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The Sacred Circle of Family

The Sacred Circle of Family

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David Christopher Lewis (Inspired by the Divine Director and Jesus)
July 12, 2014 1:43–2:18 pm CDT
A Sacred Weekend in Chicago with the Magi, the Holy Family, and the Saints Robed in White
Wheaton, Illinois

The Sacred Circle of Family

It is altogether fitting that we have a time of darshan now, where we can commune with the master and ask questions of the Divine Director. In the past we’ve called him the Great Divine Director. He said in one HeartStream in the last few years that just as Jesus did not desire to be called “Good Master” and he kind of chided the person and said, “Only God is good,” the Divine Director said, “Only God is great, and so you can just refer to me as the Divine Director.” There’s still “divine” in there. So, only God is great, only God is good, said in the consciousness of humility of the great masters.

If you would like to ask a question that would edify all of us or bring greater God-consciousness or understanding or eternal truth to bear, please come to the mic over there by Carol and ask your question. If we don’t have too many questions from here, the master will open up to those of you at home, online, to e-mail a question.

Question: Beloved Divine Director, I am interested in the concept of the Holy Family as a cosmic understanding when it comes to learning love for city, country, world and each other.

David: Well, the Holy Family will be here tomorrow. However, he will assent to your question. He’s showing me an image of the comic strip called The Family Circle.1 Some of you may have seen it. A lot of levity is usually offered in this comic strip, which is just one cell rather than a series of cells. Bil Keane is the comic strip artist, and he came up with fantastic anecdotes of life in the family and the anomalies and things that happen in our families as a result of the interactions we have. And maybe he’s showing me this, David, because you’re quite a jokester and you like levity.

The family is supposed to be a circle. In the past we’ve talked about the father being the head of the family. In the new age the model is a circle, just as we often gather in Hearts Center activities in a circle. We’re almost in a circle here in this room; you’re all circling around. And yes, the father could be at the twelve o’clock line of the cosmic clock, and the mother could be at the six o’clock line representing the Divine Mother, and the children could be on the three and nine and all around the clock. However, at times, each member of the family comes into juxtaposition on that circle, with and in relationship to the other members of the family, as a valued family member, and with his or her own innate wisdom and understanding. When we know the law of reincarnation, we know that children often have greater attainment and understanding, which they bring back from past lives, than the adults.

If the parents are truly initiates and understand this dynamic, they will create the atmosphere within the circle of the family that allows for the child to develop his or her soul at a great level of freedom and opportunity, and allow that child to take his or her position within the family circle even as a type of leader, or to lead discussions. Especially in the past, for those of you who grew up in very wholesome families, the family meal, especially supper, or what some call dinner, was very important. That is a time when, in the circle of oneness or the circle of fellowship, you can have an interchange of ideas, discussion, questions and answers—just like this darshan—where the innate wisdom of each person is recognized, and there can be a sharing of what occurred during the day that is of value to be shared. There can be questions about what the family is doing, what the family’s goals are, what the family’s mission is, what its purpose is as a unit, a sacred unit of souls who chose to incarnate together to fulfill both their personal missions and dharma and a group or family mission and dharma.

How many families among us have actually discussed this dynamic—that we have a family dharma; we have a family purpose; we can choose to have a mission that we individually are part of the whole of and that will bring our family’s name and our family’s love to the fore on behalf of the local community in which we live. When the essence of that holy family—a family that is whole, first of all; and second, is purposeful in delivering its gifts, talents and virtues to the world—when that family is integrated, it’s amazing to see the effects of the love, the wisdom and the faith of that family modeled. Heaven takes note of this. And often, especially when the parents consecrate their children to a holy cause, to the purposes of light, souls that are highly evolved will be sent to incarnate through them.

