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Omraam: Be Solar Scientists, Be Solar Artisans with Me Now!

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Beloved Omraam Discourse
David Christopher Lewis
September 20, 2014 10:13–10:24 am EDT
An Autumn Equinox Sacred Journey with Saint Germain to Southeastern Canada
Canada Pilgrimage 2014
Ottawa, Canada

Be Solar Scientists, Be Solar Artisans with Me Now


The Master Omraam’s message is, be Solar scientists, be Solar artisans with me now. The Master expects you to be real and scientific in your approach to the path, not living in a namby-pamby state, a wishy-washy way in which practicality is avoided. The initiates are those who engage in daily scientific work, spiritually building the new Solar civilization. This engagement requires effort, discipline, daily practice, planning and the appropriation of the mind, the will and the heart, equally, to the tasks at hand.


You know where you have fallen. You have felt, at times, the guilt of not engaging and doing your best. And you know where you may be more successful through a disciplined life, through scientifically applying what you have learned from the ascended masters and spiritual teachers in what may be called the daily grind, which, if you fine tune it, may be the daily refinement of self through the transmutative fires of the Holy Spirit—felt and accepted within your being.


If you decide to be alchemists in this life, put aside all blame of others and everything outside of yourself, and realize that the only one who can change you is you. The only one who can transform you is you. The only one who is responsible for everything that is outpictured in your life—your health, your wealth or lack thereof, your job or lack thereof, your loving relationship with another or lack thereof—is you.


Will you take accountability for the path? Will you accept responsibility for your state in life? If so, then engage; be self-directed. Be daily motivated by a desire to reach higher, to fulfill your purpose, to know the truth at all costs and to present your best to the planet in what you do each day. For many thousands are counting on you and your victory on the path. If you continually compromise in what you engage in, then how will you face the Karmic Board—with some sort of pitiful attitude that you knew better and yet, through a lack of discipline or true self-assessment, you just didn’t do the job? Better that you are whipped into action now through a disciplined life than to weep when you have your life review, knowing that you have, in a sense, failed in the greater mission you could have accomplished had you engaged, with totality, in using your talents and gifts on behalf of the universe.


Self-assessment at the end of each day is imperative for those who desire the greatest spiritual advancement on the path, and this self-assessment is never self-criticism. It is critiquing what has happened, asking questions, surveying your greater path and realizing where fine-tuning may occur and points of improvement and greater progress may be made.


If you will allow me, the Master Omraam, to be your coach, your guide and the one who assists you in this process, then simply assent to it, and I will remind you and be there for you as you require me. We are all engaged in a Solar journey, and all are somewhere along the path of light. Yet greater progress can always be made by self-effort, striving, diligence, constancy and fortitude. The will to succeed and be victorious must be front and center within you when you plan your day, preferably the night before or early in the morning and sometimes weeks in advance for those who are very engaged at many levels.


The tip of the arrow is piercing and precise in reaching its mark when honed by those servitors who will themselves to the finish line, knowing that God within them is the doer and the source of all energy they require to fulfill their purpose. Yes, as a master who sponsors this activity now, I am engaged in seeing it through to its completion, fulfillment and victorious manifestation. Each of you is a part of this equation. Each of you may be a model of success for thousands. Each of you is important to our cause and to the first cause, God.


Make your mark; apply the scientific formulas you know are there. For Morya, Merlin, Maitreya and the Divine Mother have all taught you well. It is your time to shine; it is your time to be burnished in light. It is your time to know God fully within the sun-fires of your True Self. I have lived in the Sun and felt the cosmic heat in the fire of true beingness, and I invite you to also live in this radiance, in this joy—in the present moment and always—where you will know purity, harmony and true peace. Thank you.



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