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Discourse on The Hearts Center Finances, Fundraising Goals and Volunteerism to Gain Our Victory (video)

Discourse on The Hearts Center Finances, Fundraising Goals and Volunteerism to Gain Our Victory (video)

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David Christopher Lewis Discourse
September 2, 2014 7:22–7:42 am MDT
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana

The Hearts Center’s Finances: Fundraising Goals
and Volunteerism to Gain Our Victory

Fortuna would like The Hearts Center movement to precipitate $33,000 in a reserve fund that will be there for us to have in order to maintain a certain stability within our movement. She is asking that we accomplish this within thirty-three weeks. During these thirty-three weeks, as we focus on this initiative and give our prayers, raising $1,000 per week for what she calls a security fund, those who give effulgently in the amount of at least $333 will receive a dispensation of the multiplication of that gift by a special factor, granted by her heart; which actually comes through the heart of Mother Mary, Our Lady of Cosmic Abundance.

I’m seeing this factor as a sacred symbol, like a Greek letter. It is almost identical to the one that’s used in formulas and spreadsheet programs to sum columns. It looks like two characters with a little thing over the top. Anybody who knows can tell me what that symbol is called. This summation symbol is unique for each individual based on the person’s level of givingness and, most importantly, the love that one puts into this initiative and this dispensation—believing that it is real, that it is sponsored, and then making it happen through whatever he or she can muster in terms of precipitating the $333.

This fund is a special fund that will hopefully be maintained and rarely dipped into. It is a security for our Hearts Center as a resource for hard times, for situations in which something unforeseen happens. Yet The Hearts Center council is adjured to attempt, as a whole, to maintain this balance in the bank for our future, et cetera.

I am revealing to our greater membership that we have spent what we had in the past of our security, or backup, fund and we have virtually nothing in that account any longer. Fortuna says that this is dangerous to our movement.

Part of the dispensation that she is giving to those of you who are heartfriends throughout our movement—true believers, those servitors and heartfriends who are actively involved—is to help you in your life and also to help our movement. There are some staff who are working in various teams on initiatives to help us to precipitate what we will require as we move forward for the duration of this year and into next year, and I believe that Fortuna has given us at least something to work on in order to build back our reserves. As I shared, we have been in a somewhat dangerous situation of late.

Now, this just relates to this special fund. Of course, we also require money in the general fund to meet all of our needs and requirements—to pay our bills, to meet our twice-monthly payroll expenses and all the other taxes that go with that. I’m also seeing that in addition to this dispensation, part of the abundance that she is showering forth to all of us is to help us to build that general fund back up to where it should be. In her mind’s eye and in Mother Mary’s mind’s eye, this fund should be back to the $50,000 level. So in addition to this particular amount of $333, you can give whatever you desire to the general fund, and it will assist us. There is a different yet similar formulaic symbol for the multiplication for each of you based on your givingness in helping us with the general fund.

These two initiatives are above and beyond the tithe, Fortuna says. The tithe is what you already owe God, based on universal law. The tithe maintains your tie to God through the divine law that 10 percent is already God’s. We have shared that through giving the book I’m Rich Beyond My Wildest Dreams. “I am. I am. I am” to our members everywhere.

How do we build resources within our movement to accomplish certain projects and initiatives? We simply must have those funds. This security fund is not for the resources that we require for initiatives and projects. It’s simply a security fund. The $50,000 in the general fund, which we desire to always maintain and have in addition to our regular income, will be there for new initiatives to bring The Hearts Center message to greater numbers of humanity using the means that we have to offer them to the world: the Great White Brotherhood’s words through the HeartStreams and other dispensations that we receive, especially during our major events, when more of us are gathered physically together and there is greater energy accumulated through our collective invocation and precipitation.

This is rather daunting for many of us to consider, because I know that many of you are already stretched to the limits of your givingness as far as even being able to tithe, especially if you are on fixed incomes, or whatever. This, of course, is not some trick that I thought up. I was not even expecting a HeartStream at 7:00 am on a Tuesday from Fortuna. It is God’s grace, God’s blessing to us that this message has come. I was prepared to sing “Hail to the Chief” to El Morya and focus on the blue ray today. So it’s a little daunting to me to experience what the ascended masters sometimes bring and initiate through their messages.

All I can say is that things are a little tenuous right now for us financially. In addition to asking those who are already invested in our movement to give extra, we obviously have to reach out to people who are not yet involved in our movement. So I am asking you, on behalf of Fortuna and Mother Mary, to consider ways to support Donna Korth and those in the HeartShare Team to reach out to those who, if they knew about us, would resonate with what we are sharing and receive some of what we are offering.