The family circle should be a sacred circle, one in which there is a safety net of security, of privacy, where what goes on within the family home is not divulged or “scattered” to those who do not value or understand the integrity of that family. Some things are better kept within the family circle—not to hide them if they are not good—rather, it’s the alchemy of what that family may be working on together to promote something beautiful and divine in a way that is specific for that unit. You’ve heard, “What happens here, stays here.” In a sense, so long as it is intimately holy and beautiful and divine, there are some things that simply should not be shared outside that circle.

The family circle is like a guiding boundary of protection and of the security of that unity. This is important to know. And every other family, every other individual that may come in contact with your family unit should understand this dynamic of the sacredness and the holiness of that unified field of the family. When we value all families as sacred, as holy, then we will respect this dynamic and we won’t try to interfere or interject ourselves into other people’s affairs, or ask questions that are inappropriate, or gossip about others.

Sometimes families have the dynamic where one individual comes into that unit who may be different from the rest of the people in that unit. And this is for a purpose. It’s to draw out something from within the others to bring it to the surface for resolution. In the case of many families, including many of your own, you may have been the one that was different, because you, perhaps being more highly evolved in your spiritual path, chose a different road than others in your family chose. You were sent into your family to do work and to fulfill a specific purpose for that family, one that was or is essential for you to fulfill for the circle of that family to be whole and complete. And unless you resolve the issues that you have with your siblings, with your parents, with others in the greater family circle in a loving and harmonious way, a part of you is still lacking fulfillment.

Sometimes you may have to go back and resolve an issue with someone when you are adults, because you didn’t have the maturity when you were young to really know the psychology of what you were moving through. And once you became more self-assured, more educated, and more emotionally intelligent, you could see all the dynamics at play; and then you may be able to go back in an appropriate way and either ask for forgiveness or forgive others or resolve conflict. It’s important, as we mature, to realize that we may have made mistakes when we were immature. And yet now, in our maturity, we can move into a higher field of awareness that brings the resolution and the integration of who we are into the whole of our extended family. There is the immediate family unit that is your parents, your brothers and sisters and you. There is a wider circle of family that includes others—aunts, uncles, nephews, nieces, cousins, grandparents, grandchildren. And it goes on from there.

Now, even though we have our blood family, which is important because we chose to incarnate within that circle, we also have the holy family of our spiritual family, our spiritual community. And for many of us evolving on our spiritual path, this spiritual family almost displaces, at a certain time in our life, our blood family; and we actually feel closer to and bonded more with those with whom we have a spiritual connection, an affinity, and a very loving relationship, because we are purposeful in attempting to fulfill a certain spiritual goal. We are driven to meet the requirements of the ascended masters, the Great White Brotherhood. And so, our spiritual community is a family. And the same dynamics occur within that community and are important for us to understand, as these relationships involve our communication, especially, our understanding of each one as a holy brother, a holy sister.

The spiritual families within the Great White Brotherhood’s communities worldwide, of which The Hearts Center is one spiritual community, are very important circles. The components of that harmonic circle are based on the virtuous lives of each member of that community. And when one member is struggling, it’s incumbent upon the rest to pray and to understand and to seek understanding first, before judgment. When one person decides to leave the community, the door is opened for that one to leave and the door shuts. And often it’s interesting how, almost simultaneously with the circle opening to let one out, it’s as if another one enters, as that door is opened, to fulfill a purpose of the sacred circle.

Now, we have to be careful that there is never judgment upon or about an individual in a way that is demeaning to that soul. People make choices all the time. With The Hearts Center community, especially as a holy family, as a community of light, some people may do better for their personal mission in another family, in another circle; and at a certain point on their path they may not resonate exactly with the dynamics of this circle. It’s okay for them to move into a different circle; we have to be respectful of that. Sometimes it’s almost as if they’re thrust out or they feel impelled to leave, and it’s just part of life; it’s like maturing and graduating from high school and going off to college, and we are not necessarily living in our home with our siblings and our parents any longer.

