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Fortuna Comes with a Personal Dispensation of Abundance for Heartfriends and for The Hearts Center (video)

Fortuna Comes with a Personal Dispensation of Abundance for Heartfriends and for The Hearts Center (video)

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Beloved Fortuna
David Christopher Lewis
September 2, 2014 7:00–7:21 am MDT
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana

Fortuna Comes with a Personal Dispensation of Abundance
for Heartfriends and for The Hearts Center


I AM Fortuna, and I come this day to invest within the lives of devotees throughout the world certain frequencies of God-abundance and divine essences of the emerald ray, in which you may live and move and have your being in order to focus the Presence of God as the manifestation of the abundant life within your world daily.

Often individuals feel a sense of lack or that they require more of the riches of this world. Yet for what purpose, blessed ones, if those riches would take you away from a greater effulgent life in the spiritual realms of divine love and oneness with your Presence? You have heard the scripture regarding the rich man and the eye of the needle.Âą Therefore look within and find that point of presence whereby you may always know your connection with your Source, whereby you will always feel not bereft of the Spirit, rather rich in that light-energy that is essential for your life, that is essential for your mission.

For the kingdom of God is within you,² and the riches of the heaven world are right within your heart as those unfolding virtues and graces of the Spirit, which always provide for you what is essential in your life when you reach inward to access them in those sacred moments of intimate conversation and communion with God. For this is where the true riches of the Spirit abide, dearest ones. And all that in an outer way may bring you joy and happiness, comfort and ease, and surcease from struggle are only there as an outer manifestation of what is within you. Therefore be at peace with your current station in life, even as you seek greater God-beingness daily in the effulgence of the Spirit and that which will provide for you and others resources whereby this communion state of beingness may be sustained and at times reactivated, energized for you to know a fuller intimacy with your own God Presence and Solar Selfhood.

Yes, it is my desire and great joy to bring the riches of the Spirit as well as the abundant life to many upon Earth who call to God for what they require to meet the human needs of themselves, their families and others. Yet, dearest ones, in the introductory sessions of our classes in the retreats of the Spirit, there is always a focus upon motive, a focus upon purpose. Thereby all may understand that though they may access the golden-liquid light, the emerald rays and the divine quintessences of God’s eternal riches through alchemy, divine science and holy magic, there must be, first and foremost, the resolution within their minds and hearts of the reason for their work and an understanding of that which will ensue through the formulaic application of these divine sciences to bring greater God-good throughout the world, whereby rivers of light may flow through hearts wed to the Spirit and the blessings of God may continue to flow day and night through each one’s sacred being, trued to the Source—the fountain of all light and love.

Those of you who are struggling to maintain harmony and balance in the equations of day-to-day life as you both receive and give the coin of the realm to pay your debts to life, your bills, your expenses, invoke me and invoke the blessed Mother Mary, as our Lady of Cosmic Abundance, within your heart and feel and know a greater intuitive ability to maintain the harmonic state of presence with God within you. For this is what will allow you to maintain that abundant life at a deeper and wider level of expansion and effulgence.

If you have many stops and starts, gaining, in one sense, abundance here and energy there, and yet you still at some level have a leaky vessel, then that abundance will continue to flow out of you in certain ways that you regret. Therefore close these gaps through meditation and stillness in order that every decision is wise, so that there is forethought before you act and not the spending of your resources in often irrational ways on the spur of the moment, whereby you are taken here and there by advertising clichés and that which the mass media is projecting through their collective consciousness to bring down civilization through materialism and a focus upon outer things and that which does not always bring the soul back to God and God’s infinitude and eternality.

Yes, dearest ones, it is altogether possible for you to have the abundant life, even to have an opulent one in which you may give the extra resources within, that which you have accumulated, to others in need and to divine causes, such as The Hearts Center movement and other enterprises of the Spirit sanctioned and sponsored by the Universal White Brotherhood. Yet being wealthy is a matter of consciousness first. When you can maintain the sense that God is within; that the allness of God is present where you are; that the riches of the Spirit are yours every moment through angelic hands offering you the graces of God within your life to bless others, your families and yourselves, then you will see that it is more important to focus first on this aspect of the effulgent life—the spiritual one in which God rays forth divine truth, understanding and holy wisdom to all through your being, one with the All in all.

