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Sharings by Lady Francesca—Part 1

Sharings by Lady Francesca—Part 1

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Beloved Lady Francesca Discourse
David Christopher Lewis
July 29, 2014 7:38–8:11 am MDT
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana

Sharings by Lady Francesca: Part 1

The Fruits of Friendship with God, the Fragrance of Freedom
and the Flowers of Fellowship

The Ascended Lady Master Francesca, our Nancy Freaner, has been on a spiritual holiday for about ten days, and yet she has returned from a visit to the Pleiades with her beloved and is ready to get back to work to help us and to bring forth some beautiful teaching. Part of this is for her to balance the last 6.3 percent of her karma, and because we are friends of Nancy’s, I think we should pledge to help her to do this as quickly as possible.

Life in the Healing Retreats of the Great White Brotherhood

What she would like to do is release teachings, from her perspective, on aspects of life in the ascended realms and specifically in various retreats of the Great White Brotherhood that work with the healing modalities that are near and dear to her heart. My desire and her desire is to release these teachings beginning today for five straight days and then to transcribe them, compile them and release them as an e-book sometime before Christmas. This will help her to balance the remaining portion of her karma, which is not much. These could be called “Truffles of Truth with Nancy.” One aspect of them would be “The Fruits of Friendship with God, the Fragrance of Freedom and the Flowers of Fellowship,” sharings by beloved Lady Francesca.”

It is God’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom

“It is God’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom.”1 I remember hearing teaching on these words of Jesus and reading the scripture before I heard Elizabeth Clare Prophet expound upon them in various sermons for a number of years. The kingdom is the consciousness of God. It’s the understanding of divine fellowship in the higher realms of light. It is communion with the Source at the deepest level. When we enter into the state of beingness whereby we are in a constant stream of co-creation through our union with God, life is sublime; life is beautiful; we experience the fruits of this friendship with God, with the Divine One. In the ascended state, it is the grace of every divine being who has been subsumed into the very living light and energy field of the universe and of oneness with God to experience this state of divine bliss and eternal ecstasy.

Nancy shares with us that it is worth working toward this through the disciplines of the Spirit. It is altogether possible for every one of us to know this state of beingness because it already exists inside of us. We simply have to access it in ever-increasing moments, which move into eternality—experiencing the Now, being present with our Presence and honoring the divine spark within us by attending to that flame with great awareness.

The fruits of friendship with God are so amazing, and these divine offerings on the Tree of Life exist throughout the universe and are there for us to partake of—to pluck, to enjoy and to assimilate—because it is God’s great pleasure to give us all that we require in every moment to live fulfilled and glorious lives.

In heaven there is no sweat—you don’t sweat the small things; you don’t sweat the great things. There’s no sweat because there’s no sense of burden, no onslaught of those things that weigh us down. In heaven there is levity rather than gravity. There is no weight, per se, in terms of burdens that bring us sorrow, pain or anguish. All those are eradicated, because in light there is only love and the divine frequencies and graces of the Spirit.

This friendship with God comes through our awareness of God’s Presence everywhere. And so we befriend every being, every particle of the universe, every aspect and ray of God’s great glory. We live in a light-field of perfection and in the most amazing arrays and colorful nuances of creation itself. We experience the ongoingness of creation, which is still occurring and manifesting in so many beautiful ways.

Experience Co-Creation with God

To experience co-creation with God is to actually enter into the creation itself, the creative processes whereby we blend the energy of our being with all that is—whereby we become a part of it, and it is a part of us. The eternality of God is something that is indescribable in human terms. It has to be experienced; it has to be felt. We feel it and we experience it when we are in love, when we live as a loving being. We enter the creative processes of God through the portal of love, for love is the means whereby we have this ongoing communion with our Creator, with the source of all love and light. When we become subsumed into this state of being through love, then true healing manifests, oneness and wholeness exist.

In the retreats of the Great White Brotherhood where various healing modalities are both taught and utilized to help individual spirit-spark’s, individual souls, to experience their own God Presence and a new state of being, the light of love is present within every healing modality to bring people to the state of feeling loved, appreciated, valued and whole. Every state of disease is really a state of being outside of the circle of complete union with God in some way. We have to get back to the center of being, where we feel that wholeness, where there is nothing in us that is not of God, and we have to release all the burdens, the substance, the mind-sets, the emotions and the feelings that have brought us down or given us a sense of limitation or that we’re less than perfect.

