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God Mercury Impels Us to a New Wakefulness as an Angel from Mercury Gifts Our Higher Minds with a Ray of Wisdom's Fire (video)

God Mercury Impels Us to a New Wakefulness as an Angel from Mercury Gifts Our Higher Minds with a Ray of Wisdom's Fire (video)

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God Mercury October 07, 2014

Beloved God Mercury
David Christopher Lewis
October 7, 2014 7:34–7:53 am MDT
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana

God Mercury Impels Us to a New Wakefulness

An Angel from Mercury Gifts Our Higher Minds with a Ray of Wisdom’s Fire

I AM divine intelligence where you are. I AM the infusion of God’s grace as illumination within your mind. I AM the transcendent nature of perfection within your crown, bringing God-consciousness and a supersensitivity to divine truth and holy wisdom into the Now of your experience as a God-conscious one. I AM God Mercury, and this day I choose to be with some who choose God over the lesser self, who choose reality over that which is not, who choose to be infused with a new enthusiasm and joy and verve for all that is divine, beautiful, reverent and full of the grace of the all-encompassing One.

Many Buddhas now suffuse the Earth with the radiance that comes from the Pure Land of Lord Maitreya. And this infusion may result in a quickening, in a shift in awareness, in a new benevolence, a new compassion, even a new joy, which may be felt, intuited, accessed by those whose minds are trued to God, whose wills are infused with that virya of the diamond ray from the heart of Mercury, and whose love models the new way of Aquarius within your world now.

I come to give you a new spin! I come to accelerate those who are willing to flash forth from their own minds new divine patterns of a Golden-Crystal Age now come into their present awareness—not in some distant future that could be, that may be. It is now, blessed ones, accessible to you within the hallowed circle of your own God-identity. And if you choose to make it so by living a conscious life, whereby your mind is literally dripping with the Mercurian aspects of God-consciousness and universal mindfulness, then watch out, world! For some, illumined like Gautama, will have what it takes to rebirth this Earth in light.

Now, dearest ones, I will give to those who are willing to accept the initiations of fire classes on the inner to accelerate mindfulness, to accelerate the ability to cognize God in God’s infinite greatness. These classes will be held at the Royal Teton Retreat for two months of your time, leading up to that focal point of the release of light from the twelve archangels and three other masters who are coming to your winter solstice conference in San Diego. The purpose of my coming and these classes is to expand your ability to receive through your mind the ministrations of the mind of God and what these archangels will unleash unto this planet through the reestablishment and the reopening of these twelve fountains of light of the Mother, which once issued forth their majesty on Lemuria long, long ago.

Yes, dearest ones, for those of you who desire acceleration, I suggest your attendance at this seminal event, which may just be a turning point for this movement and for you, each one, in realizing your true nature, in accessing God-consciousness and in accelerating you into the new you, the mindful you, the blessed you—you who are willing to circle the sun in eighty-eight days with us in a more rarefied experience of God-consciousness.¹ For you see, the closer you come to the Sun in this circumambulation experience, the more fiery is the light of the Sun in your Presence, in your life, within your heart and mind and soul. Therefore this is not for the squeamish or for those who are not willing to at times be scorched, in a sense, by the eternal love-fires of God, of Helios and Vesta, and now of the Lord/the God Meru, with his beloved Lady.

Yes, gracious ones, the Earth is ascending gradually, and yet some know it not, for they feel not the acceleration of Aquarius within their own beings. If you desire to model the life of the initiate upon Earth, then be enfired with the wisdom ray this day and every day by being willing to soar unto the Sun of your own God Presence and withstand that starry nature of your own being day after day, hour after hour, moment after moment.

Now an angel from Mercury comes and flashes forth directly to your higher mind a ray of light. And this ray is a ray of inspiration; it is a ray of consecration. It is a ray of determination to be mindful always, to be aware, to be conscious, awakened, illumined and living in divine gnosis. When you are awake, nothing can put you to sleep. This seems to be a simple statement. And yet how many fall into that netherworld of sleepfulness, where they are not careful in their thought processes to always be present in God so that the Lord’s wisdom may be theirs in the moment.

