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David Shares Keys on Mastering Our Psychology

David Shares Keys on Mastering Our Psychology

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David Christopher Lewis Discourse
September 3, 2014 9:04–9:29 am MDT
Livingston, Montana

Keys for Mastering Your Psychology

Good morning, everyone. God bless you and thank you for being with us today on this third day of September 2014. I’d like to speak a little bit today about the psychology of beingness and the psychology of oneness, which really are the same thing.

As I’ve contemplated psychology in general as the study of our psyche, or our soul, I have seen how there is always work to be done on ourselves because we are in a constant state of being in relationship to others, to God, to the creation and all of nature. To really make progress on our spiritual path, we can choose to be sensitive to all that is transpiring and experience life from a vantage point of objectivity and self-observation such that all that we think, feel, choose to remember, verbalize and act upon always comes from a point of the ideal, from a point of presence, from the eternal Now as we live in the moment and are attentive and attuned to our Source.

Recently I was involved in a discussion with a few people about situations, events and interactions with people—some of which had transpired quite some time ago, as well as recently—that brought up pain, the sense that people were not validated, valued, loved, appreciated or even responded to by others. It’s important at times to assess what is going on in relationships through conversation with others. Yet I think we also have to be careful that we don’t devolve into revolving the past, which in my opinion brings things up again and again to the point where we are recreating problems and reenergizing and reactivating hurt, sorrow, pain, a sense of nonappreciation.

It’s been said that men like to try to fix things, and women like to be appreciated, responded to and listened to. This, of course, is a generalization, and yet I believe that there is much truth to this. So in our relationships with others, especially when there is delicacy and sensitivity around situations in which people are in a very intense internal mode, experiencing deep feeling and require a listening ear—someone who can simply hear them and not necessarily try to fix them or make things right, better or perfect—we can choose to be in a state of presence and in the Now. And through deep listening, careful observation and a deep sensitivity, we can pour forth the light of our hearts with love for others, appreciation, understanding and even gratitude for what we are experiencing so that the person is bathed in light and there is a flame of gratitude for who they are.

I believe that many of the situations in which we make karma are a result of nonappreciation, nonacceptance or a lack of sensitivity and not attempting to seek first to understand what others are moving through, experiencing, undergoing. If we can develop a careful reference point of sensitivity, self-observe and be more objective in what is transpiring, I believe that we can gain insight, wisdom and divine knowledge so that the words that we then speak and what is emoted through the words that we speak come from a point of presence, are truly from our hearts and not just from our emotions or emotional body. We can share our deepest understanding, our respect, our reverence, our love. Even if there are things for us to share that others may not exactly understand or appreciate in terms of our perspective, the manner in which we share and the love that we pour into the communication will wrap that person in the comfort flame. And that comfort flame will assuage much and allow there to be the transfer of understanding from an objective viewpoint and perspective so that greater collective understanding may be gained.

Psychology is also a study of communication. And communication, as we know, often manifests not just through what we say; it also manifests through our body language, through what is behind the words, within the words and between the words. If there is a lot of intense energy communicated in these nonverbal ways that is not supportive or in direct correlation or resonance with the words themselves, people do pick up on that at the soul level. They feel the energy behind, within and between the words.

If we match the words we are sharing with truth, honesty and integrity and don’t attempt to couch them in ways that are demeaning or nondescriptive of the essence of what we are truly experiencing and desiring to communicate, then a positive outcome will result. We have to shift into matching those words with our inner core truth, with our true beingness.

When others hurt us and we feel the pain of the hurt, we can choose to stay there, live there and revolve it, or we can choose to go beyond the human conditions, the human insults and the drama that occur in this 3-D world, which keep us tied and bound to this world and maybe having to return to this world. We can free ourselves through our own consciousness to behold and perceive the beautiful, sublime and divine within others even as they misrepresent the truth, at least from our vantage point, and do things to us or respond to us in what we perceive as negative ways.

We always have a choice as to how we react. If we can truly self-assess and self-observe and respond from a point of love, understanding, patience and tolerance, then I believe that we have half the victory right there. Most people, of course, don’t do this. They respond from the egoic sense and there is a charge in their words when they respond. That charge is what activates the continuing egoic response and interaction between people and keeps the drama going, keeps the dynamic of an oppositional relationship between two individuals.

Where there has been conflict in the past, the only way to resolve that conflict is for at least one of the parties to go the extra mile and to emanate the ray of forgiveness, understanding, love, patience and kindness. The raying forth of those qualities and virtues coalesces the comfort flame around both parties, through which the Holy Spirit can then bring about a greater action of light to resolve the conflict at its cause and core.

Every time that we are engaged in a communication with others that is trying, testing and uncomfortable, we can choose to look to the source, to the cause and core of what is transpiring—and it could be from past lives or from one or the other’s subconscious—and we can silently ask the universe for answers. Sometimes there will be a flash of inspiration, divine gnosis, holy wisdom that will allow us to feel or even see and then know what is at stake, what the core issue is, often from long ago, within that relationship that still awaits resolution and understanding in order for us to gain mastery and then to move on.

