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Lady Master Nada Answers Questions on Spiritual Parenting—Part 2

Lady Master Nada Answers Questions on Spiritual Parenting—Part 2

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Beloved Nada Darshan
David Christopher Lewis
September 26, 2014 8:46–9:35 am MDT
Livingston, Montana

Spiritual Parenting: Part 2


Good morning, everyone. God bless you. Today I would like to offer beloved Lady Master Nada the opportunity to answer the last two questions posed by heartfriends who love children, work with children or have worked with children. Yesterday we had the first two. Today is the second session. In all honesty, I haven’t even read the last two questions yet, so this is completely live and fresh.

Question: How can we instill in children, who are naturally self-centered, more of a desire to be of service to others?

David: Our perception of a child’s self-centeredness may be conditioned by a perspective that is based on the temporal. And that temporal experience may be brought about by conditions within the home, issues related to how the child has been brought up and how the child has been treated, even while in the womb. Self-centeredness may seem selfish, egotistical, in one sense. Yet depending on the age of the child, there are cycles within the child’s development when it is imperative that the child develop a sense of his or her own identity, which could be termed the id or the ego. So when we say “naturally self-centered,” that’s partly a judgment call from the perspective of the teacher or the adult.

With the right love and support, it is relatively easy to have the turning around of what we consider self-centeredness to God Self-centeredness. How do we do that? Of course through respect and love. And a total reliance upon the God within the child to be the arbiter of that one’s destiny is imperative. We hold the immaculate concept and we see the divine ego and the Higher Self-centeredness emerging and coming forth.

We have lessons that can help convey this. For instance, many of you may remember the book The Little Me and the Great Me. That one book, lovingly shared with an entire classroom, can bring this very dynamic to the fore of the consciousness of children, whereby no matter what their age, children can see that they have the option to choose the Higher Self (the great Me) or the lesser self (the little me) at every point of their decision-making process. When engaging with others in the classroom or at home, they can become aware of choosing to focus upon or draw attention to the little me, the human self, or choosing to focus on the Higher Self. And then through the Self-respect they develop, they may more easily move into the modality of being respectful and of service to all, including their teachers and parents.

Focus on the Christ Self can come to the fore at different points of the child’s development, especially at the age of three, when there is greater focus upon the ego manifesting. We can share lessons and stories of heroism, or we could say “sheroism,” involving both heroes and heroines. We can ask children to talk about qualities of the hero, one of which is selflessness and an attitude that others are important, and emphasize that laying down one’s life to help, serve or save others is a quality that we can consider for ourselves, even as Jesus the Christ laid down his life for others, and various heroes have sacrificed something of themselves to serve others, thereby becoming a hero or a heroine. These stories of heroism have been stripped away from our Western culture because of the dialectic of rational humanism, which is not centered on the Divine, in contrast to early America, when they studied the classics and especially mythology, with its focus upon those who were godlike in the expression of their higher virtues.

We have to bring to children the sense of what the ideal is. The ideal is one who is God Self-centered, is focused upon universality and a collective awareness of beingness—that we are all one, even though every individual is important, including the child who is developing. This will bring about a new awareness of the collectivity within the classroom, within the family, within the greater whole. The battle may be difficult and the dynamic strained if we cater to the human ego, if we do not have teachers and parents with integrity who can be the witness of the child’s inner development and facilitate this process based on their understanding, through study, of the stages of development within the child. So teachers and parents have to be integrated and whole within themselves. Otherwise their own egotistical selves might get in the way of the dynamic of bringing forth the true Self from within the children.

We just sang the Ho’oponopono song. As we know, the law of Ho’oponopono teaches that what we observe within others we also have within ourselves, so it’s important for parents and teachers to be observant and continuously work on themselves. If teachers and parents are cognizant of this dynamic and law, they can work on themselves in a very integrated way on behalf of all of their students and children. If parents and teachers are God Self-centered, the model will be there for the children, who look to parents and teachers for the ideal, for the model. Love, kindness, respect and authenticity are all crucial to the self-development of every student and child in the highest, most virtuous and efficient way for that one’s God-success and victory in this life. In addition to all of this, if teachers and parents provide children with opportunities to be actively engaged in service to others, often using their hands to help and offering something of themselves, then the experience of givingness is brought into the present moment and children feel good about being of service.

