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The Importance of Clean Blood in Maintaining Optimal Health (Sharings by Lady Francesca—Part 5)

The Importance of Clean Blood in Maintaining Optimal Health (Sharings by Lady Francesca—Part 5)

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Beloved Lady Francesca Discourse
David Christopher Lewis
August 3, 2014 9:35–10:01 am MDT
Livingston, Montana

Sharings by Lady Francesca: Part 5

What We Do as an Individual Affects the Whole of Creation

Good morning, everyone. Today is the third of August, 2014. I’m grateful to Barbara and Phillip for the service today, and I pray that all of you are doing well. I was not able to be on the broadcast yesterday for the fifth and final sharing from our beloved Nancy Freaner, Lady Francesca, and so I’d like to do that today on her behalf.

In order to have vibrant health while in incarnation upon Earth, it is essential that we take stock of ourselves—our body, our mind, our soul and our spirit; the physical, mental, emotional and etheric planes of being—and that we establish the proper flowfield within each of these bodies for our protection so that our temple of light is radiating every vibration of strength and virility and vibrancy that we can. Of course, as we age, there is a tendency through a type of entropy for us to have the gradual breaking down of our bodily systems. We know this in the physical sense, and yet there is also the situation where our minds can start to go, our emotions can be stretched to the limits, and even our memory body, or etheric body, can at times be compromised.

Look at your four lower bodies as a pyramid. A pyramid has four sides; it has the apex, or the top, the peak of the pyramid; and then there’s the foundation upon which all four sides are based and rise from. That foundation is really born of all of the seven rays, and in fact, even the eighth ray. What this means is that when we have the integration of the seven rays and the eighth ray, we have that foundation upon which we can have the balance of our body, mind, soul and spirit so that we can actually rise in consciousness to the crown, to the apex of being, and ultimately make our ascension.

Approximately two-thirds of the way up from the center point of the base of the pyramid toward the apex is the point of the resurrection flame. In esoteric teaching and thought, this may be where the King’s Chamber is, where sacred rituals have been performed to assist the soul in the process of the resurrection after the initiation of death itself or the letting go of all attachments to the physical.

How can we generate the field of energy through our four lower bodies to maintain perfect and vital health and well-being, wellness and wholeness? For many of us, especially as we are aging, this becomes all-important, because we know that as our systems are compromised we cannot do as much work or maybe make the progress that we would like to or hope for.

An interesting thing that I discovered yesterday is that every drop of blood has the memory, the imprint, the signature of our state of bodily health or the lack thereof. Just as the feet have the points that relate to all the organs and systems in the body, just as the hands do, and also as the eyes do through a study of iridology, and even as the ears do—so, actually, every drop of blood has this imprint and memory of all that has transpired within our physical body temple. Those memories, those records, are kind of stamped there; and those who are trained and knowledgeable can actually read in every drop of blood the state of health and vitality of the human being.

These imprints are things such as surgical scars, if we’ve had surgery; or where our organs, system, structures or cells may have been compromised; where there are heavy-metal deposits like mercury, if we’ve had mercury fillings, silver amalgam fillings; and where other vital aspects of our health are recorded right within the framework through the way that the blood coagulates and stays on a slide, if we were to look at it under a slide in darkfield microscopy.

I was very interested to see this dynamic the first time I saw it, in Bozeman, Montana, at a clinic where I had darkfield microscopy. Yesterday I had the opportunity to see my wife’s blood and my blood at a different clinic. It was amazing to see what was going on. Probably all of us have little critters in our blood that we would not like to have there. We have red blood cells. We have white blood cells, which are much larger than our red blood cells, and they do not have the rounded form of the red blood cells. Their purpose is to help our immune system and gobble up some of those microbes and the fungus and other things that do enter our system through our lifestyle today.

When our immune system, through stress and through many factors, is compromised, even the red blood cells get attacked by little microbes, and they can become darkened and have little black protruding patterns on them. Through stress and other things, this dynamic occurs. Why is this? Well, at some level, all of us have allowed our systems to be less than completely pure. We do this through our daily choices, through what we eat, what we ingest through the air, through what we take in, in a number of ways, through our own consciousness, through the water that we drink or the liquids that we take can in, even through interaction with others, through kissing and other things.

