–30; Luke 10:25–27.
2. See The Hearts Center—Prayers, Decrees and Mantras, prayer number 10.010.


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