We have to find ways and means for drawing forth from children what is of importance to them, based on where they are in consciousness. Therefore if you observe that a child loves trucks or even guns, think of creative ways to utilize that focus to draw out that energy from the child in a way that supports givingness and service to others. For instance, let’s say a young boy is really focused upon trucks. Learn a little bit about what the child knows about trucks and share that in today’s society certain trucks bring cargo around the world to box stores, smaller local shops, hardware stores, et cetera, so that people can purchase things that they desire to have in their homes. You can say, “Do you know that these big semis on the road carry all these things to the stores?” Maybe you can even take a field trip with the child to a store when a truck is unloading, and the child can meet the driver and those who unload the truck with forklifts, or whatever. Bring it into the practical so that the child sees that, yes, these people are, in a sense, giving service to others through their sacred labor. It’s important for the child to see the whole dynamic rather than experience it just from one small reference point of loving to move trucks around on the ground or having them crash into each other, or whatever.

Likewise, if a child is focused on guns, if you feel it’s appropriate, talk to the parent and make sure that at some point the child has training in the use of guns. Now, I am not personally an advocate of hunting except, and only, for the purpose of having food, if one desires that type of lifestyle. Yet if the parents are focused on that and obviously the child is, then ensure that the child has the safety training for guns. Typically, young boys will grow out of that focus upon the use of guns and move into sports or other activities where they can use the energy that’s flowing through them for a creative purpose, for teamwork or for a greater whole.

Team sports can be an important means whereby children learn not to be self-centered, because the team cannot be successful unless every member supports the whole. Most sports require an integration of every player within the whole for the plays to work. So sports themselves can teach this dynamic. There are many sports for children of all ages, including very young ages. Of course, there are types of sports where individuals primarily work by themselves. If they are part of a greater team, such as a golf team, each child would be competing individually, and yet for the team to be successful there has to be camaraderie, support, praise and rooting for each other, et cetera. Therefore all of this is really important.

What we model through our lives takes hold within the child at the earliest ages and ultimately comes out later in life as they mature, go through the stages of puberty, adolescence, and early and then later adulthood. If we offer opportunities for children to be engaged with others in creative ways, then there can be the overcoming of this propensity for self-centeredness and a true merging into a greater sense of collaboration, cooperation, oneness, brotherhood/sisterhood.

In addition to sharing stories and practical examples, modeling what service to others means and providing opportunities for children to engage with others in sports, 4-H or scouting, we ourselves must truly be world servants in the highest sense. Prayer, of course, within the family, and hopefully within the classroom, is important. Reliance upon God, the Almighty, the Creator, is always first and foremost. The greatest examples to share are from the stories within sacred scripture of saints, sages, avatars, messengers and messiahs who have self-sacrificed on behalf of humanity. When true spirituality, religion and prayer are removed from the schools, it is more difficult to get through to the Higher Self of the child. This is why prayer in the classroom is important and why many parents are opting for homeschooling in order to be able to freely share with their children, whatever their religion or spiritual background, the training they desire the child to have for that one’s spiritual development and true spiritual education.

Amidst all of the secular activity that children are engaged in, or in addition to it, there must truly be the freedom to engage in following one’s religion, spiritual teacher or teaching. It begins in utero; it begins at the earliest ages. If a child hears, even within the womb, songs of praise and devotion and feels the currents of love flowing from within the mother and through the mother’s heart to the Creator or to divine deities, that child will naturally express selflessness and the virtues of God. If there is not this dynamic and the child only hears raucous TV, movie entertainment, cacophony through the playing of loud rock, rap or jazz music, this affects that one’s delicate sensory perceptors and receptors; and the child is dumbed down and lacking in attunement to the higher frequencies that are pouring through the Earth right at this time.

So be careful what you engage in, even before your children are born—as you conceive them and during the time of development in the womb—and ensure that they only receive, hear and experience the highest of divine offerings and the most beautiful, resonant and holy of sounds, frequencies, voices. Talk to your children as you would to an avatar, a priest or someone that you respect. Don’t talk down to them, demean them, criticize them or call them out to the point where they feel devalued, unappreciated, demoted or less than. How we share with our children in teaching, sharing and modeling is all-important for the finer crystal-ray frequencies to be accommodated within their world, within their lives, within their consciousness.