It’s interesting that every drop of blood has this memory or imprint or signature of where we are in our physical journey through life. I did not know that every drop of blood in our whole body actually has the same type of imprint. In other words, if you took a drop of blood from your little finger or from somewhere else and put it under a microscope, every drop of blood would have the same memory of your state of health. It’s totally amazing; you see in the microcosm the macrocosm of our being. You may not believe me, and this doesn’t sound like normal biological science, and yet I saw it with my own eyes with the blood under the microscope and the images projected onto a screen.

So, if we take this understanding, we can see how everything that we do, all of our thoughts, our feelings, all of our actions affect the totality of our being. If this is true, which I know it is, then what we do as an individual spirit-spark of God affects the whole of creation because, as Above, so below, the same dynamic manifests. As we are vital, living, divinely breathing spiritual beings living our best and making progress on our spiritual path, we actually do affect the great organs and systems of God, which are the planets, the solar systems and the galaxies.

It is incumbent upon us to realize how important we are as one little cell within the great body of God. There are many communities. Every organ in our bodily system is a community of cells of a particular type. And this community works in harmony to do its function, to fulfill its purpose, just as our Hearts Center community is very integral to the Great White Brotherhood to do certain spiritual work for the planet that no other group, no other organ or organization can do. We as individual components of this community are important to The Hearts Center so that we in turn can fulfill our purpose for the Universal Great White Brotherhood.

As I meditated upon this dynamic of the importance of every decision—you know, we’ve heard that Saint Germain made two million right decisions toward his adeptship and toward his freedom in the light—I see now how everything that I do, everything that I drink, everything that I put into my body, every thought, every feeling is impactful and essential both to my vitality and health and well-being and then, in turn, to what I can provide as teaching and a resource of light for our movement and for many, hopefully, thousands of people across the Earth.

You too, each one of you, is essential to the makeup, the totality, the egregor, the community of this movement. And because we have a very powerful spiritual movement at this time in Earth’s history to the plans of the Great White Brotherhood, to the evolution of life, especially in the United States of America and in Canada and other nations where heartfriends abide—Spain, Sweden, South America, South Africa, especially at this time, and hopefully moving into other countries as we have heartfriends who resonate with our message and participate in our work.

From Nancy’s perspective, having gone through what she went through in her final days upon Earth, her guidance, her instruction to us is to make right choices, because our lives can either be lengthened or shortened by every last decision that we make. It begins hourly, moment by moment, day by day throughout the coursing of our lifestream. If we are a little bit off guard and we decide to eat that thing that we know is really not to our benefit healthwise—maybe we go out and have a really big steak at a restaurant and we pile it with other things—is that really for our highest purpose on our spiritual journey? Or we decide to have, every other day, pie à la mode. I’m getting out there a little bit, but where I’m going with this is that we can compromise our digestion, we can compromise our blood; and when our blood is compromised it compromises so much within our body temple.

I am amazed to realize that I have a lot of work to do in cleaning up my blood. One of the things that this physician we’re speaking with in the last couple days has said is that taking very wonderful plant-based enzymes is essential for people, especially as they age, because the enzymes help digestion. And when you take them between meals they actually help to clean the blood. Donna Korth has probably spoken of this before. If you can find a good source of plant-based enzymes, those little substances do go to work and they can help clean up the spaces between the red blood cells to get rid of the microbes and bacteria and other things that don’t serve us well. What happens is that those bacteria, if we allow them to, do attack the red blood cells and compromise them; and then we start to have disease and then it results ultimately in major problems in our system.

The lymphatic system is another important system in our body that is really crucial for many of us. Pranic breathing, regular aerobic exercise and drinking plenty of pure water—eight glasses or more a day, and it could be much more, based on your weight—are really important. Regular exercise, meditation and especially pranic breathing, as I mentioned, are important because the oxygenation of our blood is so crucial to maintaining our optimal health.

From Nancy’s vantage point, having been a physical therapist, the elasticity of our tendons, ligaments and muscles and the strength of our bones is all-important for the holding together of the physical apparatus of our body. We take a lot for granted with the structure upon which we move through our daily life. We take our feet for granted, our legs for granted, our torso, hips, arms and hands. When something happens and these are compromised, oh my gosh, are we grateful for the time when we didn’t have the pain or the compromise of that part of our body temple.

