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Sharings by Lady Francesca—Part 2

Sharings by Lady Francesca—Part 2

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Beloved Lady Francesca Discourse
David Christopher Lewis
July 30, 2014 8:03–8:43 am MDT
Livingston, Montana

Sharings by Lady Francesca: Part 2

Temple Hospitals of Light in the Heaven World

Thank you, everyone, for your patience. God bless you and thank you for participating in our broadcast today. Yesterday we began a series of five messages from our beloved Lady Francesca, Nancy Freaner, on healing and wholeness, especially as it is experienced in the retreats of the Universal Great White Brotherhood in the ascended octaves of light, in the heaven world. We received a general understanding of the dynamics of healing and wholeness through an overview of a universal approach to healing that utilizes divine love as the key to all wholeness.

Today our beloved Nancy would like to share through me her perspective on this dynamic, specifically from the retreat of Hilarion over Crete. This is a vast retreat that is composed of, as it were, many hospitals, or what you would see on Earth as hospitals. Yet they are amazing in terms of what transpires within these divine and sacred spaces. The various hospitals are for particular aspects of healing. Some work primarily with the mind, where great Buddhas and divine beings whose mindfulness is godly and very refined are able to assist souls whose primary predicament or ailment, if you would, has to do with their minds. They have disconnected their minds from the mind of God to the point where they cannot even cognize or think of themselves as worthy of being sons and daughters of God.

Many issues involving mental illness are dealt with at the core level here. Those who are trained in the biochemistry of mindfulness, in being balanced and harmonious is one’s thoughts, and are able to perceive that which heaven is issuing forth through the great universal mind of God work very carefully with souls to bring them a sense of inner peace. Often individuals who have mental illnesses have an imbalance in their biochemistry and have experienced a schism at some point in their evolution that was very jarring to their being such that their mind no longer operates fully and in a quiescent state. The jarring thoughts are impressions from the astral plane that come to them through demon possession. In their treatment, first of all the entity possession is removed by spiritual light and fire and they are freed from these impositions. Then a very gentle approach is used to kind of fill in the gaps where the darkness occurred from the interjections of demons who were constantly speaking to and almost through them in their thought processes, and thereby these forces no longer have any power whatsoever and the individuals are then free to pick up on and access divine thoughts, harmonious emanations from the universal mind.

The World Teachers are deeply invested in this because much of their instruction involves souls being able to cognize truth, universal understanding and wisdom. To be able to cognize truth, one must have the elements of those divine truths within oneself vibrating in a resource, or a pool, of light. And so the World Teachers are very careful to spiritually implant these engrams of light, which were spoken of yesterday, into the higher mental bodies of souls so that these filter down into their awareness and ultimately into their outer conscious awareness.

There is so much in the subconscious and the unconscious that we are not aware of that results from implants of darkness that come to us through mass manipulation, through the egoic minds of those who are continually projecting what they desire us to think. These projections and implants also have to be transmuted and removed so that we can be free to perceive what the divine masters of light and love would have us accept and understand.

One hospital is primarily dedicated, consecrated to this very important work of assisting the minds of mankind. There is the study of the human brain and of the divine mind. The elements of the divine mind are studied to instruct individuals on higher mindfulness. This is where the Buddhas come in, because divine thought is very precise, majestic and magnanimous. Divine thought travels on amazing rays or wave patterns of illumined perception. When we drink in the mindfulness of the sun and the stars and of the great ascended beings and allow these frequencies to play upon our minds, there is an alchemy that occurs whereby we begin to see with a higher sensory perception. This seeing is beyond believing through faith; it is knowing by direct and illumined perception. It is the highest form of feeling through one’s mind, where one simply fully understands and comprehends based on this correspondence and communion with divine light itself, which is eternal wisdom and truth.

All of the work within this hospital on the minds of mankind leads one to the ultimate Source of eternal truth, who is God. Truth is the goal. Theosophia, divine wisdom, godly wisdom, is the goal, whereby we have access to these higher frequencies on the golden-yellow ray. And that, combined with the blue, of course, leads to eternal truth, the power of wisdom to transform oneself from within.

The great Buddhas of light of various ages help to precipitate Buddhic mindfulness, Buddhic presence, Buddhic compassion within the beings of those who are served within this particular hospital of the retreat. I would actually call it more of a temple hospital. It’s more of a temple of light dedicated and consecrated to healing and wholeness. And this temple is a temple because of the light and the energy and the amazing rays and frequencies that are manifesting there through the sacred work of these divine beings. These aren’t sterile hospitals like the ones we see upon Earth. They are filled with angels of light, with great and glorious beings who facilitate every aspect of the healing that occurs at every turn, including those points at which greater perception occurs in individuals through the work of these great beings.