So thank you for this question, and thank you, beloved Nada, for inspiring the answer.

Question: Beloved Nada, how can we best relate spiritual lessons and teachings to the new-age children, the crystal children and the indigo children, some of whom might seem to be autistic and may also be advanced souls?

David: Early on within our Hearts Center, Celeste Miller brought forth certain accelerated learning resources and tools for the development of the crystal rays, which we still have available. When parents and individuals have the development of the five crystal rays within them—having studied the cyclings of light through the hands, the feet and near the heart; having read of the lives of saints who received the stigmata; having focused on the five crystal rays internally through doing spiritual work—they can relate to some of these children who have these same developments, which may yet be latent or not expressed outwardly because they have not been encouraged within the educational system or in the home. Often these children are very highly developed, and we have to understand how to draw forth from within them their genius, their Christhood, their Buddhahood, their Divine Motherhood.

What is autism? It may be a deficiency in one area, and yet there may be genius in another area. So we have to look to what that genius is and encourage the flowering of that genius and that divine beingness by facilitating it in creative ways, by using the five crystal rays to draw it forth. There are some upon Earth who already understand this dynamic, and they are able to make contact with the inner essence of the child and facilitate this development. With loving, caring coaching, teaching and modeling, even children who have a deficiency, autism or a problem in one area can come out of that cocoon and actually flower as a beautiful crystalline butterfly and share their gifts with the world. Look at the life of Helen Keller, who was blind and deaf. And yet, oh, what a miraculous manifestation occurred by having the right teacher who was sensitive enough to develop a technique of spelling words into Helen's hand and using other creative means to encourage her development. There are other examples and numerous movies out there about different aspects of autism. Rain Man with Dustin Hoffman is one of them and Temple Grandin another.

Loving and caring, of course, is probably the most important and virtuous way of drawing forth the genius and divine design from within advanced souls who seem to be temporarily locked into a matrix of imperfection, lack or nondevelopment. The spiritual lessons that we desire to offer them are basically the same as what was shared in the answer to the previous question. Often children will hear and understand, yet they may not be able to verbalize the answers to the questions we are posing to them. So we have to find ways for them to be able to express that they do understand without them necessarily having to answer orally. Maybe they could draw a picture. Maybe you could give them three or four answers verbally and they could choose the one that they perceive to be correct. There are other ways to facilitate the emergence of their inner creativity and provide spiritual lessons through those who are trained in understanding all of the dynamics of autism and of how new-age children truly desire to be educated and trained.

There are resources on the Internet and books to be read about how to relate to these children, how to help activate within them the crystal-ray frequencies so that they can share them in creative ways. We ourselves must really get a handle on the five crystal rays—study them, merge with them—and blend the energies of our being with the Buddhas of the five crystal rays, the Five Dyhani Buddhas, the angels and archangels of the five crystal rays, and the Elohim and ask them how we can help these children to develop as God intends, as the universe intends, as their Higher Selves intend. It takes time and meditation, going within, reflection and asking questions, almost on a daily basis.

As these children develop, they themselves go through interesting stages. What works at one age may not work at another age. We have to be sensitive to the unfolding of their sense of self, sense of self-worth and of the ability to create and co-create. They may work better for much of the time on their own rather than in groups, because they don’t always feel comfortable in groups, and yet they can make great progress individually. I know one child that I consider to be one of these children who has been with The Hearts Center since early on, a little more prominent then and not so prominent recently. It’s a young lady whom I consider to be a genius in many areas, and yet her social skills are not the best. She is very shy and doesn’t like to interact with a lot of people. Yet her mother is very focused on helping her and has allowed her to receive training in many different areas, and she has emerged from this cocoon in a beautiful way. When you get to know her and you very consciously communicate, speaking slowly and waiting for the response without judging immediately, there can be an amazing alchemy that transpires whereby you make a deep connection with the soul of this one. And then there can be, through that linkage, great buoyancy and joy.

