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El Morya Shares Teachings on Loving Communication and Blesses the Chilean Heartfriends

El Morya Shares Teachings on Loving Communication and Blesses the Chilean Heartfriends

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David Christopher Lewis Discourse
October 4, 2014 9:24–10:00 am MDT
Livingston, Montana

Broadcast through Santiago, Chile


El Morya Shares Teachings on Loving Communication and Blesses the Chilean Heartfriends

El Morya would like to thank those of you in Chile who are there physically participating in the broadcast today. It is a great honor to be in your presence, even as you are in the presence of the masters through your loving service, your prayers, your songs and devotions. El Morya would like to share about how we can master communication. This is important during this cycle of Mercury retrograde.

First of all, when we speak, let us always attempt to speak from the heart. We listen to God’s heart, and as we listen we feel God’s love. Then through our words, we express God’s love through that which we speak. When our throat chakra is in harmony with our heart chakra, there is a blending of love and power that manifests as the violet-ray energy, which brings about understanding through the tact and the diplomacy of the seventh ray. Therefore when our words are loving, we actually emanate the violet light because of this blending of the energies of the blue and the pink.

Every ascended master has a balanced threefold flame. So in addition to the blue and the pink manifesting as the violet, there is always the perfect action of yellow, which brings about wisdom and understanding through what they communicate. If you could see what comes forth from ascended masters when they communicate, you would see the words as a magnificent rainbow energy field manifesting through their speaking, although in ascended-master realms the speaking is telepathic. When a master chooses to speak through a messenger, one of the things that you may notice that proves it’s truly an ascended being sharing is the beautiful rainbow-type energy field that is created which is naturally supportive and loving. It inspires you and raises you in consciousness. You feel peaceful and blessed. You feel God’s great love for all life through the words of the master.

El Morya encourages us to speak and to share as the masters do with this same action of love, wisdom and power in balance so that our words are sublime and charged with divine light. When we choose to speak from the heart with great wisdom, it is as if we are raised into heaven and the ascended masters naturally are with us in consciousness, and sometimes very tangibly.

On The Hearts Center website it says on one of the banners, “Experience the ascended masters daily.” Part of experiencing them is communicating with them. We actually can directly communicate with the masters if we choose—each one of us, not just the messenger. How do we do this? We invite them to be with us through the loving light-energy field of our aura. We are clear ourselves first. We mediate, we pray and then we invite them to share their wisdom and their love with us. As we are able to receive their impressions, which often come telepathically into our higher minds, we see the energy of that communication flowing through our higher mind to our mental mind and especially to our heart. The masters have a magical type of communication that communicates more with the heart than the brain. Therefore when we feel a true communication, it always lifts up our hearts; it’s not just a thought.

As we are initiates and adepts in-the-making, more and more of us will be developing this facility, this ability to communicate directly with the masters, because we are all encouraged to sit under our own vine and fig tree, which means under our own God Presence. Does this mean that we all start taking dictations? No. We simply receive the impressions that we feel in our hearts and minds from the blessed ascended masters. These are personal communications to us, and often we don’t share them with others at all. At times, however, in the sanctity of the circle of oneness of heartfriends, if we feel that it is okay, we can share some impressions that the masters have given us, by the power and the grace of the Holy Spirit, without necessarily naming who said what and when and where. These can be general impressions and words that help us on our path and may help others too.

As a community of many people and many hearts, we lovingly support one another. We all have various gifts to give, and we all have challenges too. Our gifts and talents are meant to help others, and when we blend them all together we have a magnificent community, as you have all witnessed in Santiago. Each one of you is a beautiful spirit. You all have divine intelligence. You all have magnificent hearts. You all love God and the ascended masters, and this magnificence and this love is what builds the community of the Holy Spirit. You are a model of a loving community, and El Morya honors the fact that you communicate with love from your hearts already. He says to you all: “Keep on keeping on, for this love is growing. The power of love is expanding your community. The magnificence of what you do weekly as you have services, sharings, events and classes is truly a blessing to all of Santiago, all of Chile and South America.”

El Morya now asks if you have any questions for him.

Participant: David, more than a question, I have in my heart a great devotion for El Morya and I want to say to our beloved Morya El that we love him with all of our hearts for his service to our souls and to our community and planet.

David: Thank you very much. He knows and feels that. As I, David, was listening to the service and I was singing the Summit songs to El Morya with you, I was feeling the great joy of the Master and his appreciation for what you are all doing today. Any other comments or questions?

Participant: I just want to add that we feel very near to him, and we are very, very, very thankful to receive this message today.