In addition to this temple hospital dedicated to the mind, there is one consecrated to helping individuals who have been through traumatic experiences. It’s kind of a divine trauma center. So many people upon Earth experience trauma through accidents, through the violation of their auras and their body temples by all manner of seeming injustices—rape, murder, violence of every kind that is inflicted upon their bodily form. Of course, a lot of this is based on past karma. Yet, as we know, the cycle can always be broken by the individual, who does not have to outplay that karma, who can forgive, be merciful and compassionate and move on past the point of retribution and an aggravated sense of injustice, which may manifest as retaliation through whatever means the person deems necessary to bring divine justice or order back into play. We understand this dynamic as it relates to the eleven o’clock line of the cosmic clock. Often one of the most important things for people to realize is that they must let go of a sense of injustice, which often moves toward retaliation.

Souls are shown the records of their past lives as part of this dynamic, why it was necessary for them to experience what they went through. And when they fully get it, when they see the record of what they did in past lives and why it was necessary for them to experience this, there is a healing brought about by understanding. Yet much more is done to de-traumatize these individuals. Legions of Peace are there, angels whose primary focus is to bring the comfort flame. Much of the work of the Maha Chohan and his legions of comfort is performed here through the comfort flame of the Holy Spirit. And there is kind of a pathway of light between the work that goes on in this trauma center of the retreat and the work that goes on in the retreats of Pallas Athena and the Maha Chohan. They actually have two retreats—one over Greece, where Pallas Athena is, and one over Sri Lanka, where the Maha Chohan has his retreat.

This work of the comfort flame assuages the sense of pain, anguish, sorrow and shock that has occurred. What is the greatest antidote to shock and trauma? Of course it is universal love. It is the tender caring of souls who are like Mother Teresa’s great workers of light, who are constantly emanating a sense of divine love and the cherishment of the soul, as a mother herself would do for a child who has been injured. And in this tender caring, the soul in the individual feels the love of God passed down through these spiritual healers and nursing assistants, if you would, of heaven.

Nancy says there are so many individuals on Earth who care for souls very tenderly in nursing homes, in assisted living facilities, in hospitals and even in what used to be called asylums, which are now moving more toward mental health and helping those with debilitating diseases and diseases of the mind. As you know, Alzheimer’s is one of the major conditions that elderly people upon Earth are suffering from, where they are not fully present in their minds.

Why is it that Alzheimer’s and dementia are occurring? It’s because at some level there is a disconnection between the individual’s mind in the human form and that one’s own divine mind, the mind of God working through the person’s higher mind. It actually is okay because the individual is not ready, outwardly, for this level of higher mindfulness, and so they go through this period where they are literally losing their minds, their memories. Some of the work in these trauma centers within this great hospital temple is to help those who have literally lost their minds. They have lost the connection to the mind of God, and therefore they cannot perceive reality with clear seeing and vision. They have to be brought back to the sense of what is real. Of course, on the nine o’clock line of the cosmic clock we have God-reality. And who is there? The representative of the Holy Spirit is there, the Maha Chohan, who is the twin flame of Pallas Athena. So an understanding of what is real is always broached or brought forth in these trauma centers that are dedicated to the work on dementia, forgetfulness and injuries to the brain, which then result in the loss and the lapses in memory.

Nancy is showing me an amazing alchemical device that actually brings memory back. It’s beautiful, and it was created by the Elohim of the second ray, Apollo and Lumina, to help restore unto the soul divine memories. Often when people who have had dementia or Alzheimer’s arrive in the octaves of light, they’re kind of amazed at what has transpired. Of course, they see through their soul. Yet there still remains this temporary patterning of the effects of dementia and Alzheimer’s, and this amazing device can help erase and transmute them and bring back all of the divine memories. This occurs as souls receive their life review. At some level of their being they witness what they have been through in their final years when they have had Alzheimer’s or dementia, and the masters use this device to transmute the cause and core of the issues that resulted in them having to experience this, which ultimately does go back to a forgetfulness of God. These conditions can also be brought about, as we know, by diet, by the chemicals that we take in, including chemical hair dyes that women use. Some of those chemicals are detrimental, and they seep in through the scalp and at some point ultimately result in a compromise of some of their brain functions, which for some can result in an early onset of Alzheimer’s or dementia. So if you choose to use hair coloring, ladies, use natural substances as much as possible, because none of us really desires to go through dementia or Alzheimer’s early on in our elder years.