We have to make our place in the world; we have to make our mark; we have to seek out new life and new civilizations, like Star Trekkians. We have to find our purpose, maybe within academia or the workplace. These are all families in a sense, family circles. And so long as we conceive of and retain the inner sense and the outer sense of the hallowedness, the sanctity of the circle of every family that we are a part of—whether it’s a local community, a local Hearts Center or Heartfriends Group, The Hearts Center of Chicago or the Bloomingdale group, the greater Hearts Center activity or the greater one, which is the Great White Brotherhood; and the Great White Brotherhood may be in their movement in North America or their movement in Europe or South America, South Africa, Africa or wherever—we understand that there is a circle that we are a part of, and we may interact with other circles, and those circles are all part of a larger circle.

Maintaining that sense of the sanctity and the security of each circle is important, because we live and move and have our being in a number of different dimensional planes of consciousness. And we move through these circles, hopefully, with a sense of purpose and appreciation and understanding, so that when we are interacting with those of a particular circle we are respectful, we are authentic, and we can speak forthrightly what’s on our heart and mind without someone denigrating or deprecating us. And we can fulfill various roles within that community with the understanding of the interplay of the points of mastery that we as an evolving soul are responsible for at a particular time.

For instance, within the council or the board of directors of The Hearts Center there are holy offices: president, vice president, treasurer, secretary. Then there are other voting and nonvoting members of that board; there’s the messenger, et cetera. People move into different positions and we have to be respectful of the office that they hold during a particular term or cycle. This is also true in our government. Even though we may disagree at times with the opinions and decisions of various individuals within the holy family circle of that particular group, we still have to be respectful of the office that that person holds. This is all-important, because if we continually criticize one who holds a particular office and we badmouth that person—the president, the vice president, Congress, the messenger of the Great White Brotherhood through this activity, or someone else—we will be held accountable for our words.

It’s the same dynamic within a family. Think of a family where every member of that family respects and really loves and cherishes every family member: There is wholeness, there is understanding, there’s peace, there’s brotherhood/sisterhood. Where that dynamic breaks down is where the critical elements of our human nature come in to play and are outpictured and objectified. And then, unfortunately, miscommunication or a lack of communication occurs, and then we see results in families that are not whole.

So, how do we heal and maintain the integrity and the wholeness of families? We know that loving communication, time to be together, to worship together, to pray together, to sing together, to do activities in nature together, especially, and to carefully listen to the heart and the inner motives of people’s feelings, thoughts and words is crucial. Sometimes we have to step back and be more observant; sometimes we’re a little bit more proactive and forthright and assertive. There’s a balance and there are biorhythms to the levels of communication at different times that we can all be sensitive to so that we allow each person to be a part of the whole, an integrative part of the whole. If there’s too much of one voice all the time in any organization or circle of family, then there’s an imbalance. And therefore, there should be opportunity for all voices to be shared; for all individuals who desire to contribute, to give; and for every person who feels that this circle is for them and a part of who they are and their mission, to be able to provide something of their selfhood in the alchemy of givingness so that there can be a greater exposition of that family’s divine glory.

Now, back to the family unit. Other masters, in the past, have shared teachings on the holy family that you can study again, and these are very valuable and the model of the wonderful family, what the Holy Family is known for. Jesus, Joseph (or Saint Germain) and Mary—the Holy Family that Catholics are aware of—is actually only a part of that family, because there is also Magda, Jesus’ twin flame and mate, and there were other children that Mary and Joseph had; there were seven children altogether. The whole story is not in the Bible and in Scripture as we know it. There is much more to that family that you may discover through your own communion with the heart of beloved Jesus, Saint Germain, Mary and the extended family of the Holy Family. Just the knowledge that Jesus had six siblings should give us pause to consider that though he was the preeminent one as the Christ Child within that family, so the other children also had their purposes in that family circle. And when the truth is told and when the historic akashic records are revealed and we see that some of these other brothers and sisters were crucial to Jesus’ mission, it gives us pause to consider that God is male and female, Alpha and Omega; and that Jesus’ siblings who were female supported him and were a part of that alchemy and were very important to the spreading forth of the gospel of that time.

