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Experiencing a Sacred Healing Session in the Retreat of the Angel Deva of the Jade Temple Over China (Sharings by Lady Francesca—Part 4)

Experiencing a Sacred Healing Session in the Retreat of the Angel Deva of the Jade Temple Over China (Sharings by Lady Francesca—Part 4)

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Beloved Lady Francesca Discourse
David Christopher Lewis
August 1, 2014 8:00–8:31 am MDT
Livingston, Montana

Sharings by Lady Francesca: Part 4
A Sacred Healing Session in the Retreat of the Angel Deva of the Jade Temple

Good morning everyone. God bless you. As we continue in this series of sharings from our beloved Lady Francesca, our beloved Nancy Freaner, I’d like us to go deep within our hearts and focus on the eternal spark of God that we call our threefold flame. Feel the pulsation of the light of pure love, wisdom and faith, and feel this fire as a buoyant energy, this light as a most joyful and powerful current. It is divine; it originates from the Great Central Sun and it has been vouchsafed to us, as a son or daughter of God, as that which animates our being as our very spirit. The Holy Spirit lives within this fire within us, because our spirit is also holy as we choose to make it so by a conscious life lived to the glory of God.

As we continue to focus on this eternal light-energy that is our inalienable right, beloved Nancy takes us now to the retreat of the Angel Deva of the Jade Temple over China. She has been granted the opportunity to share with us a greater aspect of healing and wholeness that transpires within this sacred retreat. And so we find ourselves amidst great beings of light who have internalized the essence of jade on behalf of perfect wholeness, who focus the frequency of this aspect of the emerald ray through their beings to hold the balance for many individuals, especially those of the Chinese culture, and yet many more upon Earth who require this particular frequency to make progress and to deal with the issues that they are experiencing.

We see all around us, within this room that we enter now, the crystalline patterns of jade. And we feel the currents that are being emanated by this jade substance, which is coalesced on our behalf this day in an amazing alchemical matrix whereby we can feel it, see it, touch it, almost taste it, and even hear the tonal qualities of wholeness that this jade amplifies within us today. Now, if you have jade and you are wearing any jade, it is also amplified now by the currents within this sacred retreat. And there is expanded through this divine substance a particular aspect of healing of our minds and our consciousness, of our soul and our spirit, and for some, the alleviation of certain pains and suffering even within the body temple.

There are many colors of jade, as we know, and yet in this experience we see and feel the green, the emerald aspect of jade rather than other colors, such as white or even pink or darker colors. This jade is alive; it has consciousness. The angel deva of this retreat as well as many other devas, angels and healing masters accelerate the frequency to a very high vibratory pitch. We can hear the hum, that now takes hold of us and that we bask within, that is the sound of jade itself as a frequency bringing into play healing in certain higher healing modalities. This humming action works on our mental body to help us to displace thoughts that have clouded our awareness of God within ourselves and within all life.

The jade accelerates the action of pure vision within our third eye. And beloved Cyclopea, whose retreat is also over China, now sends forth a ray to bring the light of Elohim into play, the light of creativity to our third eye into action, so that our minds may experience true Buddhic mindfulness. As many of us are bodhisattvas, having taken the bodhisattva vow, there are many feminine Buddhas hovering in the atmosphere over this retreat and within it to also accelerate this action today on our behalf. And simultaneously many initiates of the sacred fire are experiencing this great delivery of the frequencies of healing.

As we feel the vibratory energy around us, going within us and through us, and we hear the gentle hum of this spiritual energy, we are raised, we are we repolarized. And there is the sloughing off from our minds of certain patterns of imperfection, concepts that we have held about ourselves in this and past lives, which are gently and graciously removed from our consciousness and our subconscious. The angels do their perfect work, blending the frequencies now also of the violet light with the jade to transmute and dissolve and consume these patterns, these glyphs of consciousness that we have accommodated within our mind and within our vision center.

There is now the opening of our third eye as a great portal to the All-Seeing Eye of God, and there is a direct transfer, from the All-Seeing Eye to our third eye, of this action of illumination and of the emerald-jade frequencies of perfect vision, perfect seeing, clarity of consciousness, and a new buoyancy of beingness that comes because the truth has made us free, because we see that truth as the reality of our being.

The emerald now intensifies through the jade and it becomes more like a deep, deep green jade. And like the ruby ray, which is a concentration of the pink fire of divine love, this deep emerald-jade green concentrates within our flowfield, within our aura, the action of wholeness and a purification of our entire consciousness within every cell, within every system of our body temple. Those cells which no longer serve us are dissolved as new ones almost magically appear in their new vitality, in their fresh, born-of-the-Sun, graceful beingness. Even within our bloodstream certain chemicals, bacteria and substances that are not of the purest light are dissolved by the action of this emerald-jade light now pulsing through our energetic body, our light body.

There is a pulsation and repolarization going on simultaneously as the Alpha and Omega currents from our crown to the base, back again and back and forth, pulsate through our auric field. We are refreshed and invigorated in the currents of divine light that the jade represents in its own conscious awareness as a mineral and as an enlightened aspect of the mineral kingdom within this retreat and now glowing within our four lower bodies. Our minds are trued to the Divine Mind even as our vision is now accentuated by the pure frequencies of clear seeing. God and all of God’s greatness is experienced by each and every one of us as we feel purely one with our Source, fully connected with our divinity, and emanating as if we were already fully Self-realized as Cosmic Buddhas in the Now through our auras. We become the receptors and the distributors of these great currents of light and frequencies of divine glory and beingness.