It is altogether wonderful to see through Nancy’s eyes the work of doctors of the Spirit, divine physicians, who are there to deal with the issues of trauma. There’s a whole wing dedicated and consecrated to children. This is especially important because children probably require even more understanding, although they’re resilient and bounce back very quickly. The children who have been sexually or physically abused require a great amount of healing restoration energy. Of course, they are adult souls who have experienced these traumas in a physical body as a child. In the heaven world we are all adult souls, although some are younger souls. So understanding is brought to the soul who has been abused.

As the life review happens and people see what has transpired, there is kind of a hush of their consciousness when they witness what they have been through. The angels and the divine beings assuage this experience so that they don’t reexperience it fully with the intensity that they did when they were in the physical octave. There is kind of a divine assistance projected so that when the trauma is seen, they don’t have to go through the original intensity of the feeling, because it’s past and it’s a memory, a record, at this point.

Through the use of the violet flame and other divine gifts of the Spirit, some of these traumatic emotional and physical pains and anguishes can be erased. I am seeing how many of the rosaries and prayers that we give, especially the violet fire and also the emerald prayers, are utilized by great angels and divine beings to transmute these records and the anguish and the pain thereof. So lest you feel at times that your rosaries and prayers are not as effective as they could be, I am seeing how your motive, your love, your consciousness embedded within them actually perform miracles. The miracles happen by God’s grace through the intercession of the angels, who are God’s servants. The action is absolutely phenomenal and it is beautiful to behold as these traumas are erased, the memory patterns are dissolved and the person feels a fresh, new take on life. They feel lifted up and unburdened, and the ballast of these karmic experiences is just dropped out of the basket of the hot-air balloon and they are no more.

I can see that the records are often shown of how they paid off their karmic debts through these traumas. Souls get a new lease on life, and there’s a sighing and a feeling of appreciation that they have done so and now have an understanding of why they had to go through the experience, and they are grateful for the wisdom of the universe, the Great Karmic Board and the divine masters. The sense of the dissolving of these records is so important for us to feel, even as we project light through our prayers, our rosaries and our great decrees so that we can help these souls with this understanding. We can actually be a player in this.

As I’m seeing it through Nancy’s eyes, sometimes we can, in our light bodies, be involved in this experience on behalf of some of these souls, especially the children who are going through the experience of seeing the records. At times they see the faces of individuals on Earth who have prayed for them, whose intercessory light has been utilized by the angels in this work, and they bow and thank us for our prayers. It’s amazing that I’m seeing this dynamic because it’s kind of a kaleidoscopic phenomena whereby every prayer that you utter goes for some good somewhere on the Earth. Of course, when you pray for specific individuals, the prayer goes to those individuals first. When you say at the end of your call, “This which I call forth for this soul” (or a family member, a cousin, a heartfriend in our movement, or whomever), “I also call forth for everyone on the planet and in the universe who may be experiencing something similar,” the angels maximize that call and it is utilized for many. So the souls actually do see those who are praying for them and have prayed for them, and there is thankfulness and gratitude that transpires through this dynamic.

This is important for us to realize in this cycle of Leo that we’re in so that we can know God’s thankfulness for us for being his true stewards of light, servants, servitors and prayer warriors of the Spirit, because God requires many of us on Earth to continually generate the light through our prayer work, our decrees and what we do. The generation of this light and these frequencies is so important for the work in the retreats, especially in these divine hospital temples, and for the ongoing work of the angels who intercede on the Earth to save souls from oppression, from accidents, from pain, from trauma. I’m seeing also that our prayers, especially to Archangel Michael and his legions, have averted literally millions of accidents that could have happened. When we pray to Archangel Michael, even though it may be the karma of some individuals to experience a certain amount of pain or trauma, it’s either completely mitigated and there’s a wake-up call for that soul or at least it’s somewhat mitigated and there is not as much pain to the physical body temple as there could have been.

So Archangel Michael is one busy guy, Nancy says. If you could see all the work of Archangel Michael and his legions, you would see an amazing interplay of what he does throughout the Earth, and even beyond the Earth, to assist souls, to save souls, to literally project light and to use that amazing blue-fire sword to carve away darkness, to get rid of the entities of possession and to help individuals through so many situations. We think of accidents that we desire to prevent, and yet there is so much more that Archangel Michael does that you may not be aware of. A lot of this is phenomenal healing work and not just protection and the averting of disasters and accidents.

There is a whole hospital dedicated to divine diet. And the diet is transformed from the solar frequencies of light down into the physical frequencies, where we have the vitamins and the nourishing elements within nature that are often codified in supplements that we take. I’m seeing so much appreciation for our beloved Rev. Donna Korth, for her discourses on all manner of products and health practices that can help lightbearers to maintain their balance, harmony and vitality.