I think we can all choose to be even more invested in taking care of our health. I see the body temple, as one of these four faces of the pyramid, as all important for us in our spiritual work. As I shared fairly recently on one of The Hearts Center Talk Radio broadcasts, physical exercise is crucial for this. I know for myself that if I don’t exercise on a regular basis and strenuously a couple of times a week, whether I’m swimming or hiking, biking or doing something that’s very aerobic, then I am not at my peak. When I choose to discipline myself to do those physical things—an energetic walk, not just bending in the garden; that’s great work but it’s not aerobic—I know that I can serve better.

Again, I’m coming before you on behalf of Nancy and on behalf of the healing masters to have you really consider setting up a program, a schedule whereby, no matter what is going on in the outer world, no matter how much work you have, how much stress there may be in your daily affairs, you plan your day to not compromise in having that time to take care of yourself with at least an energetic walk at a minimum and, as you’re able to, something more in terms of an aerobic exercise.

You know, we can justify not exercising by the fact that we have so much work to do. Believe me, I have a lot of work to do. I have lots to edit, many books to work on, many projects that I’m involved in for The Hearts Center. I know many of you are in the same boat; you have a lot to do. Sometimes you have three or four things in the fire and you’re trying to juggle everything, including taking care of your family, sometimes with small children, or you’re dealing with an issue of someone who’s grown who’s still got emotional situations or mental problems or whatever it is, and it just seems as if all the attention, all the focus you must put on those things takes everything out of you.

I can assure you, you can be the best mom or dad, you can be the best servitor for the ascended masters, for yourself and for your family, when you first take care of yourself. Because when that time comes when you’re not able to take care of yourself as much as you have in the past, you then become, in a way, the ward of others—the ward of others who are trained in healthcare or your family or even the state. I for one, as well as many of you, do not desire to be in that situation where you are completely helpless. And yet, many of us, probably in our later years, may go through that if things come to that; and part of what determines that is based on our choices.

This is really nothing new that I’ve shared today except maybe the information about the drop of blood. However, I see it as a very important component of our path, through Nancy’s eyes, because of what she has passed through and what she is now working on to assist our community from higher octaves of light so that we can actually make the greatest progress as lightbearers, as initiates.

If we all root for one another, if we pray for one another, and if we support one another through our health challenges, through what we are collectively going through, I believe we can be a more resilient community. We can be a community where, if one is going through a challenge the others can support that one through all manner of initiatives, including prayer, calling and sending things that may support that one through their crisis. And of course I appreciate all of you in terms of what you’ve done for one another, the love you’ve shown heartfriends in your area or elsewhere in the nation or even outside the United States. It’s really amazing to see the support system that we have, how much we do care for another and love one another through what we do to support each other.

Now, this factor of stress, I’d like to say one last time, is really important for us to deal with. I believe that exercise, deep breathing, meditation, drinking plenty of water, getting enough sleep, and actually taking moments throughout our day to just stop, focus on our I AM Presence, give the glory to God, and to breathe deeply and to be still are all excellent things that we can participate in to de-stress ourselves.

If you feel stressed at any time, just stop, breathe deeply, go within, close your eyes, relax. At times, if you’re in a place where you can do it, you can even lay down, close your eyes, slow down your breathing, and see that stress leave you permanently and be dissolved into the atmosphere. I think we all experience stress, and it’s a great thing when we can de-stress in nature or through a wonderful shower or a fantastic night’s sleep or whatever it takes. That release of the stress and the pressure and the strain of daily life upon Earth is so important for us to rejuvenate so that then we can give our best in our work and service.

In the name of the living God, I pray for our beloved Patricia Carlson today for her healing, for her comfort. And this which I call forth for our beloved Patricia, I call forth for every heartfriend in our movement who in any way is undergoing strain, stress, suffering, pain of any kind. I pray for every heartfriend and I accept God’s mercy, God’s grace, God’s perfect healing light to flow within the four lower bodies—body, mind, soul and spirit—of every heartfriend for perfect vitality, well-being, joy, divine happiness and grace.

Thank you, O Lord, for hearing our prayer and answering. Thank you, blessed Mother Mary, and thank you, beloved Lady Francesca, for all that you do for the health and well-being of all life upon Earth. We accept it done in the name of living God, and we are grateful. Amen.


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