Recently I became aware of two sisters who have had kind of an oppositional relationship since childhood. Part of it may stem from abuse from a parent—physical, emotional, mental or verbal abuse. This abuse sets up a dynamic such that in the ethers there is an energy pattern around the individuals of seeking recognition, acceptance and love, whether from God, the universe or one another, because a parent or someone was abusive to them. They don’t understand why they were abused, because parents are supposed to be godlike. They are supposed to be our mentors, our teachers and those who love us and provide for us. When parents are abusive it creates a charge and dynamic that requires deep psychological healing so that we can then gain self-mastery, move beyond our egoic sense and have the true us moving through our communication and relationships in such a way that we are able to resolve any personal conflicts.

So how do we move beyond this? What are some of the keys for us to have in our spiritual tool kit so that when we are in proximity to people who push our buttons, we can be in the nonreactive mode, the loving mode of the Buddha and the Christ, who taught us to love our enemies? Well, the greatest enemy is within us. We are always projecting the enemy outside of ourselves. We must realize that the enemy is always within us and work on loving that enemy, our own self, and even the shadow self, the ego. That doesn’t mean that we accept what the ego does or what the shadow self emanates. We love the God within the shadowed self that is at the core of our being. We love the light that is at the core of the ego, which has been clouded over by inhumanity, by vanity and by all the non-virtues, or anti-virtues, that the ego, the not-self, tries to have us manifest.

If we realize that the enemy is within, that that enemy is nonacceptance of God within ourselves—not feeling appreciated, understood, loved and cherished—and that this charge that the enemy continues to emanate can be dissolved through love, patience, forgiveness of self and thereby forgiveness of all, we can make friends with this enemy. And in that befriending of the enemy, the conflict starts to recede. The angst, the division, the negative charge begins to be transmuted and fully dissolved. We can then be free to be who we truly are without the conflict in our consciousness and memory body, which presses the ego to continue revolving ad nauseam everything that has transpired that has caused us to feel wronged in our relationships.

Mastering our psychology is, of course, easier said than done, and there will be times when we lapse back into a sense of the ego, a sense of reaction, a sense of being unjustly accused, badly treated or talked to, ignored, et cetera. If we can put God first within ourselves and within others and appreciate and love just who we are right now for who we are, then a new stream of light will flow as a river of conscious love to us.

One of the ascended masters recently said in a HeartStream that he loved us for who are right now. I believe it was Kuthumi. He said he loves us for just who we are right now, not who we would become or who we’ve been in the past. If a master can do this on behalf of the Lord God, because that master is one with God, then we can take our cue from that master and choose to love ourselves. When we love and appreciate who we are—even with our human imperfections, our foibles, our inconsistencies, our issues—then we can move beyond this drama that creates and recreates negativity, reaction and having the egoic sense restored and invigorated once again, even after we have consciously chosen to love our self and to transmute the not-self by forgiveness, by love, by understanding.

As we continue to work on ourselves with tools like the violet light, the violet-laser light, Ho’oponopono, conscious breathing, solar gazing and our prayers for ourselves and others, gaining a little bit more self-mastery and nonreactivity daily, it allows us to have the assertion and the insertion within our lives of greater God-consciousness, greater Solar awareness so that we become more nonattached, more indifferent in a Buddhic way, and more disinterested, as the Master Omraam has shared. In that disinterestedness, in that nonreactive state, the divine ego replaces the human ego. We become subservient and a friend to the divine ego.

When we are in service to the divine ego—our true superconscious God Presence, or I AM Presence—we always win. We always feel the validation of who we are, of course not in an egoic sense; rather it is in the true divine egoic sense that God loves us, appreciates us, that God created us in his/her image and likeness. Reminding ourselves every day when we awaken that God loves us is key. And gazing upon the morning sun is one of the best ways to remind ourselves that we are also suns of God, sons and daughters of God.

This morning I sat upon a bench that we have in the field in front of our home, and as I was doing my solar gazing and giving a rosary simultaneously, I felt the deep appreciation of the sun for me, the deep love of my Creator, my Source, for me as a spirit-spark, and I felt wrapped in the comfort flame. And it was my desire to ray it forth to you, each one, in some way today so that you could be charged and bathed in pure light-energy and receive what you require for your ongoing path of initiation.

So my prayer this day is that the sun will restore you to perfect health, vitality and a sense of oneness, inner peace and presence; that the Sun of your own Presence will shine forth fully through you today; that our collective work will be embraced by the golden-liquid light of the sun so that we can always feel joyous, happy, appreciated, validated. No matter what you are going through mentally, emotionally, physically, let the sun shine within you; allow God’s energy and light fields to transmute, overshine and displace all the shadows of yesterday, the burdens and cares today, the anxieties that you feel building up as a pressure about what you should do tomorrow. There is only now that you can live within to make your decisions and to choose light and love. So choose wisely. Choose the light of your Sun Presence and live in that integrity.

God bless you. Have a wonderful day. In about a half an hour I’ll be privileged to be interviewing Allan Botkin on our live Hearts Center Talk Radio broadcast. So we’ll talk to you then. Bye-bye.



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