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Sora, Twin Flame of Enoch, Participates in Our Diamond Crystal Purity Service

Sora, Twin Flame of Enoch, Participates in Our Diamond Crystal Purity Service

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Beloved Sora
David Christopher Lewis
August 22, 2014 7:00–7:11 pm MDT
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana

Choose Whether You Will Walk with God All the
Days of Your Life

Beloved Ones,

I AM Sora, twin flame of Enoch, and I come to participate in your service this evening to augment the work that you are about to do with the light of God that I bear within my Solar Presence. For Enoch and I have walked with God for eons of time.¹ And in our communion with the Sun Source of all being, there is the simplicity, the humility and the anointing of oneness through the multiplicity, and there is the dynamism of accepting within one’s being the allness of God’s Presence—the beauty, the joy, the grace of perfection, and especially that eternal love fire that is omnipresent within the entire created universe.

You may know of that which my beloved wrote long ago about those who have been called the fallen angels.² Yet, blessed ones, after Enoch’s ultimate ascent to the heart of God, we moved far beyond a focus upon those dark days upon Earth when the unconscious ones embodied to attempt to destroy the very fabric of civilization and that which God presented as the Edenic state of harmony and presence upon Earth.

From our pure state of Buddhic beingness in the higher worlds, we emanate a frequency that is both subtle and profound, a light-energy field that glows and sings and swirls and manifests the ideations of God, the very thought processes of the universal mind and of that which originates from the Source, activated by God’s will, wisdom and love, whereby the sons and daughters of God upon Earth, the children of his heart, may return to that state of oneness and, like us, walk with God again.

My name for some does signify that which allows the soul to soar unto Alpha and to be subsumed into the Omegic light of the Divine Mother. For in this state of oneness with the Father-Mother God, within the eternal love-fires of their hearts, there is the supernal manifest. There is the bliss of divine ecstasy in love, whereby through every breath and heartbeat one feels the pure connection with Source. With every emanation of virtue through one’s being, there is the profusion throughout the cosmos of all that is God-good, all that is harmonious and worthy to be stamped with eternality within the cosmic spheres of God-identity.

Truly, blessed ones, you too may soar with angels and divine beings when you choose to harmonize yourself with the allness of the Eternal One and to give birth within your soul to all that is worthy of who you are as a spirit-spark of God. Truly it is a time upon Earth when both judgment and justice and mercy are available to humanity for the resolution of all that has transpired that is not of the pure light of oneness.

Therefore now, during this Purity Service, there will be an acceleration of light within your chakras, within your heart, within your soul and mind; for the Diamond Crystal Buddha, who manifests his light above you within his sacred retreat, now accelerates the fire of this crystal ray of purity within every cell of your being. And there is the nurturing of your soul; there is the elevation of your consciousness; there is the infusion within you of pure Spirit now. And Enoch and I place our Electronic Presence here for a permanent focus of light so that when this one delivers the teachings of Melchizedek next year, there will be upon Earth a transfusion and a transformation of consciousness everywhere amongst those who are attempting in some way to return to the heart of God through their devotional practices, their meditations and their spiritual disciplines.

Yes, blessed ones, it is time for the great shift between ages to occur whereby war is no more, whereby those who have participated in the mayic emanations of darkness and destruction are removed from the scene. And therefore there is now an action of cosmic justice manifest throughout these spheres and this temporal plane of being that you call your Earth. And the light of the archangels and archeiai is present. And the trumps are blown now by great beings of light, calling souls home, calling souls higher. And there is the dividing of the way as the Lord Christ himself stands within the Holy City for the separation of the tares and the wheat, those of the light from those of the darkness.Âł

Choose ye, O mankind, whether you will walk with God all the days of your life or walk with someone else than the Creator. Choose life; choose your God-identity; choose the reality of beingness, pure light, pure love, pure and noble godliness. Yes, dearest ones, you have heard that cleanliness is next to godliness, for cleanliness signifies the purification of self fully and the emptying of oneself of all that is unreal. Therefore during these services, let go, let go, let go of something of yesteryear that you choose no more to have vibrating within the folds of your garments and manifesting within your subconscious. Dissolve it now by the power and grace of the legions of Purity and the Buddhas of the Pure Land of Lord Maitreya.

I, Sora, now invest within this movement an action of light for the victory of this dispensation and the messages of the true and one Great White Brotherhood upon Earth for this time, and for the release of these avataric dispensations and blessings upon humanity.

Seek God first and foremost in your lives, and all else shall come into alignment and resolution. This is the Word of the Lord to you through my beloved Enoch and me this night. Now go to, and be the Buddha where you are—and walk with God eternally.

1. See Genesis 5:18–24.
2. Sora is referring to the Book of Enoch, an ancient pre-Christian Jewish text traditionally attributed to Enoch, the great-grandfather of Noah.
3. See Matthew 13:24–30, 36–40.


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