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Sharings by Lady Francesca—Part 3

Sharings by Lady Francesca—Part 3

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Beloved Lady Francesca Discourse
David Christopher Lewis
July 31, 2014 8:00–8:30 am MDT
Livingston, Montana

Sharings by Lady Francesca: Part 3

As Within, So Without: Through Inner Work We Transform the Outer World

Good morning everyone. God bless you. Our beloved Lady Francesca, Nancy Freaner, would share with us today a perspective on healing that is important for all of us to embrace and to utilize in our spiritual work, in our daily lives, and especially on behalf of the entire planet. For the transformation that is occurring right now throughout the Earth is one that first begins within ourselves.

It is taught in the healing retreats that whatever we desire to see manifest in the world we first have to understand in the context of our own soul, our own evolutionary process, and the trajectory of where we are going in our Solar journey of life. We’ve had this teaching for quite some time, and in our movement we are in the mode of self-assessment continuously, of going deeper and deeper within to access those streams of consciousness that are born of God from the very beginning of our being as a spirit-spark of the Father-Mother God.

What we choose to ennoble within our lives, what we choose to manifest is a conscious decision. So long as we are really in the flame of truth and are real in our choices and are deciding day by day, hour by hour to really live our truth and to manifest our highest reality, the greatest form of healing from deep within ourselves begins, ensues and continues. And because we are trued to our I AM God Presence, our Solar Source, we become the vehicle for the healing, the integration, and the self-transformation of every other being—because we are one.

We have within our movement the opportunity to understand the dynamics, the science and the art of Ho’oponopono. We understand the dynamic that ‘as within, so without’. We’ve heard of ‘as Above, so below’. We can now choose to understand this same concept—as within, so without—that as we work on ourselves we transform through our inner vision all that we see outwardly, because the inner is timeless and spaceless. The kingdom of God is within; the consciousness of God is within.

As within, so without, when we go within in deeper and deeper self-reflection in our constant work to transmute, transform and transcend, this inner work becomes a vehicle for the outer transformation of everything in our lives. We begin at the core of being, our true reality, and focus upon that, upon who we are. We know ourselves. And when we abide here and that is our primary focus in life—to know God within ourselves—then everything else kind of takes care of itself and the healing process becomes more universal and complete.

We first heal at the core levels of our being, our soul, because our soul has taken on a lot through many incarnations upon Earth. Our soul has withstood all manner of challenges and opportunities through what we have encountered, what we have accommodated through our freewill choices. And so we can move into a new soulfulness to allow only the pure stream of God-consciousness to play upon the fine aspects of our higher awareness. We can choose to be in this refiner’s fire1day and night, 24/7, to allow God to transform us from within as we focus upon God.

We know the dynamism and the magic of Ho’oponopono, because whatever we see in another, whatever we see outside of ourselves really has a footing within us. And therefore, if we choose in certain moments to behold imperfection outside, we draw that sense of imperfection within, access that point of seeming reality that yet abides as a little dark space or engram within us. We clothe ourselves in that substance of light, we see it transformed ,and then, by divine magic, the outpouring of that transformational alchemy into the outer world happens by the law of correspondence and this ‘as within, so without’ dynamic.

As I’m seeing it through Nancy’s eyes, this science is taught in a very deep level of parapsychology, or spiritual psychology, Higher-Self psychology, inner-self psychology, so that we are always attentive to the inner voice—because the inner voice is leading us deeper to the more refined states of being, Buddhic awareness, Solar consciousness, universal understanding. We can let go of certain paradigms that somehow, because of all the evil in the world, we have to conquer it, we have to do something to challenge evil. When we bring all of this back into play within ourselves, we see this energy veil as a mayic mist, as a veil of illusion that yet separates us fully from our God Presence; and we can choose to gradually thin that veil so that we come face-to-face with our true Self, know ourselves as God fully and as God fully intended us to know ourselves. And in this our greatest healing manifests, because there is then no separation between our spirit and the Great Spirit, our soul and the Great Oversoul of God’s Presence.

The bodhisattvas take it upon themselves to continue to work on themselves to then assist every sentient being. In this work is the work of the ages. This work is the most sacred work that we can do. Those who meditate regularly and access deeper and deeper levels and states of God-consciousness know exactly what this dynamic is, because as we work with the refiner’s fire of the Holy Spirit gifts that God provides in those intimate moments of deep reflection, we first nurture ourselves and then there is the nurturing of every life form. The circle of our interaction with others begins with our immediate family and moves out to those with whom we interact as co-workers and our community, and then it expands out to the world.

As we master all of our communications and interactions with our immediate family, our friends and our co-workers, there is the building of our auric field, the wholeness and the integrity of our auric field, so that when we begin to project outward into greater areas and avenues of expression into the wider world, we will not have any interplay of darkness whatsoever; there will only be an infusion of light, of consciousness, of presence, of wholeness. Because, as souls who are connected with every other soul upon Earth, it is incumbent upon us to only bring the best, the highest, the purest into play as we move through the powerful dynamics of greater spiritual work into wider streams of awareness.

Nancy would like us to know that our prayers are powerful, our auras are majestic and seeded with such great light from all that we have received from the ascended masters over years and decades of interaction with them and of study, of prayers, of all of our conferences and events and Meru courses and previous teachings that we’ve incorporated into our daily spiritual practices. And because of this power that we wield, there is an impact upon life throughout the world that is beyond our human comprehension. Therefore it is incumbent upon us to be sensitive to what is streaming forth from our auras on behalf of the Great White Brotherhood, because many of us are in-the-flesh members of the Great White Brotherhood while yet in incarnation before our ascension, and the impactful nature of what we do through our thought processes, through our feelings, our emotions, our words and our deeds is profound.