It is a new mind-set and a heart-set for many souls to experience the feeling of kinship with the Divine. Therefore the great masters exude and express this feeling as an effervescent energy of God-glory so that souls can pick up on it and experience it within their feeling world first, and then it radiates into every particle of their being—their mind, their will, their vision—so that it can be incorporated into their very essence such that they know, they grok, this energy of expressive love and wholeness.

Through the work of the healing modalities, it’s important that souls first feel that they are of God, that they are godly creatures, that they are born of God, that they have always been sons and daughters of God and have never been anything other than that, even though they have entered the realms of imperfection in the 3-D world through incarnating in time and space and temporarily experienced the pains and anguish of this world. In the heaven world, a lot of that is released, and souls are taught to try to maintain the state of awareness of only God—that only God is real, that God and only God is all that exists, and that everything is part of God and we are part of that everything. Because souls have felt disenfranchised from the Source through all manner of strategies and plots that the force and those outside of God have continued to dangle before their consciousness, it takes a real shift in consciousness to perceive and to accept this state of reality as viable, as doable, as something that they can actually live within. This is so because we have identified with the ego, with our separateness, and believed that we are this body, that we are this person with a name who is separate from other people.

Part of the dynamic of the healing experience in these retreats is to enable people to feel a connection with other divine beings. So the ascended masters blend the energy field of their great auras of light with individuals so that at least in these moments they feel a sense of oneness and of what life could be like if they were permanently free in the light. This is what the ascended masters and the great archangels and angels experience completely all of the time as they radiate the love-field of the virtues of God.

This shift is the light of truth manifesting again in the auric field, in the consciousness and the awareness of the person. This shift into pure truth is the emerald ray of wholeness that inspires, invigorates and incites the soul to desire only God, to desire purity and wholeness. And in this desiring to know God and to feel God all the time, the soul is raised and gradually partakes of higher gradations of light. Those higher gradations of light themselves do their perfect work to transform the individual by transmuting all of the aspects of consciousness that were in unreality, in impurity, in a state of nonalignment. We don’t have to qualify them or name them as a disease, as allopathic medicine does today: “This person has this form of cancer,” or whatever. They are all aspects of being outside of the circle of wholeness, purity and perfection.
In the retreats of the Great White Brotherhood, in order to bring souls back to the state of wholeness, it is more important to focus upon the light, to have each one serve oneself the essences of God that are available to drink in, to internalize, to assimilate. People are first taught to drink in the light. The light is so amazing that souls are somewhat reticent to drink it. It’s like a child who has never drunk something before. You offer him a drink and he doesn’t desire to take it because he hasn’t experienced it before and may not feel ready for it or fear that it will not taste good. The light doesn’t even taste good to some souls because they have been fooled into a quasi-reality of existence outside of the circle of pure beingness. So the masters have to gradually assist them to feel safe enough to partake of the divine elixirs and the nectars of the gods, which are always composed of different aspects of light, the flavors of light, the flavors of divineness, the flavors of grace, the food of perfection.

As souls gradually accept the possibility that they can drink in light, they are restored to a higher and higher state of being whereby they can then participate in the new-world experience of being born again, being nurtured, appreciated and taught all of the eternal truths that exist as a part of the one truth of pure beingness. The adepts in heaven are very conscious of where each person is in his state of vibration and awareness and what he specifically requires at various moments of his evolution and in order to take the next step. The natural state of enlightenment of the masters makes them sensitive to where each person is so that they don’t give too much energy or light at a given point in the person’s progress and evolution such that it makes the person swoon and unable to assimilate it fully.

So the masters are very guarded and wise in their allocation of heavenly resources and provide only those frequencies, those teachings, those truths that will assist the soul at that moment, at that point in the spiral of the soul’s self-transformation. How do the masters know what to give? It’s natural, because through divine fellowship they are linked with the person in a mind-set and a heart-set that is perfect, and they can feel what the individual is experiencing; they know by the person’s vibration. And through the alchemical processes of divine givingness, they are able to simply share the next step, the next food that the person’s palette and sacred work require.

The heavenly delights that the masters offer are so transcendent that the souls who are working toward being fully wed with God will, of course, work with them and make progress and evolve. In many cases, souls have to return to incarnation to master certain things, to pass certain tests or to balance their debt to various individuals and to life itself through the coursing of life through their body temples. The masters place keys that are like time-release capsules in the etheric bodies of these souls, which can be released to them through their Higher Self and Higher Mind when they are living in a new body upon Earth just at the time that they require them in order to pass those tests. Therefore it is the grace of God that we always have what we require to master ourselves. This is what is meant, in part, when we say that it is the Father-Mother God’s great pleasure to give us the kingdom. The teaching is always there in the etheric plane as a seed ideation of conscious awareness to help us through the tests.