O blessed hearts, having said all this, I do indeed bring this day a resource pool of God-abundance into physicality through the lives of those who have put God first in their lives. And therefore angels of the sacred fire now dispense unto many within this movement, through dispensations of light and graces that I have sought in answer to your calls, the abundance of golden-liquid light and emerald-ray qualities that will precipitate directly into your actionable work and even your bank accounts the miraculous, the mysterious and the magical so that you may know that God is present here through what we offer, and that light is available through what we, collectively, within the Universal Great White Brotherhood provide for our disciples, our initiates, our holy ones.

Therefore, blaze forth that emerald light now! Blaze forth that emerald light now! Blaze forth this emerald light now within the hands, within the hearts and within the minds, in perfect balance, of our devotees, O God. O blessed Mother Mary, our Lady of Cosmic Abundance, shine forth your light here and where every heartfriend gathers in holy prayer and in that intimacy of communion with God early in the morning as the sun rises and as the light shines forth within their world.

Blaze forth the emerald light now! Blaze forth the emerald light now! Coalesce, coalesce, coalesce now within The Hearts Center movement the alchemies of divine spiritual fire for the teams, the heartfriends, the servitors and the greater collectivity of the Universal White Brotherhood, sponsoring projects, initiatives and God-desires within this movement so that each one has what is required of that abundant life in the here and now and not at some distant point, unreachable and beyond the threshold of human existence.

Blaze forth the emerald light now! Blaze forth the emerald light now! Blaze forth the emerald light now! Open your hearts to receive the riches of the Spirit, O soul. Open your minds to receive the eternal wisdom teachings of the holy ones who serve at the altar of the Most High God. Open your hands to know that God is present. And through the touch of the Almighty, you too may receive, through the initiatic path, the impulses and the divine radiances that will goad you to permanency in love, authenticity within your heart’s fire to be true to the cause for which you embodied upon Earth.

I remind you of your holy vows. I remind you of what you have written to the Great Karmic Board. And Pallas Athena herself steps forward as an initiate of divine grace and one who embodies the ray of cosmic truth to remind you to be true to your words uttered before the altar of the Most High God before your various incarnations and in the letters you have composed to the holy ones of God, in which you have offered service to receive dispensations and graces from our realms.

Yes, blessed ones, if you could see what we have attempted to give you, you would know that at times there is a disconnect only because you have not maintained the spiritual disciplines to which you have penned your name in these letters. Therefore reassess where you are. Reactivate an inner desire to truly win the day through self-sacrifice, givingness and modeling that which you know to be a life of virtue and sanctity. For when you come into alignment with the lodestone and the North Star of pure beingness, that is when the flow truly begins and you will know that all that you require is there instantaneously within your hands for your use for your victorious life in God, blessed ones.

You have heard the scripture that says to study and show yourself approved unto God.³ You are already worthy in your inner core as a son/a daughter of the Most High to receive God’s graces, blessed ones, and yet through a disconnection, through a lack of attunement, an at-one-ment, with God, unworthiness sets in in subtle ways. And therefore you must reignite the fire and experience that divine light through your hearts moment by moment through the processes of God-beingness that you have heard of oh so much through this movement and that are essential to maintain, peace, prosperity and the all-possibilities of that virtuous life which leads to the Promised Land, where milk and honey, as spiritual graces, flow to the virtuous ones who put God first in their lives.

May the graces of these emerald rays, which I have codified and released within this realm for each of you who would be true to your Source and true to yourself, flow and continue to flow as you pray, as you purify and as you, as I have shared, put the Lord God first and foremost in your consciousness, within your vision and within your life.

I AM Fortuna. You are fortunate already. Now seek a higher fortune and invest all that you can muster of your inner resources for the victory of light within The Hearts Center and within this planetary home, blessed this day by God’s grace, dearest ones. I thank you.

1. Matthew 19:23-24.
2. 1. Luke 17:20–21.
3. 2 Timothy 2:15.



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