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“I AM” Affirmations for Perfect Health and Well-Being

“I AM” Affirmations for Perfect Health and Well-Being


David Christopher Lewis
August 27, 2014 7:37–7:48 pm MDT
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana

“I AM” Affirmations for Perfect Health and Well-Being

I AM whole.

I AM in perfect health.

I AM vibrant, energetic and Spirit-filled.

I AM radiantly healthy.

I AM whole in body, soul and mind.

I AM clearly seeing, hearing, touching, tasting and smelling.

I AM the perfect functioning of every molecule, cell, organ and system in my sacred body temple.

I AM clear and pure blood flowing through my heart and through my arteries, veins and capillaries now.

I AM knowing God within my form now.

I AM godly beingness within my four lower bodies today.

I AM breathing life, light and love into and through my temple now.

I AM loving my body as a temple of the Holy Spirit now.

I AM virtuously living in perfect health 24/7.

God is whole within me, and so I AM in God.

I AM in love with God within my body temple now.

I AM clearly seeing myself in perfect vitality today.

I AM Cylopea’s perfect vision of me as whole now.

I AM accepting the work of the angels of healing within my form now.

I AM releasing permanently all that is not whole within me now.

I AM wholesome, humble and holy in God.

I AM the perfect functioning of my mind 24/7.

I AM emanating perfect love to my cells now.

I AM the emerald ray of healing fully manifesting within my body.

I AM cleaning, cleaning and cleaning my bloodstream through my awareness of God within me.

My body temple is a temple of the Most High God.

I AM living in freedom to be my perfect Selfhood now.

I AM energetic each day of my life.

Engrams of perfect wholeness I AM accepting forevermore.

Angels of healing are my friends and I AM witnessing to their presence in my life now.

I AM living in Mother Mary’s immaculate concept of me now.

I AM living in the ray of truth, healing and wholeness now.

God is breathing through me now, and so I AM in love with God.

I AM smiling in my new wholeness this night.

I AM shining the light of perfect healing throughout our world.

I AM raying forth the emerald matrix throughout the universe.

I AM the allness of God within my body temple now.

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