It is in moments of mindlessness, dearest ones, that you fall into what I would call perdition, which is ignorance and a lack of intuitive understanding, of being willing to know the facts, the truth, the way of the Buddha and the Christ within your life. When you are awakened, then all that is luminous, divine and beautiful graces your world. You see with clarity. You see with third-eye vision, whereby the All-Seeing Eye of God shines forth and gives you a new and authentic spherical view from a higher phase of existence, from your own God Presence—what I would call a 720-degree view of worlds beyond worlds beyond worlds, dearest ones.

Those who are enthusiastic about creating the New Age now within their lives and within the world are those whom we look to, to inspire. If you are not enthusiastic about what you can do each day to somehow bring the kingdom of God into manifestation upon Earth, then we say, wake up! Realize what you came to Earth for. And inspire yourself, if necessary, by placing cryptic messages from the ascended masters or your own inspired words where you will see them on a daily basis so that you are moved to act, to be enfired, and to work with others in a cooperative spirit and way to bring about something of the Golden-Crystal Age.

Some of you languish, thinking, “Woe is me—I do not like my state in life now, and therefore I will do nothing to change it,” when a simple shift in consciousness would catapult you out of this dense state, dearest ones. Think of that drive you felt when you were sixteen, eighteen or twenty-two to make this a better world and of what impelled you to higher consciousness, self-discovery, learning. Yes, this may be your state again, even in your elder years, if you desire a youthful experience whereby God is present as the Eternal One, the Youthful One.

Therefore look to Sanat Kumara, the Eternal Youth, for inspiration when you feel old. Some of you even feel decrepit. You are not old in your soul and your spirit! You have always been one with God, and God is the Eternal Youthful One, and we Mercurians model that life. We are fleet of foot, fleet of mind, fleet of spirit. We dart here, there and everywhere to those who call to us to be infused with greater mindfulness and joy. And we will compel you to a new rebirth if you choose to accept this reality in the eternal Now of your experience today, and not in some distant future, which has not come and never will within the present moment.

This is the hour of change. This is the hour of transformation within you. This is the moment that you have been waiting for. Wait no longer—it is here! Change! Transform! Become! Realize who you are as your own God-nature. Tomorrow will not come for the initiate, for today is all there is. Yesterday has dissolved; the past is prologue; and you create who you are every moment by your conscious and awakened state of being.

Therefore I bring new wakefulness to some. Some of you may have even had trouble sleeping of late, being awakened at almost any hour. Well, what did you do with those moments when you could not sleep? Did you use them to bring forth greater God-possibilities for the evolution of life upon this Earth through sensing what the universe was impelling you to move into in order to access new Solar streams of God-consciousness?

You see, dearest ones, there is a reason for everything. Nothing happens by happenstance. And when you are thrust into any situation that requires you to add the momentum of your heart’s fire, your mind’s élan into the present moment, then do it! Act, and be mindful in your actions to bring levity, light and love, through joy, into the equation for the ennoblement of all whose lives you may touch with your conscious awareness of unity, beingness and peace.

Now the rays that these angels are projecting unto you are crystallizing within your crown a new sense of worthiness, of transcendence and of holiness in God. For, dearest ones, it is only when you are aligned with the One that you may truly soar to the Sun and merge with God. Therefore believe it, accept it and then make it so through action, through Morya’s fire and God-desire to bring the new blue wave unto the Earth so that true love may exist here—love of all life, reverence for one another, respect, honor, integrity, honesty in everything, especially within your thoughts and feelings. For this is where you live, dearest ones, in your consciousness. Therefore be supernal! Be eternal now, and live with the Mercurians in fire. I thank you.


1. The planet Mercury orbits the sun in eighty-eight Earth days.



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