In this particular hospital, the science of divine nutrition is practiced and divine dietitians are there to help individuals. I’m seeing how important it is to understand all of the dynamics of diet and nutrition, because none of us is the same. We all have very specific requirements. You can’t just say, universally, that everyone requires a particular dosage of a vitamin, because we are all very unique based on our evolution, our karma and the elements that compose our physical bodies, which we have chosen and have built up through the elements of earth, air, fire and water and the work of our beautiful body elemental. I’m seeing that there are divine nutritionists who see what the very specific needs and requirements are for each soul. It’s so particular and specific for each individual. It’s amazing to see that there are these caring divine dietitians and nutritionists there. Often what they prescribe is more about consciousness, as consciousness affects what we take in.

What Nancy is sharing is that even if you simply hold vitamins and supplements in your hand for just a few seconds and love them and see them being transformed, in some sense, into the exact and specific supplements that you require in your physical temple, an angel of mindfulness and an angel of nutrition can come down and actually transmute and transform that substance right within your hand so that it is absolutely perfect and specific for you. Now, I’ve never heard this teaching before in this exact way, and yet I’m seeing the alchemy of it as an amazing thing. It already occurs for many of us as we bless our food and bless whatever we take into our mouth; yet this conscious understanding of what the angels and these divine nutritionists can do is phenomenal to behold. I see through my mind’s eye the transformational alchemy, and I’m amazed at how they manipulate substance. They take into account our DNA, where we are in our life, and what the various systems within our body require. And through their own deep understanding of who we are and what we require and by their love for us, they are able to fine-tune the elements within these substances for our specific needs, for our vitality and health.

This is so important to understand, especially when we go into hospitals for treatment, because of the one-size-fits-all matrix in hospitals and in allopathic medicine in general today. It’s not like it used to be with homeopathy, where there are so many specifics in the use of subtle vibratory elements that are working at a very subtle level. The drugs of today are very intense and sometimes, as we know, have many side effects. So it’s important to pray that these angels go to people who take these drugs in hospitals, nursing homes, or wherever, and transform those drugs and substances so that they too are more specific for the individual. It’s harder for the angels to work with these because they are not in compliance with the natural order and the natural laws of the universe. When they’re manufactured in laboratories, using oil as a foundational substance, rather than being sourced from plants in their natural state, they’re not harmonic with divine frequencies. And yet there are still very intrepid healing angels who can transform the drugs, through a part of the Christ consciousness of the individuals who take them, and make them specific for them so that they don’t have the debilitating effects they would otherwise have. There is much more mitigation, Nancy says, than we are aware of in this because many of these drugs are really harmful to the liver when they are taken. Of course, there is still damage, in many cases, to other organs and systems in the body when they are taken, and yet even these can be mitigated to a certain extent.

It’s almost as if an entire wing has been created in the heaven world and an order of healing beings has been assembled and instructed to deal with these issues, because drugs are so rampant in the West for treating disease. In the Golden Crystal Age we won’t use these, with all of their side effects. There will be much more of an understanding of the natural harmonics of life through communion with nature and of how everything in nature was placed there by God for our use and our wholeness, our wellness and our perfect healing.

This is what Nancy desires to share today. There’s so much more, and yet we have at least three more days for sharing from her perspective. I’m grateful to you, beloved Nancy, our beloved Lady Francesca, for the great light that you wield, the love that you have for every soul on Earth. I’m seeing all those whom you cared for and most tenderly regarded as you helped them with your healing practice of physical therapy. And I’m seeing some who passed on and met you after your transition, and some who applauded your victory after your ascension. For they saw how amazing it was that you loved them so much and cared for them while they were in incarnation and how much love was generated in your work to restore their physical body temples, as well as to help them with their consciousness.

You know, when we help someone heal, it’s ultimately more about the transformation of consciousness and the soul that is important. Of course, assuaging pain in the physical body is always wonderful. Yet if we can help people to go deeper and to go higher in Spirit and feel their union with God, that is the ultimate form of healing, to bring souls back to a sense of their oneness with the Eternal and harmony with the Divine.

So thank you so much, everyone. I’m sorry that the video didn’t work today. I’m still here and I’m with you, and Nancy is with us and will be with us. You can commune with her during these five days for more specifics on your life and what you require for perfect balance, wholeness and healing, and you can ask to go to Hilarion’s retreat over Crete. In addition to Hilarion being there, Nancy will be there with other healing masters, and they will do their perfect work for you and on behalf of you and your loved ones. God bless you. Have a wonderful day. Bye-bye.


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