Many of you have been working on yourselves over a number of incarnations to the point where you are reaching those finer levels of communion with God, with divine beings. In our movement we accept that we have daily interaction with the ascended masters. “Experience the ascended masters daily” we have had on our website in the past. What does this truly mean? We access the light-energy field of the great divine beings and we bring them into play through our healing work in a very directed way to assist souls. If we can stream forth from deep within our being the most pure, the most subtle, the most refined currents of divine grace, of holy love, of pure compassion, and of supernal kindness and understanding, then all life truly is benefited by who we are and what we do, and our words have greater power and significance in planetary transformational change.

As the science of Ho’oponopono is taught in the healing retreats and other retreats of the Great White Brotherhood, this dynamic of inner psychology is really delved into at a greater and greater level, because it goes to the core of being and it goes, really, back to the Great Central Sun. Because in this dynamic God himself-herself is still Self-realizing who God is through the creation, through us. God is continuously experiencing the allness of the entire cosmos through the intimate communion with all of the created beings that God has sired into existence. God is emoting through these beings, through all of us; God is feeling through the creation itself. And so God is self-transforming, and this process continues throughout all eternity. It is majestic, it is magical, it is truly mysterious, to say the least. So, if God is transforming and we are part of God, we can learn the science of self-transformation and wholeness. We can continue to grow and to expand awareness and to evolve into great Solar beings, who we already are in our highest Selfhood. And the work is joyful, is beautiful, is self-fulfilling, and is rich in love and divine glory, hope and peace.

Whenever we see something in the news, if we choose to watch the news or read the news, we can bring the crux of the sense of unwholeness or imbalance, or that which is not pure, deep within and access the points that somehow correspond to what we see or experience in the outer world into the chalice of being on the altar of our hearts. We can do that alchemical work through the refiner’s fire of the various flames of God that we invoke, that we see, that we feel, that we intuit and work with, so that this alchemy of self-transformative change may really take hold. And then we will not be so moved by what we behold in the outer world, because we will know that it is a reflection of something inside of us because we are all connected, because we are all one.

If we feel that right now the United States of America is not respectful of the Jewish people, that our government is acquiescing to the fanatic Islamic terrorists and others who are not respectful of Christians and Jews, et cetera, we can go within to find the elements of this fanaticism within ourselves that yet lie dormant or in a state of unconsciousness or in our deep subconscious, and work on any levels of this fanatical spirit and this dialectic of dualism and of a sense of our being separate from others or separate from God. When we can resolve this issue deep, deep within ourselves and begin to feel a sense of our unity—that unity field of beingness, of our being always present with God, always one with God, always emanating light and love—then this can transmute and resolve conflict and division between all peoples.

When we see things happening in the economy or in our government that outwardly we know are troubling to the cause of freedom and what America as the I AM Race stands for, we can go within and see how there may still remain within us elements that have not been of the highest order, where we have trapped molecules of self, atoms of being into a matrix of imperfection. We are not yet fully free internally; every cell of our being is not yet completely free to experience the wholeness of God. And so, we can work on freeing those cells, those aspects of our consciousness from matrices that no longer serve us. And as we free them, then energetically there will be the dynamic and the interplay of the light of freedom moving throughout America and the world to grace every soul with this understanding so that those trapped in duality can be freed from their vision of separation and the dialectic of a social order that says that we must rob from this group to give to others, or we must take from the rich to give to the poor, or whatever it may be.

I’ve studied a lot of teachings on truth as regarding freedom and how we can maintain this optimal sense of what our Founding Fathers brought forth when they created the Constitution and when Jefferson, through inspiration, wrote the Declaration of Independence, truly an inspired work of the ages. And even though I see through my outer vision the decline of the United States and I see freedom being challenged and the ways of the dark ones taking hold through the media and all manner of outer institutions and our government itself, I have to go within and say, “What is in my consciousness that is somehow allowing this to be upon Earth?” I have to do that inner work and rule out the cause and core of everything that is anti-freedom, anti-justice, anti-divine equality. I don’t think that upon Earth we will ever have complete human equality until there is the full manifestation of a golden-crystal age where every man, woman and child abides by the Golden Rule in a very integrated way in society. Jesus even said, “The poor you have with you always.”2 The poor are a reflection of something within ourselves that is yet not fully manifest or resplendent in all of its God-glory.

Therefore, as I see this divine psychology manifest in the retreats of the Brotherhood, as Lady Francesca now sees it in all of its glory and in the teachings that Hilarion and other great masters of truth bring to souls in those sacred centers of light in the etheric plane, we can pick up on these teachings, recommendations and instruction to be responsive to everything that transpires around the world from the point of our hearts, our souls and our great spirits. And we can bring healing and peace and divine progress into play in greater fields by this inner work that is continuous, that is ongoing, and that we simply must choose to engage in, in order to know ourselves, to be who we truly are, to access our divinity, and to know God, to be fully Self-realized.

Lady Francesca invites us to a sacred course tonight in Hilarion’s retreat over Crete to have further teaching on the science of psychology and inner work so that we can truly master who we are. And then whatever we decide within our organization, in our Meru University to bring forth in future courses, it will always be clothed with this divine knowledge that we as aspiring adepts and masters-in-the-making know—that the dynamic of us working on ourselves is first and foremost our primary work; that whatever we choose to affect in the outer world we first choose to work on deep within; and that we always give God the glory, we always first point to the Source as the power, wisdom and love of all of our inspiration, as the point of reality from which everything else flows.

Thank you very much. And thank you, beloved Nancy, for your great heart, your great wisdom teaching. I’m seeing Nancy as this very majestic and tall and stately being wielding great vibrations of joy, of integrity, of truth and the splendor of the Almighty. God bless you and thank you.

1. Malachi 3:2.
2. Matthew 26:11; Mark 14:7; John 12:8.

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