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Elohim Peace and Aloha Expand Waves of Peace around the Middle East to Prevent Greater Conflict

 Elohim Peace and Aloha Expand Waves of Peace around the Middle East to Prevent Greater Conflict

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Beloved Peace?
David Christopher Lewis?
July 24, 2014   
8:16–8:34 am MDT
?Livingston, Montana?
Peace and Aloha

Expand Waves of Peace? around the Middle East
to Prevent Greater Conflict ?


Blessed Ones,

From Hawaii’s shores we come to infuse the light of peace where you are, the light that engenders and allows you to feel a sense of inner beingness, a greater depth and height of presence, a more connected and radiant experience with your Divine Self, whereby the light fully resides where you are and the eternal Now is accessed from within your heart and accentuated by your mind, your vision and your soul.

Yes, we are Peace and Aloha, and we know that many of you, having witnessed what is occurring in the Middle East, the Ukraine, Russia, Eastern Europe and in other locales around the world, have sought ways and means of giving of yourselves to alleviate pain and sorrow and that which would move some into a matrix of war and greater division and strife. We come because of the prayers of many around the world, including those who are being directly affected and impacted by the engines of war and all of the divisive elements that manifest through a lack of understanding, of patience and of that which endears brother to brother, sister to sister within the eternal light presence of God’s eternal family.

Blessed ones, to truly know yourself you must know others, for the God Light within them is the same God Light that exists deep within your heart. And if you cannot reconcile that which you observe through outer vision as being anomalous or different than yourself, then, blessed ones, go deeper and access the eternality, the all-inclusiveness and the universality of the God Light as the flame of picture-perfect peace and presence. When you understand the dynamics of true brotherhood, then we will come to augment that energy, that feeling of divinity within you and then expand that radiant field into greater areas of the globe, and express that which will directly impact all that is resulting in conflict and in brother offending and fighting brother in many realms.

In this hour we send waves of peace throughout the Earth. And these wave patterns employ certain cosmic impulses of Elohimic light and Presence to bestow upon all a new sense that love is the key to resolve all that separates and brings continuing conflict, which always originates within the self first, blessed ones. As we observe it from our realms, if each and every lifestream could fully access the God Light within and feel an inner sense of peace and acquiesce only to the Divine, which harmonizes all in a field of beauty, beingness and benevolence, then there would be no outer circumstance that would result in attempts to control, to dominate or to have others submit to what one perceives as the only course of action or the only way out of division.

Yes, blessed ones, the conflict always arises from within the individual first and is multiplied many times over through a mind-set brought on by a sense of separateness from God and from one’s brothers and sisters. Schisms result and true brotherhood/sisterhood dissolves in a miasma of lack of unity, wholeness and love.

Therefore peace now flows throughout the world. And as Jesus the Christ stands over the Holy Land with beloved Nada, Magda and legions of Peace, there is directed into every area of conflict, especially in Gaza, in Lebanon, in Israel, in Syria and throughout the entire region, divine missiles of love, compassion and understanding. And these break through those age-old senses of difference and separation to unite and to bring new levels of communication and the power of the Presence to restore and resolve all in a unity field of beingness.

O legions of Micah and Unity, now circle round about the Middle East and blaze forth your light frequencies to assist every lifestream who feels the need to oppose another. Seal each one in an aura of peace, equanimity and a new, almost surreal and magical, alchemical, quiescent field of inner joy, radiance and divine stability. O Micah, perform divine magic now through your legions and allow there to be a new infusion of divine grace there and everywhere where people do not see eye to eye because they are not focused upon the All-Seeing Eye of the One God, who loves all equally and who bestows upon all his children loving intent, creativity and blessedness.

O graceful ones, as you are peaceful within your own Presence and as you access great solar joy in your solar plexus through givingness and in that still state of being within the Great Silence within your heart, there we are; there we abide; and there the divine light manifests in a greater brilliance for you to then emanate and expand it through this love field wherever you choose to focus it in the Now.

We create direct links between the hearts of the Elohim with the hearts of certain initiates, disciples who are accelerating on their path of adeptship, whereby their hearts may be vessels of peace where they walk and where they choose to soar in spirit to perform alchemical feats of loving compassion for all life. You may be one of these initiates in moments of deep reflection and meditation upon planetary peace, blessed ones, as God, through your heart, bestows the radiances and the graces of divine joy and understanding.

Now these wave patterns wash and cleanse and transmute and uplift and support everyone who is making an effort to prevent greater calamity, destruction and loss of life. Let the voices of the sons and daughters of God who see beyond duality be heard, be honored. And let many come into a new level of self-realization to access the divine currents that will lead to divine solutions to all conflict, war and a breakdown of society and civilization as a whole.

Blessed ones, if you, in deep inner prayer and even for a few moments throughout your day, access the light of Elohimic peace, we can restore this radiant field of divine joy and beingness in many areas as you choose to work with us to expand the mission of the World Teachers—Jesus, Kuthumi and the Master Omraam—to show the way, the truth and the light and life to thousands and millions across our globe.

Now we breathe the breath of peace upon all and infuse the Earth with this radiance of God’s divine joy. Be at peace within yourself and know the eternality and grace of the Father-Mother God, who loves all as cherished babes of beauty and perfection.

Thank you, blessed ones, for honoring us with your attention, with your love-light and with your heart-centeredness and inner joy. We thank you.


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