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Servatus Enfolds the Earth in a New Ray of Healing Truth

Servatus Enfolds the Earth in a New Ray of Healing Truth

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Beloved Servatus
David Christopher Lewis
June 25, 2014 8:55–9:20 am MDT
Livingston, Montana

Servatus Comes for an Acceleration of Truth
for the Awakening of the Lightbearers and the Exposure of Darkness

Blessed Ladies and Gentlemen of the Flame of Eternal Truth,

I am come this day to invest within the Earth a radiance and a ray of divine light for and on behalf of the people of God everywhere. And I send these rays as vital, living energy fields into the arena of your lives and the lives of those who are awakening to higher truth in this hour for the new manifest reality of the Aquarian way to emerge now everywhere upon Earth.

I AM Servatus, and normally, blessed ones, you think of me as the captain of the legions of healing. And so I am. Yet I choose this day to send the ray of healing as the light of living truth because I aver that God is real where you are. I affirm that God as the great I AM Presence and the eternal spark of life within your heart is the way, the truth and the life for you to focus upon, to meditate with, to feel and then to allow to be invested in so many creative ways in order that the flame of wholeness and healing be bestowed upon and within the Earth.

My legions now surround planet Earth because of your consecration and dedication to the cause of living truth through all that you have done to aver that truth in so many ways in this and past incarnations. And in this hour there is an acceleration of a cosmic aspect of truth that is dawning upon Earth whereby the awakening process of many souls is accelerating. The opening of their hearts, their minds, their vision centers is facilitated by thousands—thousands, blessed ones—of my angels in this hour. It is as if the scales of darkness, the scales of blindness are now being removed from their vision so that they awaken to the eternal life of their God Presence and so that this new awareness may emerge for one and for all who choose to be a part of the solution to the problems of life upon Earth in this hour.

Have you chosen to be part of the solution, dearest ones? I think yes, because you are already investing your energies daily in divine works and invoking the sacred Word of God and attempting, through all means possible within your freewill experience, to blend your being with the Divine One.

There is now, through this action, also the exposure of that which no longer serves mankind through the media, through the expositions that are offered to the people through what we consider unreal and yet are, unfortunately, promulgated through radio, television, movies and now the Internet and social media networks. Dearest ones, much of what is available for you to read, to view, to listen to is not of the highest order and originating from the sublime and divine realms of the etheric planes of heaven and of God’s city of light.

Therefore we reveal that all of this that has emerged within your world is nothing more than a scheme, a dark schematic that can be collapsed by the ray of truth, by the ray of divine reality if some among mankind, putting their hand to the plow and their foot to the pedal, would accelerate this process by divine intercession, by making that call and invoking dispensations that we bring, blessed ones.

Many of you have written your letters to the Karmic Board recently, and now the answer from on high for each and every one of you is beginning to unfold naturally, gracefully, magnanimously in your world. Why, few among mankind even know outwardly that this great and august body of the Great Karmic Board exists. Yet you do, and therefore there is now, through what you have written, an answer from the Lords of Life, from these magnanimous divine ones who give so much to humanity by offering themselves on behalf of mankind to adjudicate the highest aspects of the laws of both karma and of grace, mercy and compassion in your realm.

Therefore this day Pallas Athena, on behalf of the ray of the emerald fire of living truth, stands forth to complement, to augment and to accelerate this action, by the grace of God, that comes forth at my behest. And there is the power of truth manifest, the power of the ray and the verities of God flowing and bestowing through all manner of God-miraculous means this action for the awakening of mankind en masse across the Earth.

Blaze forth the light now! Blaze forth the light now! Blaze forth the light now, O angels of healing, wholeness, truth and the virtues of the emerald ray, which are enlivening all and allowing a higher form of vision to emerge from within the third eye, the focus of the All-Seeing-Eye of God within each heartfriend, every lightbearer, every sovereign and divine being who calls to God as the great I AM Father/Mother.

Blessed ones, this action will continue throughout this day. And as you consciously engage in visualizing perfection, in originating through your own vision center truth, virtue, victory and virtue, it will be so in a more powerful and maximizing way during this cycle. Why, you may use any Wednesday, if you choose, or any day of the week to accelerate the ray of victorious healing and vision. You may do it through a new heart/mind-set, through a heightened form of divine perception whereby you see clearly what God sees and you allow that seeing that the great All-Seeing Eye manifests to emerge as a most natural, wondrous and beautiful manifestation in your world. You literally see into reality the higher forms of heaven. And these arise by the conscious application of your will coupled with your wisdom in this blending of the blue and the yellow into the green, dearest ones, from within your own sacred mind and third-eye center.

As Pallas Athena and her legions of truth—with Hilarion now also affirming this action—stand and deliver the powerful aspects of this ray around the world, you may see some being called to task, even by the Lord God, and a greater action of exposure of what they have done in secret that is not of the highest order or for the blessing of mankind. We reveal what is necessary. We expose what is required for you to live in your integrity, for you to be one with God at your core.

Now, blessed ones, it is up to you to live your truth, to walk in the way of truth, to aver here and there and everywhere who you are as a God-conscious and self-realized one, naming God as the great I AM THAT I AM in your midst and affirming, through all manner of cosmic, creative affirmations, the truth of your being moment by moment, day by day in your work and service, in your play and in all that you do to simply be a son, a daughter of God.

I now spread my wings of light around the world and grace this planet in a joy-field of beingness, in a radiant flow and flowering of wholeness. So be it. It is manifest, by the grace of God, at the direction of the higher legions of light and even the seraphim and cherubim, the thrones, dominions, powers, virtues, principalities and those who serve the one God at the altar of the Most High.

I AM Servatus! I have come because you have called me in your preambles and through your living and loving hearts’ fire. God bless you and seal you ever in the light, and good day.


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