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Mother Mary and Saint Thérèse Come to Bless, Uplift and Heal Us (video)

Mother Mary and Saint Thérèse Come to Bless, Uplift and Heal Us (video)

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Beloved Mother Mary
David Christopher Lewis
October 5, 2014 9:30–9:58 am MDT
Livingston, Montana

Mother Mary and Saint Thérèse Come to Bless, Uplift and Heal Us

Gracious Ones,

I am here as your Mother to succor you, to bless you and to give you peace in your Presence, even as I share a new awareness of divine love and a radiance from my heart, which I pray will uplift you on your path of light and support you in all your endeavors to be more radiant, more godly and ever-present with the heart of God throughout your life.

I AM Mary, and I come this day with Saint Thérèse of the Little Flower—yes, the Little Flower of Jesus. For in this hour she desires to express to you, each one, the love of a heart trued to God, perfuming throughout the atmosphere the radiance of divine grace. This hopefully elicits from within each heart greater attention upon one’s own heart and greater focus upon that which is beautiful and serene; that which brings divine joy from within; and that which ennobles the soul and attends to the Spirit through a life lived to the glory of God, through a heart upturned to the Source, and through a will that is steely in its determination to stay true to God’s plan and God’s laws while also open to every conception and directed thoughtform that flows from the mind of God to bring awareness and understanding of the nature of eternality and divine love.

O, when you commune with the heart of God, how you are uplifted to the source of all that is sublime, courteous, graceful and radiant. Oh, when you are supportive of God’s plan within your own life as you seek to objectify that which the angels inspire upon you in moments of deep perception within the eternal Now of your experience of life upon Earth, how greatly your radiant auric field is infused by the supernal quintessences of God, which are there for you to simply drink in, bathe your soul in to receive the inspirations from the altar of the Most High.

Yes, gracious ones, you too may be a rose of light perfuming the cosmos with your own qualification, your own unique essence of God-good. And when each day you seek in some way, through a sense of divine worthiness, to be that one through whom God may emanate and co-create the new world that you are seeking, oh how magnificent is the Lord’s Solar radiance flowing through your being, manifesting through your consciousness, exemplified through your virtuous life, one with God from within your heart.

O blessed ones, sing the songs of freedom of the soul. Sing the songs of devotion to the One God—to all of God’s variegated manifestations and the beings to whom he has entrusted a greater mission to bring love and light and levity to this world. Sing the songs inspired upon you as a conscious one. For the words that flow from your lips, the words that are reflective of your own creativity and inner joy are those that will bring many flowers and essences to this world, which so requires you, in your divinity, to blend the resources of your being with many other conscious and awakened ones in order to give birth to the Golden-Crystal Age now at hand.

You have heard these words spoken in so many ways through many ascended masters through this dispensation, blessed ones. And yet we come again this day to inspire you, to raise you up on wings of light, for we know the pressures of each day. We know the burdens upon your soul, upon your physical body temples. And this day the blessed and beloved Saint Thérèse comes in a personal apparition to each one who will receive her to heal the sense of separation from all that is God-good, to buoy you up so that you may know that you are loved, that you are worthy, that you are a son/a daughter of God. She comes speaking words of comfort to your soul individually. For she has petitioned the Most High to somehow bring about a new sense of wholeness, a new sense of peace, inner joy and presence to many who are the true disciples of the Word, the true initiates of light upon Earth in this and other activities—those engaged with God daily in the science of Spirit who are projecting rays of light from their virtuous beings through the various disciplines that they engage in to bring a new way of light to this world. And she strews many roses here and there, around you, within you, all about you, dearest ones, to truly comfort you with a mother’s touch, with a gentle maiden’s desire to rebirth you in Spirit, to recreate you in light.

Those of you who at times have felt a burden upon your being through what others have said about you or through what they have felt, sensed or thought about you now have a cosmic whitewashing of all of this, which is untrue, unreal, dearest ones. And a new you emerges today, bathed in light, refreshed in spirit, remolded in that original divine blueprint of your being. And there is for each of you opportunity, even offered from the Lady Portia this day, to rise on wings of light, to feel the impulses of the seventh age now dawning within your soul. And these radiances and frequencies wrap you now in a swaddling garment of pure light so that you may always know worthiness, divine friendship, love from your holy brothers and sisters in ascended realms and from the angels who dote upon you, answer every prayer and are invested in God’s work in so many ways around and within this world.