We are wholly subsumed into this energy field that collectively we are experiencing now. As we are engulfed in the radiance and as our individual chakras are ensconced in this light, there is a ripple of divine bliss and holy ecstasy pulsating through us as we feel the Holy Spirit’s fire as divine desire, raising us into the ray of perfection and the glory of our own beloved God Presence, I AM THAT I AM. We see our own causal body now, resplendent with the gifts and graces of all that we have been privileged to receive, based on our givingness over many lifetimes, of the virtues of God and the graces of the Spirit. We feel the turning of our causal body and the distribution of these cosmic rays of light through us as we are brought higher in consciousness, as we ascend in spirit and feel the totality of our true being wed to God in this moment and, as we choose, for all eternity.

There is the dissolving now of other patterns within our subconscious and within what has been termed the electronic belt that we choose to release and let go of. These are magnetically drawn to the jade, which then lovingly caresses the light within the darkness and transmutes that darkness so that there is only divine light. The light then dances within our auras and flows through our chakras and graces us with these new patterns of perfection as all is repolarized in light, all within us is rejuvenated by the Spirit.

Lady Francesca is there as an ascended being, witnessing this entire experience and blessing and gracing us with the rays that she extends from her arms through her sacred crystal-ray chakras to each and every devotee. For it has been her desire to be involved in this alchemy, and she sought this dispensation even during her trip to the Pleiades. On her return she learned of the approval of the Great Karmic Board of this request as a blessing and a boon to those within our community and all true communities of the Spirit, those souls who require this action today. And certain individuals even within our movement receive a ministering angel, at the request of Lady Francesca, to be with you during your times of pain or sorrow, suffering and anguish, physical discomfort, illness and ailment. This angel, by your invitation, will remain with you as you so require for your nurturing, for your uplift, for your support, for your friendship.

Nancy would like us to know that so many angels exist in the heaven world; and they are all there for us if we choose to invoke their presence. Thousands of angels can be our friends, guardians and benefactors. We can commune with them even as we know many ascended masters’ names and we listen to their HeartStreams, dispensations and teachings through this movement. The angels are a breath away and they are there for us any time we require aid of any kind, assistance in the moment, nurturing, or when we may feel any sense of separation or that we are going through the tests and trials and tribulations of life on Earth today.

Nancy is here for us individually as we choose to invoke her love and light in our midst. She is more than willing to utilize her skill sets as a physical therapist to now also be a spiritual therapist, bringing all of her knowledge and wisdom of healing and wholeness into play within our lives as we require, using various modalities at different times to nurture us and supply us with the wisdom that we, through communion with our Higher Self, deem as essential for our own wholeness. For she points back to our own I AM Presence as the source of all healing within ourselves. She directs our gaze and our focus upon the All-Seeing Eye of God to give us the vision of wholeness that we may hold for ourselves even as we may be temporarily experiencing something less than pure wholeness and integration.

She gently fans us now with the fires of her heart, which I see as immaculate, like that of Mother Mary. I see the fire of her heart blazing in all its glory, compassion for each one. And a little tear flows down her cheek—not for herself, for us. For she feels the glory of God and knows that though her time was seemingly cut short upon Earth, it was all for the purpose of greater healing for our community, for our holy brothers and sisters throughout the world, especially for the children and for the young ones, the teens, the twenty-somethings who are self-discovering who they are, who are moving into those phases of their life where they are reaching inward and trying to discern the way to go, the steps to take, what to do, how to be who they are.

Nancy is showing me our letters to the Karmic Board and how she has asked to be the instrument of certain prayers and requests to be answered. Having so recently been in our midst, she knows us intimately as friends, brothers and sisters. And so she is able to discern certain ways and means of how these requests for dispensations can be delivered, answered, signed and sealed into manifestation. I see Nancy as a very active and beloved ascended lady master, fresh from this world, energetic and ready to focus and respond to our prayers and calls and to be a handmaid of the Lord now, a Good Samaritan in all ways to assist those who require any level of support, nurturing, and tender loving care.

Now Nancy draws us into a circle, and as we hold hands in spirit, she sings an aria of love to our souls. The sounds of this aria are ascending to the Sun; and the Sun in turn accelerates the light of love within the words and the melody, and showers these frequencies of pure glory and divine ecstasy upon us. A ray goes forth from Nancy’s heart to each one of us, an emerald, beautiful ray of light, and it sparks within us a desire for greater union with God and understanding of our true nature. The teachings that she presents, even in these short discourses, is for all mankind to know from one who has desired only to be of service to brother and sister, to alleviate pain as a feminine bodhisattva. Nancy now gives glory to God and consecrates this action for the highest purpose to bless life and to honor all that is of the Divine One throughout the universe.

And now, in a very swift ascent and transfer back to our bodies, we alight tangibly within them where we abide. Nancy winks at us and smiles at us and says, “Adieu until tomorrow.”


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