The revelation in recent years that is coming to the fore, that Jesus was actually married and that Mary Magdalene and he had children—one child of their own for sure, and possibly an adopted child, or some say two children—gives us pause to consider that this truth has been swept under the rug, kept hidden from the historical record. Why? Because the fact that Jesus was actually married would change the Catholic Church. It would change the historical record. We would realize that marriage itself is a holy sacrament that virtually everyone, not just laypeople, can be involved in; that clerics, the clergy themselves, can be married. There’s not a stain of sin in marriage whatsoever; it is a holy union of Alpha and Omega, of male and female. And partaking of marriage as a sacrament or sacred event is the norm and should be the norm for procreation to occur and for civilization to be maintained. If everyone were single and unmarried, pretty soon we wouldn’t have civilization at all.

Jesus would like us all to know that he had fun, that he told jokes, that he had a great heart for divine laughter, that he was as real to the people at that time as a human being and an incarnate Son of God as we are walking the Earth now. There is no sin in levity and in having fun and being happy. It is really our divine, natural state of being to be happy.

It’s a little daunting to live on this Earth at times, because we feel the weight and the burden of gravity, of living “stuck” on this Earth. We’ve had the experience of what levity is, of being able to fly and float anywhere we choose to go through our thought process—anywhere in the universe. And when we’re stuck in these 3-D bodies, at times we feel limited. Well, Jesus says don’t feel limited, please; feel free to be who you are, to soar with the angels, to fly with eagles, to ascend in consciousness at any time to partake of the glories of heaven, to sing with the angelic choirs, to feel the love and the virtues of heaven gracing your lifestream through the blessings that God is continuously pouring out to the Earth through all manner of means that are available to us to accept and to participate in.

When each family member can feel this freedom of expression—the freedom to be, the freedom to live, the freedom to be creative and co-creative with others—it really does free us and it frees our family to merge with the greater family of humanity. Eventually we will get to the point where, although the family circle is still sacred and integral to life on Earth, we will see the melding of all of these circles into a greater circle of oneness. There won’t so much be countries and races that are separate and non-unified. We will all merge into this unified field of beingness and a greater presence of divinity that is born of God, because it originates from the One Source of light and love. We will behold every person as holy brother or sister. We will not segregate each other into specific identified groups; or classify people as good or bad; of this nation or that nation, this race or that race; Democrat, Republican, liberal, conservative, radical or whatever. We will simply be love, we will be part of the One.

The ultimate goal of the family unit and circle is to understand God—the Father-Mother God, God as Holy Spirit, God as Destroyer, God as the Christos, the Logos, God as the All. When you have God as your goal and union with God is your primary purpose in life, every family circle, every organization or movement that you choose to interact with or be a part of or associate with becomes sanctified by your presence, because you hold the sacred space of godliness through the office that you hold as a son of God, a daughter of God. You sit at the Round Table with the Knights and Ladies of the Flame, with King Arthur there at the head of the table, if you would like to call it that, and with his great mentor, Merlin, an embodiment of Saint Germain there, observant of all, inspiring upon him the ways of righteousness, of chivalry, of harmony, of authenticity.

Whatever circle you choose to move within during your life, bring to that circle the fullness of yourself, the glory of God shining through your lifestream, the beauty of your soul expressed in poignant and inspired gifts and givingnesses of your heart. Choose to offer your highest on the altar of the Most High at every point on your path, and others will feel that commitment, that integrity, that godliness, that holiness that you model and that you bring. And in this you will be fulfilled and you will complete your purpose for being on the Earth.

Thank you. That was the Divine Director with Jesus stepping in to say a few words.

1. Originally called The Family Circle, the syndicated comic strip created by Bil Keane was later renamed The Family Circus.


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