Lady Master Nada says joy is the key for all of these children, because on the inner they are naturally joyous, spontaneous and creative. Yet our school system does not understand who they are, and they try to put them into a box or constrict them through certain regimens based on the herd mentality, which treats all students as if they are the same or have the same learning modalities. We don’t all have the same learning modalities. Some are more visually focused, some audibly focused, some very tactilely focused. Often these very amazing children are more kinesthetic, so we have to find ways for them to work with their hands to facilitate their training. Often they will teach us amazing things if we are receptive and listening.

These children typically have a deep inner spiritual development, and yet they may be of different worlds or have certain sensory patterns and organs that are more prominent. Understanding this spiritual dynamic, we have to mindful. They may not even be of the Earth originally. They may be more telepathic. If we can learn to be telepathic ourselves, we can talk to their minds mentally, silently. You might be surprised to hear, telepathically, their response to you when you are mindful of the fact that they might have this gift, which most people are clueless about. So telepathy is one of the key things that may work for these children. These children may be masters of telekinesis, if you give them the opportunity. You may discover that they have amazing secret-ray or crystal-ray gifts.

Accelerated learning techniques can draw forth both their development and their spirituality. Some people may feel that ESP, in and of itself, can be dangerous if in the wrong hands, and that’s true. However, if you couple ESP with lessons on topics such as love, the virtues, faith, givingness or service, then the lessons themselves, streamed into their consciousness through mindfulness, via telepathy or using accelerated learning games, can be a phenomenal opportunity for these children to emerge from this seemingly self-centered state of autism or ADD and become great world servants and give their amazing gifts to the planet.

If we choose to be at the same level as these amazing children, we have to develop, Lady Master Nada says. We have to study more about this. And greater studies should be done around the world about the gifts of the autistic and these genius children—indigo, crystal, new-age children—so that we can understand who they are, develop games and learning modalities that will facilitate them coming out and being comfortable in the way that they communicate with us all. There is a lot of work that we have to do. There are books, teachers and individuals out there who have, as a whole, gained a foothold in understanding these dynamics. We can search the Internet, find these resources and, coupled with what we already have of accelerated learning, be on the forefront of helping these children, who will continue to be born through conscious parents who are spiritually oriented, for and on behalf of the Golden-Crystal Age of Aquarius.

In closing today, beloved Lady Master Nada would like to extend a certain radiance of her being and the roseate frequencies from her heart to each of us to assist us in parenting, teaching, coaching and facilitating into existence the Golden-Crystal Age of love-wisdom. Through this perfusion to our hearts from the rose of her heart, there is a certain aspect of divine love conveyed that will help us to be very sensitive, respectful and understanding of every individual. This perfusion is a grace for all of us to receive, to breathe in, to feel, to be mindful of throughout our day. As we smell the roses, as we walk in nature, as we spend some time outside with the sun, with the elements, the plants, the animals and the elemental kingdom, we can feel Nada breathing through the Mother kingdom of light in nature. We can feel Nada radiating through all that we experience within the natural order so that we are attuned to the rose of her heart and attentive to our own hearts, one with God in the highest sense.

These very delicate and fine frequencies that beloved Lady Master Nada and many of the archeiai and the ladies of heaven continually perfuse throughout the cosmos, especially for and on behalf of initiates and within the lives of disciples, are important for us to ingest and to assimilate for the nurturing of ourselves. It is a very daunting time for many people, with the cacophony of the world, the violence, the warring elements that are outpicturing in the Middle East and elsewhere, the violence that is portrayed by the media, especially in regards to race relations and what has transpired in Ferguson and other places.

We require a world that is more peaceful, respectful, loving and kind. When we can perfume and perfuse this essence through our hearts, people will pick up on it. They will feel it and they will be refreshed and avoid tension, stress and strain that brings about the breaking of things and civilization as a whole. We require a softness and a melodic strain of beingness pouring through our hearts to assuage the hurts that people feel, the pain, the anguish that people experience. So our hearts, one with the hearts of Nada, the ladies of heaven, beloved Vesta and Omega themselves, can be hearts that are in this modality of givingness and perfuming all with divine love; even if we stop for just a few moments at various times of the day and feel love pouring through us. We don’t necessarily have to stop and give a long round of decrees. We can just feel God’s love pouring through our hearts and ask Nada to accelerate and to magnify it and ask the ladies of heaven to bring these essences that flow through our essence to those hot spots around the world.



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