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Archangel Michael: I Wield the Sword of the Lord to Clear Canada Now!

Archangel Michael: I Wield the Sword of the Lord to Clear Canada Now!

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Beloved Archangel Michael
David Christopher Lewis
September 15, 2014 9:44–9:56 am EDT
2014 Autumn Equinox Pilgrimage
A Sacred Journey with Saint Germain to Southeastern Canada
Montréal, Canada

Archangel Michael Wields the Sword of the Lord to Clear Canada

Blessed Hearts,

During this song and music, my legions have gone forth for a clearance action of every province and territory of this commonwealth. And there has been, by a directed action of Solar Lords, an infusion of light for the eradication of certain dark forces within the government, both the federal government and those at the local level. This action will continue for a fortnight and more, as you continue to pray to me, sing to me, and win the day through your eyes trued to the Almighty, through your mind glued to eternality, and through your heart vouchsafed unto God in those deep moments of inner reflection upon all that is holy and divine, wherein you can feel God’s eternal light welling up from within you and manifesting your own inner glory, one with your Source.

Blaze forth now the light of ten thousand suns throughout this nation! Blaze forth the light of ten thousands sun within every province and territory! Blaze forth the light of ten thousand suns within your own being, as those suns now model for you and yourselves what is real, glorious and divine within you, that which may enrich you throughout your life as you consecrate and rededicate yourself to the holy cause of eternal freedom and light each morning.

Dearest ones, when you give your calls with great devotion and intensity, we are there, winging our way into situations even that you know not of, where God calls us and where the Spirit directs us to investigate and to manifest light for the nurturing of souls, for the freeing of souls from the bondage of their human equation outside of the circle of God’s identity. We are there, shining forth opportunity for souls to step out of the darkness and into the light. Often we carve away so much of unreality from among the dark recesses of consciousness that people have accepted, have accommodated within their own beings, their own minds. This is our sacred work. And then of course, as you know, we often intercede for the direct rescuing of lifestreams from danger and peril of all kinds.

Dearest ones, our greatest joy, however, is not just to save the body temple from calamity. It is to save the soul from its own sense of darkness and the unillumined state that has been accommodated, often for lifetimes. If you could see how this action results in a wave pattern that sets the sail for that one to begin the sacred journey back to the Source, you would see how God is grateful for your calls, for that which you invoke daily that allows us to move in many realms, in many dimensional planes, and even in what you have now called multiverses, wherein the light does its perfect work, the light finds concourse within the lives of mankind, the light performs the alchemy and the victorious work of Spirit in matter.

Do you feel that it is time for a new world to be born within and around this planet? If so, continue your calls to us. For we are the ones that can help make it so, make it a reality right within your midst, day by day, as the light of heaven descends into Earth, as the light of God that always prevails shines forth and eradicates every shadow, every illusion, every sense of opposition, derision, derangement and nihilistic thought and feeling. Yes, dearest ones, there is so much to carve away as that unreality of the human experience from the lives of mankind. And so we feel that our work will continue for many centuries; and yet, you can shorten the days for the elect,Âą if you choose, by the invocation of the Word. You can truly make a difference daily through that which you utter with true and complete attention upon your Presence and acceptance that it is a reality and manifesting now and not in some distant future time.

O, how we are impressed by some of you, who have made that strong connection with Spirit and pour the full level of your heart’s fire into everything that you are involved in—your words, your work, even your play, your singing and your adventures in nature. Yes, dearest ones, we are there with you throughout your day, just beyond the veil, protecting and sealing you, guiding and directing you in so many areas and arenas of action. And if you would simply, at times, close your eyes and think on us, then you may even be able to glimpse something of our presence and God’s magnificence in your life and your environment. And with a twinkle in our eye directed toward your eyes, there may be a greater form of intercession and blessing in your daily affairs and in your victories won by the grace of God.

I AM Michael the Archangel, and I stand for those who stand for God in the affairs of the nations, in the work of the Spirit, and in their humble lives consecrated authentically to the holy cause of eternal freedom. Now I and my legions will be with you as you travel in your bus throughout the duration of this pilgrimage. We will go before you in numberless numbers to carve away all that is unreal before you, so that what you focus upon may be charged with the energy of true-blue radiance of God’s holiness. We direct currents through you as you accept our presence in your midst, and we will anchor great Solar fire and God-consciousness through your minds, your hearts, your wills. This is our joy. This is our work. This is our love of God for you, dearest ones. Thank you for coming to our homeland and nation.² Thank you for being the one who chose to accept the commission to be a pilgrim of light and to be that lightbearer, that light-sharer in this hour. God bless you and keep you ever in the radiance of the One.

1. Matthew 24:22; Mark 13:20.
2. Archangel Michael’s etheric retreat is in the Canadian Rockies at Banff, near Lake Louise.

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