David: Thank you very much.

Participant: We will seal this in our heart as well as the confirmation of the dispensation announced by Lanello a few days ago. And we receive very humbly the love, your love, David, and the love of the Master. And we hope to fulfill the requirement of Lanello in Chile to be blessed when we have five or more. This Thursday we may be close to more than ten or fifteen. Saturday is more difficult. It is a great honor for us to receive this message from the diamond heart of our beloved El Morya.

David: Thank you. When you do have fifteen or twenty or more, you probably have the largest group that gets together regularly than almost any other center in the United States, other than when we have conferences. The other group is in Sweden, but they are throughout the entire country. There are many smaller groups, but they don’t get together that often.

I’m very, very blessed to be with you today and I’m grateful that you’re there. If you think of any other questions for the Master, send them to me by email and maybe he’ll answer them later.

Participant: Okay, we will.

David: Thank you, David, Ponce, and thank you, Jaime and Monica and everyone else who’s there. Can you tell me who is there today?

Participant: Yes, Santiago, [inaudible] and his wife, Veronica, [inaudible] and Patricia [inaudible] and Monica [inaudible].

David: Okay, wonderful. God bless you all.

Participant: And David through Skype.

David: And David through Skype, right. A question for David. This is from me, not El Morya. In your Skype photo, who’s the gal that you’re hugging.

Participant: That’s Monica and Jaime’s sister. Jimena is her name. We took that picture when we went to Peru.

David: That’s what I thought. I wanted to make sure it was their sister because I didn’t think it was your girlfriend.

Participant: David, we would like to ask for healing for our sister because she was affected by cancer and we are not sure if it’s really finished or remains. But she looks very well and we know it’s always good to ask God for help with these things.

Participant: By the way, we have been praying for Mona too.

David: Oh, thank you. El Morya just had me stand up, and I’m doing the new blue wave with the picture in front of me, and I can feel a tremendous surge of power flowing through my chakras to your sister. So whatever her situation or condition is, El Morya is sending this beautiful frequency of the new blue wave to help her to have strength. And he’s having me now do this with both hands, and this is going to all of you too.

Monica, I know you’ve had some challenges. And also Jaime, you have too. I don’t know if you can feel it, but I can feel a tremendous surge of the new blue wave going to all of you in that room.

Participant: Yes, thank you so much.

Participant: I can feel it too!

David: El Morya is standing right there, almost as physical as he can be, and the new blue wave is emanating right from his heart to all of you. And he’s inviting Jesus, Mary, Saint Germain, Magda, Raphael and Portia to also be with you and to bring their energies to help you all too. They’re all there. The blue is turning into emerald now. The emerald ray is very, very powerful, and they’re expanding that emerald ray for the whole country now. And Saint Germain says, “What about me? The violet’s there too.” [laughter]

It’s a tremendous blessing. I haven’t talked to you in a while, so I’m so grateful that El Morya prompted me to get onto your broadcast and share today.

Participant: We are so grateful, very, very grateful and very moved too. I could feel the energy and it was very moving. It’s a beautiful, beautiful, magnificent gift.

Participant: We would like to say something to El Morya. It’s something very short: “Hail, El Morya! Hail, El Morya! Hail, El Morya!”

David: He’s sending spiritual hail, which is not white, but blue snowlike hail, all over Chile to bounce everywhere and bless people. So when you say “Hail,” that’s the image you can see now. Do you know what hail is? It’s like sleet, almost like little snow. So when you say, “Hail, El Morya!” that’s what he sends. It’s kind of a joke, but he’s doing it. And when you say, “Hail, Saint Germain!” he’ll send violet-colored hail.

Participant: Well, we love the joke. [laughter]

David: It’s actually true. They’re doing it. It’s not just a joke. He’s actually doing it. And when you say, “Hail, Mary,” which we say a lot, she sends roses.

Participant: Aw, that’s beautiful.

David: She says that when you say, “Hail, Mary,” it doesn’t come down like hail comes down out of the sky, which is very harsh and hurts things—the petals of the roses shower over the Earth and perfume the Earth and they are a blessing.

Participant: That’s beautiful. Thank you.

Participant: We would like to say a last “Hail,” but now for every one of the beloved masters and lady masters that have been with us today. “Hail to every ascended master! Hail to every ascended master! Hail to every ascended master and his twin flame!”

David: Okay, I love you. I’m going to go now. Take care and bless you all.

Participant: We love you, and send our love to Mona.

David: Okay, thank you. Bye-bye.



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