The masters very mindfully seed our Oversoul with crystalline engrams and frequencies of light so that they can give birth within us to the new us as we partake of the initiatic path. The wave patterns that are essential for our growth are always there in the etheric plane through the givingness of the ascended hosts and healing masters. Sometimes we simply have to be still enough and ask for the new wave of light to bathe us in conscious awareness so that we can have the tools and the resources to make progress. Often these tools are spiritual practices; yet beyond that they are these engrams that move us through various shifts in awareness to greater God-consciousness and Solar awareness.

These glyphs, these engrams, are divine formulas that are naturally unfolded to us when we ascertain them through meditation, spiritual practices, silence, stillness, being in nature or musing on the divine world right within this world. There is no strain or stress in them being revealed to us. They just alight there in our outer awareness when we’re ready to utilize them for our growth. If you look back at your life, you’ll see that every point of progress on your path has unfolded naturally. You didn’t really have to strain to receive heaven’s gifts. They’re always there in the atmosphere and lowered into the vibratory field of your outer awareness when you require them, because it’s God’s great pleasure to give you the kingdom, the keys to the kingdom. And these keys are the engrams of higher awareness released through this time-and-space capsule, which you can access through love, through givingness, through understanding and patience.

The flowers of fellowship with the divine ones are beautiful, and each experience with a divine being brings us closer to the eternal home of our Presence. We each have a mansion in heaven, a sacred space that has been created long ago for us. It’s as if God created these perfect Edenic birthing areas for our souls where we will always feel safe. All of them originated from the womb of the Divine Mother in the beginning, because this is the first place where we feel this safety. We feel soothed in the radiance of our Mother. This home of divine energy and love is always there for us in the heaven world as the place that we can return to and feel safe, assured that we are always loved and appreciated and that there’s nothing that can touch us that’s less than love and light.

The rooms within the mansion are there for us to return to to experience this safety net of awareness. We have a family of light. They are the intermediaries between the Father-Mother God and our souls who have been there in various incarnations as fathers and mothers to support us—our sponsoring masters, our supporting masters, our gurus, our guides, our teachers. They’re always energetically available and at our beck and call when we require a word of wisdom, something to learn, or fellowship in order to make progress.

As we access the newer and higher fragrances of freedom, eternal freedom, and rise in consciousness through the various levels of being in the etheric plane and then ultimately into the ascended-master octaves, which go on to infinity, we experience greater states of wholeness and oneness with God at every level. Are the ascended masters, then, not completely whole? Well, there are levels of wholeness and greater momentums that one can develop through focus upon the divine light. Even the ascended masters are evolving to experience a greater Solar awareness and a cosmic awareness. It’s not that they’re not whole; it’s just that they’re experiencing greater and greater light. Once we are eternally free and karma-less, there is no peripheral experience outside of that center point of being that brings us down, and we are always in the center of pure being. And yet that center can expand and we can have an even more transcendent experience of divine glory as we revel in that light and the heavenly delights of that state of oneness.

Lady Francesca will Share more on Healing Modalities in the Retreats

In a future talk, beloved Nancy will share more on some of the actual healing modalities that will benefit us and that we can meditate upon and utilize by energetically projecting some of the vibratory fields that are used in those modalities to help other souls. Many of us desire to be healers in some way. Every time you pray, you are actually entering into an avenue of expression that helps heal souls at some level of awareness. Prayer itself is invocative of light, and light is what helps to heal and to bring wholeness again. So every time we meditate, pray or sing consciously and radiate light, we are actually entering into one aspect of the science of wholeness and healing. We can’t separate all the rays, one from the other, and say this is this ray and this is that ray and they don’t overlap. Of course they all are part of the one light, the white light of purity. And so wholeness is invested in purity, and vice versa. We’ll get into that more tomorrow.

So thank you, Nancy, for sharing these beautiful words of wisdom with us. Our beloved Lady Francesca, we love you and we are so grateful that you are already going to work and to bat for us and with us and for souls of light on Earth in bringing these wonderful teachings to the planet through our activity of The Hearts Center.

1. Luke 12:32.


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