I’m also asking, on behalf of Fortuna and Mother Mary, for assistance in helping us to bring to the world what we have already precipitated in our store. We have over $100,000 invested in the asset of our inventory of products in the store and in storage, which is right down the hall from the store. If we could turn even 20 percent of that $100,000-plus into usable cash, it would be a great, great resource for us. If there are any out there who would like to volunteer in any way to assist us in producing marketing materials that share what we have available in our online store, that would be wonderful and it would augment what our staff has already done.

We have cut back the hours of those who work in the store to two hours a day, and that’s really not enough time for them to do things that will help us to market our message and what we have to offer to a greater audience. That time is often just spent in shipping the orders that we have received or tending to emails or assisting Jeanette in what she’s already doing. It would be wonderful to expand our store hours again and to have some volunteers who could assist us in some way to market our messages.

I am seeing and can assure you that that those who volunteer and give do receive the graces of Spirit accrued to their causal body. This is part of the abundant life that you can live and move and have your being within. And I remind many that some of us volunteered for years in previous movements before we were paid anything or were paid very little for our service. Many of you have volunteered in churches, taught Sunday school. It’s all about volunteerism. So although many of you do require payment in order to live and pay your bills, some of you are at stages in your life when you can give a little bit more, even if it’s just a few hours a week.

My prayer also today, on behalf of Fortuna and Mother Mary, is that we have an individual or individuals who are focused on helping us to coordinate volunteers. In all the then years that I have been involved and invested in this work, we haven’t really had a go-to person, someone who any volunteer who desires to help can talk to, someone who has the greater picture of our movement and what we require and can facilitate this effort and train volunteers. We don’t have that person in place right now, and it would be awesome to have someone who is dedicated to enabling volunteers to give from their hearts. So this message is partly for our leadership so that they can consider this and assign or ask for someone to fill this role.

I am also seeing, by dispensation, the image of my parents, Bob and Verla Lewis, ascended twin flames, stepping forward to assist our movement in this initiative of volunteerism. Both of my parents volunteered unpaid time on the staff of The Summit Lighthouse for a number of years, my mother in the file room and my father in the audio-visual department. They have something to say today to all of us about volunteerism, and that is that during World War II, which they lived through, everyone stepped up to the plate in the United States to serve their nation and to safeguard freedom from Nazism and from the violence that came through the Axis powers—Japan, Italy, Germany—which were unfortunately used as pawns and tools of the sinister force to promote the destruction of life and of freedom in Europe, the United States and the Pacific.

If you could see the record of your lifestream and what you have earned in terms of what has accrued to your causal body in past lifetimes when you gave of your heart to the Great White Brotherhood and to the cause of freedom, you would see that the vast majority of what is stored there is based on what you have given and shared of the resources of your heart, mind, soul and spirit to support the light of God through various ascended-master movements, through virtuous organizations and divinely sponsored teachers, et cetera.

So Bob and Verla are saying today that it is altogether one thing to be paid for your efforts, and there are some, of course, who require this. The vast majority of us, even 90 percent of those invested in our movement, however, could be volunteers. And even some who are paid could volunteer more time than what they are paid for, as we know. Some are working very long hours and giving the totality of themselves to this cause.

Of course, I am speaking to the choir today. This is also a message for those who have touched the hem of the garment of our movement and seen what we have created through our website and what we have to offer the world, yet who have not stepped forward to either give, volunteer or support us in any way, or very little. There are those out there who have seen what we do in our movement whom we could reach with this message and ask them to please consider now knowing that we provide 10 percent of the resources of the Great White Brotherhood in terms of what we draw down through what we provide through our movement, through the HeartStreams and what we offer on our website. We hold the balance for a tenth of the world through what we do. As I’ve shared recently, other ascended-master organizations, as well as other spiritual movements and spiritual communities, hold the balance for the other 90 percent. Yet this small band of lightbearers is doing a lot, and we’re straining to do that through the little resources, the small budget that we have.

As we can gather more of these resources, as the coin of the realm, into our accounts, we can do so much more. We can have other initiatives; we can pay more staff. So we are reaching out to those on our expanded email list today and asking you to please consider giving either the considerable one-time gift of $333 that the Master has asked for, or more, or giving what you are able on a regular basis or as you are inspired; because some of you are receiving great resources and great opportunities for connecting with Spirit through our website, and yet you have not, to date, really assisted us in a greater measure.

That is the totality of the message for this morning. I would like to sing now to beloved El Morya, song 35, “Hail to the Chief,” as we begin the next phase of our morning broadcast service.



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