O gracious ones, yes, we come again because the need of the hour is support, blessing and uplift. And therefore Saint Thérèse, in all of her divine glory and beauty, blends the resource of her heart with yours. And if you choose to sing that song so wondrously offered to her from within this community of light,¹ she will continue to grace your being throughout this day and every day when, even for a cosmic moment of time and space, you go within, make contact with her heart and see the effulgence of God’s grace flowing unto and within you to support you, O gracious ones.

There are so many things that you have beheld within the world that have been burdensome of late, and we will not enumerate them today except to say that it would be better for some of you to spend more time in silence focused upon the Divine rather than to set your eyes upon that which ultimately is unreal. For it is not born of God or originating from God’s heart, you see.

If we take our eyes off of the Divine, what will become of this world? This I have asked the Elohim Virginia. And she has often chided some to remain tethered to the highest reality of pure vision in their spiritual work and has, as a great teacher and interpreter of that which is pure vision and the visionary experience of clear seeing, reestablished clarity of consciousness within the third eye of many that they may see what is of true value upon Earth and within their lives and clarify and clear away all the elements that no longer support the ideal for the path of light.

There is so much that you may be engaged in, and yet what is your one true purpose in this lifetime to fulfill? This you must ask yourself almost on a daily basis, dearest ones, so that focus may bring to your attention, with clarity, your divine plan, your holy mission, your sacred dharma today and every day. Yes, you may go here or there, serving this one or that one. Yet what is the primary message that you were sent to Earth to convey through your life lived to the glory of God? What is that summum bonum of your divine experience from all your incarnations upon this Earth that you must come into proximity with and then model through a virtuous life? When you solve this question, when you are true to this divine reality, then all will come into perfect clarity. Then you must simply determine to go for it, to make your mark, to fulfill that divine design for you, which God has seen as already complete from the beginning of your incarnation within these matter spheres of being.

O gracious ones, the light of the eye is the window to eternality. Therefore see clearly. Behold affectionately the beauty of the Divine within all life, especially within one another. For there is the portal to oneness. There is the opportunity for unity, perfect clarity and beingness.

I AM your Mary, blessing you, even as Thérèse does, this day, erasing that which I am aware of that you may release now of your past, which is no more within your Book of Life and your akashic record, if you desire it so.

O Holy Spirit, come now within the lives of these and grace them with the magnificence of God’s Presence here. Bless them and charge them with all that they require this day for greater progress on their path, greater love to flow from within their hearts, greater God-consciousness to be theirs in every mindful thought, ideation and divine conception. Recreate them in that eternal image of godliness and beauty. O Lord Maha Chohan, be with them through all initiations. Help them pass every test with flying colors, and bring them peace through all of this as they look upon their Source each hour to fulfill the divine design, by God’s grace, by God’s grace, by God’s eternal and loving grace. The Holy Spirit answers, and you are infused with divine joy in the Presence of the One this day.

Thank you, dearest hearts, for you devotions, your songs, your oneness. We know you, we feel your hearts’ love and we reinfire you in that sacred sense of oneness always. Blessings from Fatima, and blessings from a sacred room within my Western retreat over Paradise Valley, where this day I offer one and many healing, wholeness and love. I thank you.

Messenger’s Comments:
I see the souls of all heartfriends within our movement passing before the blessed Thérèse this day. And she, as a healer, places her hands of light upon you—your head, your shoulders—takes your hands in hers and places her hands upon your body temple where required for your healing. So take just a few moments in silence to accept this healing dispensation. See yourself passing before her and receiving these currents of light, these graces from the Most High.

1. Prayer 40.015 Saint Theresa, with Us Glow, sung as a song to the melody of "The Last Rose of Summer." For the Hearts Center version see: Click here.

For more information on the poem by Thomas Moore, see: Click here. 

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